Diamond Resortnever confirm


I Bought time share from Monarch Grand which bankrupt and become Diamond resort
They are selling time share without considering their room availabilty for everybody
I have this for over than 11 years, only able to use 4 times, it is totally a bad business, they scaming people with presure sales tactics
and every time I call, always no rooms available, understand every booking has to be based on availabilty
But since it never available, what do I spend money for ther HOA and Buying this Time share for ? to help this Crook Company
cover their expenses without even let us staying in their property and they still selling it till today while their property dont add
Stay away from TIME Share especially Diamond resort, I tried to give it away to charity, they DO NOT TAKE IT since this is the worst
and if I want to UNLOAD, it cost me $ [protected] for lawyer to file and fight this, or my credit record will be ruin
I do not owe them anything, but they still can report me to Credit bureau on a HOA Fee for property that I dont even can touch


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