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I am calling after getting off the phone with both my bank and the customer service line who said to contact you. I initially purchased credits on one of your cam girl websites amounting to 308.96 which I authorized, but then I was charged another 295.93 in 6 different payments throughout the day which were not me. I thought it was because of duplicates so I contacted the website's help center directly, but while contacting them I was charged another 112.99. They said that they did not believe it was fraud since it was purchased through quick buy, but I believe someone else used my account since my card was saved to the website. I have frozen the account and am processing a potential fraud charge back with Discover, but I just wanted you contact you directly to see if there was any way you could help or any further information I could provide. I was already refunded two of the 35.99 payments since they said those were the credits left unused, but I did not use any credits beyond the initial 308.96 and was hoping to receive a refund. I did enjoy using your site and hope you are able to help with these potentially fraudulent charges.

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