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Yesterday I was searching through the Internet. Suddenly I ran against the website They offered some products for a very good price. I clicked by link and a window appeared asking my personal info for registration. There was written that it is free but when I checked my account I found that they charged me $40.


  • Da
    darrell beliveau Aug 20, 2018

    This is not a complaint, , please start selling pre- packaged dinner meals like blue apron etc. Kroger just bought home chef for 200 million, get with the program or be left in the dust!!!

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  • Do
    Don Whitehead Nov 19, 2018

    It says plain as day on the website that there is no charge for age verification and no theres a 49.95 charge on my card this is a fragelant website i have taken pictures of the website that plainly states no charge

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  • Di
    Diane84 Feb 11, 2019

    My bank ( PNC) bank called to alert me of possible fraud on my account... I approved a 1.00 for a tree charge, but in return was charged 39.95 ... I would like to cancel any type of subscription with your company... My name is Nicki Golden, 904 13th St, aColumbus Ind

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  • Bi
    Biggblacc1996 Mar 05, 2019

    I woke up this morning to two unfamiliar charges in my account linked to I have no recognition of this company nor site.

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  • La
    Lashawnami May 18, 2019

    The website clearly stated that here would be no charge until after the trial period of 2 days. When I entered my credit card information in it immediately charged me. I cancelled the subscription right away and now customer service say it's going to to be at least 2 weeks before I get money that I wasn't supposed to be charged in the first place.

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  • Se
    Seb Clerv Jun 23, 2019

    Was charged $29.95 for something I don't even know about. I haven't made a transaction yet for the date 6/14. Give me my money back, I don't even know what this is for.

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  • Jo
    Joshua adkins Sep 17, 2019

    I was charged 49.95 for a free trial of a website in which I am now cancelling. I'm letting it be known through this complaint that I would like to cancel. Thank you for your time

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  • Sl
    Sleeper Storm Nov 28, 2019

    this is the second fucking time i have been charged from these people and it needs to fucking stop right now im tired of this shit i have shit to do

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  • Da
    Dawn Upton Feb 15, 2020

    I have no idea what this charge was for
    . My credit card company blocked the charge.. I dont want it happening again what do I need to do. If there's something that needs to be cancelled I need to do that. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford fraudulent charges.

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  • Br
    Bryan Oliver Feb 27, 2020

    I was charged $39 for something that said free. I want my money back NOW or I'll take you to court.

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  • St
    ste robinson Mar 08, 2020

    Why is it that I can buy 2 packets a day and the insides are different, as one is black and another packet is white. Am I buying counterfeit packets.
    My email address is
    [email protected]

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