Crown Food CartsI ordered a italian water ice cart and a 4 bay mobile sink on may 24,2018 and had no contact from them and never received the products.

M Aug 01, 2018

On May 24, 2018 Crown Food Carts confirmed receipt of payment for $1, 772.14. The price for a Italian Water Ice Cart with Umbrella and Graphics and a Mobile 4 Bay Sink. The amount was taken from my Wells Fargo Account via Google Pay.
I have never heard another word from them ...I have never had an email returned ...The phone is never answered or out of service. One day the website is up the next day it's down.

My order # 39262...

I have all the written Order conformation and the payment requests and verification's.

If I log into my account on their web site it tells me the order is pending and in production.

I would like to receive what I ordered or have a full refund of $1, 772.14

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