Discovery Benefitsdependent care account

A Aug 07, 2018

I have participated in Discovery Benefits Dependent Care account for approximately 3 years. I have never submitted claims against my account until towards the end of the accumulating year or first quarter of the following year. Unfortunately this past April I became PRN through the employer in which these benefits were utilized through and the time frame for which I could submit claims against according to discovery shortened and I was not aware of this. I also couldn't access the website for a couple months and it took multiple emails and phone calls with rude, unhelpful representatives to even be able to log-in to my benefit account and look at things! This would have been a great time for a representative to inform/re-inform of this new timeline for me to submit claims against! But no, not one word or friendly customer service reminder was made!

I decided to make a small claim against the account recently and am being told I can't and I forfeit all money I have had deducted from my payroll and income in to this account!!! Had I clearly known this would happen, I would NEVER participate in this type of program. We do not deduct from our income just for the heck of it!

The company is not willing to work with me at all or file an exception, etc. I clearly have receipts for account to be submitted and it is my money!

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