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DiscountMugs Complaints & Reviews

DiscountMugs / wrong order and terrible customer service

Oct 26, 2018

Order # DM3487734 I ordered t-shirts for my youth group on 10/16/2018. It was a small order (12 shirts). I received the order a few days in advance on 10/20/2018, but a two of the shirts were the wrong size. I ordered 2 XL shirts, but received 2 Large shirts. I called the customer service and...

DiscountMugs / they let me down

Dec 22, 2017

Every three months I order mugs for our company and we give them to our business partners as presents. The pattern is always the same: white mug, blue letters. Very minimalistic, easy. I chose this company for doing everything fast and nice. Yesterday I received 50 blue mugs with white...

DiscountMugs / terrible experience!

Dec 07, 2017

My order: 7.75 oz. Napa Country Wedding Favor Wine Glasses, $233.32 in total, 12 pieces, five weeks before our wedding. It' a very little but important detail of this event, however, I prefer to do things long before something should happen. Just to be ready. That's why I ordered the...

DiscountMugs / stay away!

Nov 01, 2017

I ordered a Laguiole 6-Piece Steak Knife Sets as a present for my dad. At first, everything was ok, they immediately sent me an email with confirmation and with an expected delivery day. I had enough time before my dad's birthday and that's why I wasn't worried. After several days I... / bad service

Aug 12, 2016

We have ordered customized cups for our office from DiscountMugs website. It took them forever to deliver our order and when it finally showed up one cup was broken. Customer service refused to replace it. The printing itself was terrible and hardly visible. After only first wash color... / not trustyworthy

Sk is completely untrustworthy. We had orders from our customers for bottles, confirmed available inventory with, then took our order, processed our credit card, and called us 4 days later to tell us they had sold our bottles to someone else...

DiscountMugs / don't give your email

Be DO Not Give Your Email Out to them, we've sent them numerous emails and opted out from their email agreement and to this day we recieve munerous emails everyday from them. They do not care to stop sending emails even after we told them we will report them, which I... / service


My daughters 5th birthday has been ruined by discountmugs order number (DM376157). I ordered mugs for a 5th bday party on july 1st. The final approval was given on July 16th and I was promised and guaranteed delivery by the 29th-30th. Eveytime I called and asked when the item will be... / water bottles


Several months ago I posted a complaint about discount I had purchased several aluminum water bottles with no design, just plain. I meant to buy stainless steel. I wanted to just trade in the aluminum ones for some stainless steel ones and pay whatever the difference might be. I... / non-responsive to quality issues

Here's a quick summary of my long running issue with Discount Mugs. The bottom line is I ordered merchandise, it was grossly defective. I jumped through hoops to get them to redo it. They re-did the order, it came back grossly defective. They have since then outright refused to call...