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I went to Dr. De La Cruz for breast augmentation. He recommend just implant replacement, which I had completed in Aug of 2013. After that, one of my implants went flat and also had other cosmetic defects.

Dr. recommend replacement of faulty implant and also a full lift with fat deposit transfer. Went under in Feb of 2014. Result was horrible scaring, same cosmetic defects (I was under the anesthesia too long so he never did the fat transfer), and also sutures that are visible under the skin and now poking out.

I attempted years back to report him to the medical board, however he wrote back with nothing but lies!

De La Cruz Plastic Surgery
De La Cruz Plastic Surgery

  • Updated by Jme Morse · Dec 05, 2017

    I had a 2nd surgery where you did a lift and implant exchange. So these incindents you speak of were prior to the 2nd surgery and should have nothing to do with my current results. Nor explain why I have sutures sticking out of my breasts.


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      Dec 04, 2017

    I am sorry that you are unhappy with your result. It's not fair to blame your surgeon for complications that arise because of your car accident. 4-5 days after your surgery, you had an injury to your breast with a 200 lb person who sat on your breast that resulted in a wound separation. 3-4 weeks after your breast surgery you were involved in a car accident (hitting a tree after you were texting) that deployed the airbags and caused a breast deformity. May God bless you.

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