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While on a RCCL cruise (Grandeur) we stopped at DI in Key West. The Shopping director John Blair. gave out several discount (20% off best deal) and free charm coupons on the ship telling us we would get a great deal at Diamonds International. While looking at rings, we made the mistake of telling the saleswoman that we only want to spend $300 on a Tanzinite and diamond ring. She immediately took us over to a show case where there were 3 rings under $300. My wife picked out the one she like, it was the only one that didn't have a price and she told us, after we gave her our 20% off coupon, the price was $300! She could not show me a catalog or price tag with the original sale price on it. When we got home and looked on the DI website, we could not find her ring, but we did find similar one with slightly larger tanzinite and diamond stones and it's DI selling price was only $16 more than my wife's! Which means she did not get the 20% discount which the saleswoman said we got! I contacted Diamonds International and spoke with "Joey" (ext# 1708)(no last name) who drag me along for a week to only tell me that DI will not give me the 20% discount and will only give me store credit if I want to return the ring! This only proves that Diamonds International is not a trustworthy business that employees are unscrupulous!


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    Goodguy777 May 06, 2016

    This happened to us also and we got no help from Royal Caribbean or Diamonds International...I consider them both untrustworthy!

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