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On November 7 I was going to lunch and witnessed a theft I told an employee from Sam's and a mgr then I called the police. I did not know about the protocol for Sam's club or Crossmark. After everything took place im the one being shamed for doing what I thought was right. I have been with Crossmark for 3 years been loyal and persistent everyday of my scheduled event. I am now on suspension until further notice. That is discrimination in all parts. Does anyone know what I can do about this? I worked at the Flagstaff store. Ever since the new manager came in he's been trying to find a way to get rid of me. I've been bullied and harassed he didn't do anything about it. Grow some

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    I never got a handbook. The manager would not share this information

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    I'm going to fight this I was put on suspension for no reason. I was on my lunch break there for I was a member at the time this occurred. I would like to have my job back. I have learned the policy now for Crossmark and Sam's club. My mistake is taking in consideration and will not happen again. I would like some answers and information on what I can do to be reinstated.

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    I worked at the Flagstaff store for 4 years. Love my job. Loved the manager we had but she transferred. We get a male manager who from day one discrimination started with him against me. I complained to him that I was being bullied, harassed and a hostile work environment. He did nothing but take my promotion and wouldn't let me do the lead job I was assigned before he came along. He's a disgrace. He told lies about me to the GM to make himself look better. He is very close to the person who was bullying me even affectionate. I want Justice and resolvement . I'm still on suspension for no reason. Attorney will be notified

Nov 08, 2019
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  • Ev
      Nov 09, 2019

    What does your employee handbook say to do if you should encounter the theft scenario you described? If you didn't follow established guidelines that are stated in an employee handbook that you signed, you should contact HR.

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  • Do
      Nov 09, 2019

    @Everywhere I never got to see the handbook

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