U Jul 13, 2019

We registered in January for a course. At Orientation they notified us that they aren't running the course from any of their Durban branches.
I was told to fill in reimbursement forms. It took 2 weeks before they could notify that they received all forms. I was told to wait 6-8 weeks for payment . After 8 weeks I contacted them saying I did not receive my payment. They gave me a date for 2 months later 28 June 2019, saying its scheduled for payment then. On 28 June no payment was received. Upon calling head office they gave the run around and always say someone will call you back . We were first given the run around where they kept referring us to different head offices in Durban and Cape Town . Shane Shaw was supposed to call but only emailed back when my lawyer emailed them. For over 2 weeks now him and Zinhle said we are on the critical list but does not respond to further queries and have not given us an update on anything


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