David Stanley Dodgea unethical practice

L Aug 02, 2018

This dealership is no B+ dealership at all and in fact should be graded by the BBB as a F rated dealership. I have been a loyal customer since April of 2017 and with no recipercation. I initially bought a 2017 bDodge Ram Laramie from this dealership and was happy from jump. Hpwever, It was soon short lived because the finance guy lied to me and then tried to cover it up. I got over that and was satified by another staff who took the reigns to make sure I was satified. However, it is a year later and I still have cose to stay loyal to this dealership. I find this to be very problematic and have now saw the light. I will never go back to this dealship and will continue to YELL from the ROOFTOP to all who will pay attention. This dealership recently began to send me recall notices on the vehicle in which I was getting ready to take it in anyways because the truck had started to act up as well as the check engine light was on. I had went in around 6-7 times with no work being done except an oil change. I had went in this last time where I was given a loaner vehicle. In the time they had my vehicle, i was burglarized and robbed. I immediately called the dealership because one of the items that was stolen was the key fob to the loaner vehicle. I was expecting the dealership to be very empathetic and sypathized with what I had gone through. Imagine to my surprise the response of Oh well, it's not our fault and the loaner key will be around $400. I was baffled to hear this because i felt victimized for a second time. I asked the service manager Luke Steagall who I was speaking with if he had a heart and why he would put profit over people. He tole me that it was just business. I was hurt because I had been so loyal to this dealership and sent everyone I could their way, (No More).

I waited a few days to contact the General Manager Brent Wilson who in turn would have Brian FZox to contact me. The response by Brian Fox was the same response from Luke Steagall, which let me know that they had a collaborate effort to screw the customer over and just make the problem go away. I am so baffled that they would miss a customer over a few dollars, especially after what I had went through. I have tried to rationalize their answer and not allow myself to think that it is race related. I am a younger African American male and I am beginning to think that they believe that i was involved in some sort of activity that caused me to be robbed. I in no way contributed to this robbery and am a professional guy who believes in treating all fair. I am so baffled by these people who chose to put a few dollars over my customer loyaly. I will never enter this dealership again and WARN ALL who decides to go here. I do not believe that they are people of integrity and are very DISHONEST. And to add to this review, my vehicle is still ot fixed and the check engine lights are still on at present. I have spoken with another dealership who has given me an appointment and warned that I do not go back to David Stanley Dodge. I will also add that the police department who is handling this robbery has mentioned that they are baffled that the dealership would treat me that way and said that I should contact the Genral Manager. I have contacted Brent Wilson, who is the General Manager, and he placed the responsibility on his staff Brian Fox who is friends with Luke Steagall and has a collaborated effort to push myself (the customer) away and silence me. I will not be silent and will tell all who listens to never do business with these dishonest people

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