Crossmarkmisconduct of incident reporting

I have complained about a member multiple times harrasing me, and have spoke with several personnel. They all say they will tell Sammie and view cameras and get back with me but yet nothing has been done still. The complaint was against a member( mr. Don the OU guy), he was harraing me because of a situation he encountered with another employee, but he just keeps verbaling attacking me every time he comes in the store. Also against a girl nane kashlynn because she has allowed me to sit in her car multiple times before as well as on 10/10/2019 have a full conversation with me, the falsifies i just got in her car without permission. But she opened the door for me and never once ask or told me she didnt want to visit with me or for me to be in her car. Now my job is on the line because she made a false report. How do vendors employee get protection for this type of thing? Will i need to start a law suit?

Oct 11, 2019

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