Deem Financekilling interest rate!!??

S Nov 09, 2019

Deem interest rate is so high 19.99% to 34.99% !!! Name changed but still the same horrible Dunia!!! This translates of repaying ones loan more than double of the amount of what they actually borrowed. I am sure also Deem credit cards being not a bank cant offer settlement but they will offer to transfer your credit card to a loan and trapped you in a more debt with their more than shark loan high inteterest rate, no way your life will be the same again.

If one really need to borrow money or want a credit card better go to a real bank which offer way lower interest rate and job loss security. Whatever your salary or work profession one of real bank can answer your need, please dont make your life miserable by biting into sweet talks of agents of these shark loan interest rate finance companies. Here is a helpful link

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