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I hope after the VMA'S and Miley Smoking Pot on camera as if it's not a big deal at all and her Potty Mouth, that you will no longer be putting Hannah Montana back on the air. Miley can live her life as she sees fit, however the minute you put that show back on the air all those young and impressionable girls will want to follow in her foot steps.
I understand you have strict guide lines in regard to this kind of behavior, so I'm asking that you follow those guide lines that have been set and not allow Hannah Montana back on the air.

A concerned Parent.


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    Rowan7926 Oct 28, 2015

    As a 'concerned parent' instead of saying Miley is wrong for everything she's doing why not just shelter your children from things you don't deem appropriate about her. Understanding that Miley in no way follows Disney standards anymore I can see how you are upset, but it has been made very clear that she is no longer involved with Disney. Also, if we are going to go by everything that is 'inappropriate' High School Musical shouldn't be aired, Camp Rock shouldn't be aired, the Cheetah Girls shouldn't be aired, and probably a few others I forgot about. I highly doubt young girls watching Hannah Montana will be able to go "oh look that's the girl who smokes pot and goes on stage basically naked!". In my opinion Hannah Montana is one of the best disney shows to ever air and so what if Miley makes some questionable decisions, you probably did too when you were young.

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