Dean GraziosiI simply wasted my three days and my money to this

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This is a testimony of an Engineer who came to be another victim of this Dean Graziosi. Like many others, I was fooled and lured in to the spider web of this Dean Graziosi. Men, the coaches were great on inviting you on these three day seminar. Having this heard from an infomercial on the television, I thought it was legit.

For $1997, you will learn the secrets of the real estate business and become rich. Backed up with the testimonies of two millionaires saying they are a product of Dean Graziosi’s teachings. Thinking it was legit, I signed up online for their seminar.

On their seminar, 80% per day for three days, they were talking about upgrading our membership to premium for only $12 to $24k and there we will learn the hidden secrets of the industry. Nevertheless, the whole seminar was none sense. All they offered can be found at google for free. The even charged everyone another $997 for the tax liens part of the seminar. I did not pay of course. I am an engineer, I think based on what I think is true and legit.

I simply wasted my three days and my money to this. If they are really making millions especially Dean from the Real Estate Business, why would they have to lure in and extort money out of the innocent such as me? This goes to show that they really don’t have millionaires. This is a well rehearsed performance of scam artists lead by the best con man himself, Dean Graziosi. Curse you Dean Graziosi!


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    cbj1955 Mar 09, 2013

    We had the same problem. Even though they may help you get leads, the promises they make are false. You have to find all the buyers yourself. They lie and try to get more money once you sign up. Moreover, they use high pressure sales tactics to use their service to set up an LLC when there are cheaper options available. I would avoid them. Run as fast as you can. Pass Go and save your money!

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  • Ro
    Rohan Ravindra Aug 28, 2018

    I have ordered a free copy of millionaire success habits course M but I found that I am also charged for the course W without any reason...
    I have been charged with an amount of 6200 rupees (Indian)...Please refund me the amount as soon as possible
    I don't know how it got deducted..

    Rohan Ravindra

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  • De
    Denise Deiro Sep 28, 2018

    @Rohan Ravindra Rohan, did you get a refund?! I am trying, but my emails are not replied and answered!

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  • Bi
    Bill Hightower May 02, 2019

    I agree with everybody here. One of the biggest Con-jobs in Dean's book is for you to call a certain number to "see if y you got what it takes" to be part of their "Realestate entrepreneur" program and that NOT EVERYBODY can be part of this program. So they try to make you feel like you are joining an "EXCLUSIVE" program if they accept you. So after reading the book, I was interested in this and called the number.

    The bottom line is, their criteria for accepting you is not what you think. Their criteria for accepting you is SOLELY HOW MUCH MONEY YOU on your credit card.

    The Graziosi Con-man...I mean salesman...asked me how much credit I had on my credit card. I made the mistake of telling him the truth of my credit limit...which at the time was about a little more than $9K. So just like that he said my cost would be $8.5K which I would pay in monthly payments over a couple years. Well, I didn't feel I was getting my money's worth because they were giving me very GENERAL info (you could Google yourself) so I quit the payments after spending about $4K.

    They then went after me with an army of creditor companies and destroyed my credit. As they were bullying me to pay up the money for a program they falsely portrayed...I told them I wanted my money I spent paid back to me since I said they were FRAUDULENT in how they portrayed their program. I never heard from them again, but my credit was still destroyed.

    Dan Graziosi is a SMOOTH TALKING LIAR and a CON-Man and so are the people who work for him.

    He is becoming rich...NOT because of all of his "great real estate deals"...but because of he and his army of scammers...SCAMMING people out of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!!

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  • Yo
    Your Voice Of Reason May 13, 2019

    I also have almost been slimed (scammed) by this so-called millionaire. dean geasey-oily is rich yes but by taking advantage of people since his very beginnings. I went to one of his seminars and was promised a book that I and others never received. lie one.
    I was told if I buy the real estate my business partner, spouse, etc can attend for free. I asked 3 people if the two of us attend different dates because of our work schedules and was told yes. lie number 2.
    Lie number three was all the financial help and low interest on the exclusive lenders, not true. the conditions were almost impossible to achieve.
    Lie four (strick 3 and you're out but I stopped counting the lies after round four.) you get all your money back if you get a property. dean hires a seminar company that if you google them have so many complaints also. the bottom line is dean and his staff knows his business practices are lies, misleading, and questionable. I am glad he is under investigation with the f.b. i. and f.t. c. and soon the department of justice. it is always safe to do your due diligence and check reviews, the scam reports, etc before giving money to such dream sellers and dream breakers. tony robbins was at one time somewhat honest but he has to know the scammer mr. wennie greasy-oily is. so tony robbins is also in bed with the fortune robber. you always have a 3 day right of refusal to get a refund and always use a credit card along with reading the contract or buyers order. almost all one needs to make extra income can be found on youtube. one also has to be careful on youtube for scammer too, but if they are not selling something and only giving the info you can at least make some notes and gather the needed info in the comments. a hint is if a youtuber ps - I did get my money back even when I canceled on the 2 nd day because I called my bank before 3 days. beware these guys at all costs.

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  • Pr
    PrivateTraveler Aug 07, 2019

    Dean Graziosi is just another slimeball. If he, or anyone else in the Real Estate industry was literally making millions of dollars from Real Estate, he would NOT be pitching an ebook, nor would he be constantly bothering you to UPGRADE to a more expensive course.

    I've made money with tax deeds, buying and selling, and I even wrote an ebook about this. I sell the ebook for $97 dollars and it comes with a money-back guarantee. I even put my phone number and email on the website, so people can call, text, or email me whenever they want. The reason why I sell the ebook for $97 and not $27 or $37 is because 1) buyers can call, text, or email me if or whenever they have questions 2) the $97 price point keeps out the time wasters 3) selling at a lower price point would bring in time wasters and also bring in competition in this niche. It comes with 100% money back guarantee, too.

    I've also made money online with the sale of this ebook and other ebooks.

    If you want to learn how to make money online, this helped me and I think it will help you, too.

    1. Use as a search engine. Google has a lot of propaganda results and sponsored results. is a lot better. You'll find a ton of information and helpful content on whatever you are searching for.

    2. Go to YouTube and search "I am Paul James". Watch his videos. Tons of free, helpful content. He "leads with value". He sells a course. I have not bought it. Use his free content to earn money online.

    3. Go to YouTube and search "Gabriel St. Germaine". He shows how to make money using Shopify. Tons of free content.

    Learn and stitch it all together and you will be able to make money online.

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  • Am
    Amy Buckley Sep 07, 2019

    I'm a Realtor in Boise, Idaho, and attended the seminar today. I have been licensed in this area since 1994. It stunned me that the presenter did not have a realistic grasp of the local real estate market. It's UNTRUTHFUL at best. It's a SCAM at worst. Please note--the Boise Valley is the fastest growing in the US (at this time). Statistics show that homes are selling at 100% of asking price (ADA and CANYON Counties, given the lack of inventory). It stunned me when the presenter suggested that a seller in this area, having a home worth $350K, would accept an cash offer for $250K ($100K lower than market value). That's wishful thinking at best, and myth at worst. Home owners in this are know their property values and don't give away $100K to cash buyers. I educate my cash buyers, from out of State, even out of Country, of this truth. It's misleading to bait hopeful investors that there's a large profit to be gained. The $1000 they required, up front, to receive "training" as a real estate investor, is much more than the cost to gain professional knowledge needed to gain a real estate license in Idaho. The real estate license would benefit you--educationally & practically--as an investor. I would be happy to personally advise anyone about seeking a real estate license in Idaho (towards having a successful business). Feel free to contact me. I want only to encourage you to invest time and money where it counts. Email me if you have questions ([email protected]). All the Best, Amy Buckley

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