Direct Expressthey owe me money and will not pay me or tell me what's going on

Ra Sep 19, 2019

Some money was taken out my account and i reported it they sent me forms to fill out and tp file police report and mail them back to them. I recieved a letter from them saying that Yes the funds had been stolen and that the funds would be replaced.$2000. They put $1500 into my acount . After about 2 weeks and the remaining $500 was no put into my Acount. I tried to get in touch with someone and all i get is They will send in a report to the dept that handles this. Nothing happens. Then i get I didn't file a report withend the 48hr time period requrid. I imformed them that i never knew the card was mailed and that i was locked up in jail. I never seen the card it was stolen from the mailbox and manger was the only person with keys to our box. They will not talk to me they hang up or say they are looking into it that has been almost 2 months. They mailed me s letter saying the money was stolen and gave me $1500 why. Can't I get the other $500
Did someone in the company steal it and say they already paid it. I would like to know whats going on. O need my money
Im on ssi and thats all get.

  • Updated by Ray Bradley, Sep 19, 2019

    I still can't get someone on the phone to tell me anything. When i do get to talk with someone and asks their name i title they say John or Mary they wont give nothing else

  • Updated by Ray Bradley, Sep 19, 2019


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