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I was hired by Crossmark on 10/30/15 as an adult beverage event specialist.

Enclosed are the notes and documentation I took!

These employers are so bad their employee relations department is so inept! My supervisor was a political hack who never reprimanded the lead event monster who subjected me to her wrath! And this miscreant was previously removed from 2 other Walmart stores for misconduct and malfeasance! My supervisor admitted to me that if he knew this malcontent was going to bully and harrass me he wouldn't have placed me at the same store! Gee, does a lot of good now, now that I'm not working there anymore! And I was making 20.50 an hour as a liquor demonstrator!

See my copious notes!

Crossmark notes...

My supervisor Van had me training on 11/19/15 my first demonstration event in Monroe, WI., by Lead event specialist Lori Wild because the person who works in the local Roscoe, IL., Walmart store where I will be working at is in the hospital due to complications with diabetes. The next day 11/20/15 a guy named Scott will be meeting me at the customer service desk at 11am to train me at the Roscoe, IL., Walmart store because Valencia Riley isn't yet out of the hospital according to Van. Valencia is the team Lead event specialist I will be working with mostly.

The first two days working with Val went so well I figured I would be a good coworker, so on the third day I worked with Val Riley I borrowed her two diabetes cookbooks to help her with her diabetes as I've been diabetic for over 20 years. One was written by my friend and cookbook author Barbara Grunes. She thanked me and subsequently has asked me for advice on how to handle certain issues with dealing with her disease. So far the two of us are working well together on the floor in Walmart.

On or around the week of Thanksgiving 2015 my coworker Val Riley began to throw her weight around by critiquing my dress code wear. She said on two different occasions I was out of company dress code! She said my navy blue t-shirt underneath my white dress shirt was not allowed by Crossmark. I told her I would review this in the employee handbook. I did review the company policy handbook and called field support. I verified that t-shirts underneath our white dress shirt was not a violation as Val asserted! During the next couple of days the same thing happened. This time she again said my dark grey t-shirt was against company dress codes. Having double checked policy I stood up for myself and told her she was wrong. During both of these incidents Val touched and yanked the collar of my t-shirt underneath my white dress shirt making me feel very uncomfortable!! The first time she did this I told her that isn't proper behavior in the workplace and could be considered sexual harassment, the second time I said, don't touch my clothing ever again. She laughed at me both times! My being out of the corporate world for a number of years I still know this type of behavior is sexual harassment but I'm new on the job, who is going to listen to a new hire's complaints??

During the second week of December things got worse! As a courtesy to Val as her being Lead Event Specialist I told Val I OK'd it with our supervisor Van that I would begin my shifts earlier and get off earlier due to the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. I would however work the required same amount of shift hours as to not affect my demonstration events! Her reply to me was you don't make your own hours here! You work your assigned hours! I told her to discuss it with our supervisor Van if you have an issue with this. Then the anti-semite remarks soon began from this tyrant!!

Val was doing an demonstration event sampling Jarlsberg Cheese and some sort of cold cut, I believe it was salami. She says to me, I'd offer you some but I know you're a Jew and you don't eat this type of meat! You keep Kosher don't you?? I told her I eat pork so obviously I don't keep Kosher! She then goes on to tell me she hates the taste of the cheese she is sampling for her demonstration event. I told her I love Jarlsberg. I make great grilled cheese sandwiches with Jarlsberg and Black Forest Ham with stoneground mustard. She says to me but you are Jewish you shouldn't be eating ham, it's a sin!! I told her my grandfather and my dad owned two butcher shops on Chicago south side and sold pork there. I then had to explain to her that I have been married for over 30 years and my wife was Catholic so I indeed eat pork!!

Again with the anti-semite ignorance from this tyrant and bully!! Val is sampling meatballs for her demonstration event. She again says to me I know you're Jewish and keep Kosher so I won't offer you what I'm sampling today! By this time I am getting tired of defending myself and my religion!! I again told her my dad and grandpa owned two butcher shops on Chicago south side and they were one of the first BBQ joints to open in Chicago! They served pork ribs, hot links, butts & shoulders, tips, jowls, etc. Their customers were mainly blacks, Hispanic and Jews who didn't keep Kosher. And I'm now running the 3rd generation family BBQ catering & marketing business in Rockton, IL. I again told her I eat pork! And again told her that I don't keep Kosher!!

Val was sampling a spiral-sliced ham for her demonstration event. This time she told me she is taking the entire unopened ham home with her at the end of her shift. I guess she got two hams to give out as samples?? She mentioned something about a party or celebration with her mother and sister coming over to her house in Edgerton, WI., for her recent college course? She said she would offer me and my wife half of the ham but she knew the both of us were Jews, totally ignoring the fact that I had to explain my religious beliefs and that my wife is Catholic! Not just once, three times! Why am I forced to explain to this person who thinks she is my boss?? It is none of her God Damn business! Who is this She isn't my boss!! Isn't this questioning in the workplace illegal??

I've been working here for nearly 6 weeks, was hired on 10/30, besides having to deal with that malcontent Val I really love the job! I get along with most everyone at Walmart and with my coworker Katy (Darlene). My supervisor Van thus far is a great guy, answers my questions quickly and is really helpful. Things with Val are strained. Its obvious she gets off on reminding us she is the Lead Event Specialist but our supervisor explained that the Leads job is to keep all the demonstration carts clean and sanitized as well as unpack the event kits that are shipped to the store in larger cardboard cases then place the event kits on the shelf for the Event Specialists access. And most importantly, since all the demonstration carts are located in an area where there are cases of snack foods such as potato chips, granola bars, crackers, etc., its most important to keep this backroom area clean otherwise rats, mice, vermin, and insects will get into and on our equipment! Val doesn't do any of this work as Lead. The backroom is a pig sty, our carts are filthy, so much so I have to scrub the grime off of them or the samplers will get food borne illnesses! Our supervisor had to clean the area and clean out the carts if myself or Katy didn't get to it. I always unloaded the event kits because Val didn't do any required work as the Lead.

12/16/15 From now on I think I will now jot down copious notes involving the workplace because of the strange vibe I am picking up from some of the comments coming from Walmart store employees and the things Val is telling them about me! I think Val thinks I'm a threat to her domain as for over a year she was the grand Poobah Lead event specialist here at this Walmart until Crossmark hired myself and Katy! I'm picking up on red flags from Val Riley! To protect myself I'm going to document what is happening in this workplace! Besides, due to the undue amount of stress Val is subjecting me to on the job my blood glucose readings are way out of whack and much too high. I am getting extreme pain in my stomach and found blood in my stools as a result. I haven't experienced this much stress since my Mom died and we lost Karen's retirement and profit sharing from Safeway during the recent recession. I don' think I am going to work here much longer unless things get better in the workplace.

12/19/15 Odd things again from my coworker Val Riley today! She just told me about a "tip" she had. You pay for a drink at the in-store Subway, then bring the cup home and wash it out. You bring the cup back the next time you work and fill it up for "free"?? I told her that's stealing! She said its borrowing, she said you do the same thing with a water bottle. I told Val I'm not going to jeopardize my job for $1.60 drink! She told me she had other tips, just stick with her, she'll teach me the ropes. She said she hasn't gotten a raise in 6 years and told me she takes extended breaks, and shows up late to work to make up for the lack of money she's making. She told me she discussed filing a lawsuit with EEOC against Crossmark for not getting a raise! She told me that I'll never get a raise either! I told her don't get me involved in your employment saga, if I'm worthy of a raise, fine, but I'm not getting involved in your lawsuit or squabble with Crossmark! She continued and said she makes up for her lack of getting a raise by taking the leftover demo sample food home even though Lori Wild in Monroe, WI., told me on 11/19/15 my first assignment that Crossmark rules prohibit this! Val said the Walmart security person is a friend of hers and it's cool to take leftover food out of the store and would cover for her! She said she keeps some Walmart shopping bags in her demonstration cart so she can walk out of the store with the food. She told me just the other day she took a 12 pound ham home with her because her sister and mother came over to celebrate her college graduation! I disagreed with her and told her that's shoplifting! She told me as long as Walmart gives us sample food with the "buyers letter for demo donation" or if we pay with our "Comdata card" the leftover demonstration sample food is ours to keep! I told her I'm going to check the Crossmark rules again because on my first day of work in Monroe, WI., Lori Wild trained me and said all sample food leftover is donated by Walmart to local charities! It never leaves the store. Val also steals company time! I've witnessed Val showing up late, taking 45 minute to 1 hour long breaks. Do I report this to Van or the Walmart management?

12/20/15 Val again told me that she's the "lead" and she's not going to set up and help myself or Katy any longer in putting together our carts and events for our demos. She doesn't assist us ever! She hinders us and delays the start of our demonstration events by interfering. She then accused me and Katy of leaving garbage bags and cardboard boxes in the back room! I told her I break down my boxes and always toss out my garbage. She kept berating me and said I wasn't trained correctly! She told me that Lori Wild and Scott did a bad job of training me! I disagreed with her! I told her "you show up late for every shift and take extended breaks so isn't it really you who was trained incorrectly"?? She accused me of wanting to be lead! I told her she was wrong! I told her Van was my supervisor and that she wasn't my boss! She said as long as Van wasn't there she was my boss!

12/21/15 My birthday! Didn't say anything to Val, she is so negative!

12/22/15 Took alcohol compliance course and first test, passed! Will be able to demo alcohol soon! Van said it pays 18.00 dollars an hour.

12/23/15 I asked Jeffrey the Walmart co-store manager what was their policy about us handling our leftover food samples. He said the same thing Lori Wild told me and what it says in Crossmark employee rules downloaded on Excel sheets I received right after getting hired. Open packages are to be thrown in the garbage, unopened packages are to be brought to customer service and given to store manager for Walmart to donate to local charities. Under no circumstances should sample food leave the store!

12/24/15 Took remaining alcohol compliance courses and testing! 100 percent correct!

12/26/15 Working a few aisles from Val. She again showed up late! She dragged her way to shop for her food samples and didn't begin cooking until 1:30pm even though it's was supposed to be started around 11am! This isn't fair to the people who don't waste time and don't steal time from Crossmark!!

12/27/15 Val accused me of doing the wrong demo yesterday! She embarrassed me in front of Katy our coworker! She said I was supposed to do the Lipton tea Breyer ice cream demo! She then reported me to Van our supervisor! Afterwards I called Van and he confirmed that I did in fact do the correct demo yesterday! Van told me to tell Val to mind her own business and worry about her own events. I said to Van, you're the boss its your job to reprimand your employees, not me! I told Val this but she didn't believe me! She then rifled through my Lipton/Breyer demo kit, removing things and throwing away signage! I grabbed the event manual and showed her this demo is scheduled for 12/30/15 and not yesterday! Val said Van was wrong about the order of demos and that she was correct! Val is creating a hostile work environment!! She is disgruntled, lazy and possesses a negative attitude every day!! I'm not letting her bring me down! When do I report to Van the hostile work environment that Val has created? Do I go to HR at Crossmark?

12/30/15 Katy showed up working for Val who asked her to work her shift because her neck was sore. Jenna, a deli clerk asked me what we do with the leftover demo food. I told her the opened food gets tossed in the garbage, the unopened food gets turned over to customer service who gives it to a store manager who then donates it to a local charity. She asked me if any of our coworkers steal food, I said you'd have to ask them! She asked me if Val steals, I told her to ask Val herself! She told me people in her department have seen Val pack the food she demos in Walmart bags at the end of her shift and take it out of the store! I told her, report her because our company policy does not allow this! Walmart policy does not allow this!!

12/31/15 I was confronted by Val in Action Alley, she accused me of telling someone in deli that she was stealing. She began swearing and yelling at me in front of customers by telling me to go straight to hell! I told her I'm contacting Van and leaving. She told me to go screw myself! Again in front of customers! I am pro-rating my in store minutes for todays shift. After I put my cart away I went to try to discuss with Val what had transpired and what she was accusing me of this time because the accusation she made in Action Alley was the wrong place to discuss anything like this. She again accused me of wanting her job as lead. She told me she was mine and Katy's boss as lead and it's her job as such to set up our events for us. She said she gets here early to assist us, this is total nonsense! She has shown up late the majority of the time I've been here! I told her I'm a grown man and wasn't her child! I turned away to leave, she again yelled at me at the top of her lungs, go straight to hell ### in front of customers!! I walked away and then returned about a minute later to Val's cart. I told her to return the diabetes cookbooks I borrowed her, that it was a no class act by swearing and yelling at me in front of customers and to stop harassing me and bullying me! I told her that she is creating a hostile work environment and that I was finally reporting her misconduct to Van our supervisor! Val said she's been with the company for over six years and she's gotten along with everyone she's worked with except for myself. She said I'm the first person she hasn't gotten along with. I said to her it's probably because I'm the first person who isn't going along with your scams, your rouses, your thievery, your bullying, your anti-semite comments and your robbery schemes. I left and she yelled something at me again! I won't mention the swear words but it sounded like F.U. You.!! I left Van 2 voice mail messages when I got home, he called me back and I explained everything to him. He asked me to email everything, I told him I was documenting everything Val said and did to me and other notes I had and would email it to him. He said he'd get back to me about this weekend demos at this Walmart since the manager told him she doesn't want me and Val in her store working at the same time! My hope is that Van places me doing adult beverages that doesn't mesh with Val's shifts, work things out with this Walmart manager and I will apologize to this manager for arguing with Val or move Val to a store closer to her home?? I am guilty of falling into Val's bait trap of a hostile work environment and her constant harassment and bullying of me in the workplace!

12/31/2015 Sent email to Van Hilleshiem my supervisor; Van, I apologize for my argument with Val Riley today and would gladly apologize to the Walmart manager as well.
I should have reported the hostilities Val has placed upon me sooner but I truly thought we'd be able to settle this as adults, I was wrong in thinking this.
Enclosed is my notes and what has transpired since the middle of December. Thanks, Larry

1/1/16 Van emailed back and replied; Thank you Larry. VAN HILLESHIEM CROSSMARK Events 903 N. 47th St., Suite 200 Rogers, AR 72756 van.[protected]

1/1/16 Van emailed me again and said; Hello Larry,
I think I have this schedule moved around enough that the only real inconvenient day will be Portage on the 2nd. Please let me know this is ok and I am waiting to hear back from employee relations due to the holiday. We will figure this out and make things better.

1/2/16 Van Texted. (1 of 2) I have not spoken 2 the store manager but she said she did not want 2 hear any customers telling her there is trouble on the sales floor or swearing (2 of 2) Val is not there so u should b ok.

1/2/16 I Texted back. Ok cool! Thanks. Will be there.

1/3/16 Was in Roscoe, IL., Walmart doing demo when a customer asked me if I was replacing Val. I told him I work here regularly. He said he hasn't seen her in a while, was she fired for stealing goods like she was doing at the Madison, WI., store? I said I have no idea, ask Val the next time she works! He told me he was surprised Walmart didn't have her arrested as Val and a woman who worked with Val at that store were robbing the store blind! I asked him his name he said it was Henry. I asked him his last name and he didn't reply, just walked away and didn't try the sample food. It might be an auditor that Crossmark sends into the field to check up on us?

1/6/16 David Walsh Crossmark Employee Relations called me to discuss complaint against Val Riley. I explained everything in my notes that were given to him by Van my supervisor. Walsh stated to me he would instruct Van to suspend Val for her behavior. He said he has yet to discuss this with her. In my opinion this guy is a paper pusher, nothing will be done to Val Riley! They're afraid of her veiled racial threats!

1/11/16 Left David Walsh a voice mail after being confronted by Jenna in Walmart deli department; Then emailed him; Hi David, as mentioned in my voice mail message to you this afternoon I am following up with an email. You told me last week during our discussion regarding the misconduct and harassment aimed towards me by Valencia Riley that if there were any other issues to contact you.
Can you please give me a call Tuesday to discuss other issues I became aware of this afternoon? I can be reached at [protected]. Thanks! Larry Gerber 762018

1/11/16 Went shopping for dinner at Walmart in Roscoe, IL., and was asked by employees why I was fired! I told them I wasn't fired! They said Val told them that I was fired and removed from the store! I told them I'm scheduled to work there this week & next week and I wasn't fired! I also said I cannot comment on further falsehoods and rumor committed by Val! I am contacting David Walsh at employee relations department to update him on Val's continued slanderous comments and character assassination of me!

1/11/16 I called Van to notify him of what went on at the Walmart store, he suggested that I contact David Walsh to bring him up to date.

1/11/16 Katy called me, she's a coworker of ours. She told me Val gave my demo cart to her, "make it your own" and said I wouldn't be back in our store. That I was removed from our store. She also said that Val told the janitorial lady, a dark haired woman in the bakery department and a person in the deli department that I was fired and removed from Crossmark and wouldn't be coming back! She also told me she thinks she witnessed Val stealing the produce she was demoing after her event! Walmart should have it on video? Val steals but keeps her job?? She keeps spreading nasty rumors about me but isn't suspended?? Why???? Sent David Walsh an email for him to call me.

1/12/16 David Walsh called me while I was studying the course work for Crossmark Adult Beverage Compliance Testing, told him I would call him back. Told him that I took additional notes regarding this issue.

1/12/16 Follow up to this morning phone call to David Walsh; David, as we discussed please find additional notes regarding Valencia Riley. I have not discussed this issue between myself and Ms. Riley with store personnel however, Valencia, if these statements are correct has been slandering me and assassinating my character to her Walmart associates without my being able to defend myself or giving my side of the story! She has told anyone who will listen to her that Crossmark has removed me from the Roscoe store and lost my demo position there as well. How can this woman get away with this??

1/12/16 David Walsh and I discussed all of the above! Am forwarding the above email to him for his records! I will continue to take copious notes regarding Val Riley as I truly suspect that she is attempting to run me off this job or trying to get me fired. Van has assured me that I will not lose my job due to this nonsense! 

1/14/16 Van Texted. (1 of 2) B sure 2 b statring around noon or as close 2 regular thursday event hours as possible. I dont no what time Brenda will b there. If u can have product on (2 of 2)  the wing and i will let u no if i hear anything on where they r :)

1/14/16 Texted Van. No problem! I'll be there before noon!

1/14/16 Texted Van. No sign of Brenda yet.

1/14/16 Van Texted. Ty i have not heard from her either yet.

1/14/16 Van Texted. Brenda is stuck at Delavan store, maybe next time!

1/16/16 Emailed David Walsh; Hi David! I was performing my event today when I was approached by the Deli department manager, her name is "Dondi". She said to me that "Valencia Riley told 'us' you were fired by Crossmark"! I told Dondi that I was not fired by Crossmark and was not removed from the store by Walmart neither as was rumored! I mentioned to her that I worked a couple days ago, am working here today, tomorrow and next week as well! Dondi told me she told Val that she liked me and I sold a lot of products in her department!
I understand this situation is a "he said she said" however, this is a witness who was told by Valencia Riley that I was fired which is a blatant boldface lie! Val is attempting to assassinate my character and tarnish my good standing in this community!
Katy (Darlene Johanssen) our coworker can also back up these rumors and lies spread by Val about me! She witnessed Valencia Riley telling Walmart employees the same thing as I mentioned in my email to you a few days ago! Larry Gerber

1/17/16 Van texted Hi larry. Any way u could do a vitamints event in watertown tomorrow?

1/17/16 Van texted I got watertown covered thank u anyway :)

1/17/16 Texted Van Np thanks for asking. Talk soon!

1/23/16 Van texted After u make all of your purchase let me no and i will call field support to get your card loaded 4 the price of the blender i need 2 no how much it is.

1/23/16 Texted Van Cool. Will do! Thanks

1/23/16 Van texted  U r good 2 go

1/23/16 Texted Van Cool! Thanks!

1/24/16 Texted Van Got your email about A/B event in Green Bay. Shawano is no problem! And consider the portage, dells and baraboo covered as well!! Thanks for the confidence!

1/24/16 Van texted  U rock thank u i got abby 2 do lake geneva 2 day :)

1/24/16 Texted Van Cool! Talk soon!! Thanks!

1/28/16 Van texted (1 of 2) I have toni and scott in baraboo on the 8th and larry and toni in baraboo on the 13th mayb u can ride share? Sorry for the traveling but gloria is out (2 of 2) for  a bit :(

1/28/16 Texted Van If Gloria is out past the Feb. 13th I'm happy to fill in. My brother in laws family lives up there so its no problem staying with them.

1/28/16 Van texted U r awesome :)

2/2/16 Emailed David Walsh; Hi David, I believe our first phone discussion was on 1/6/16 or around that time approximately. You stated that if I thought Valencia Riley was retaliating against me I should bring it to your attention which I have done in previous emails and phone discussion we've had. I on the other hand have been forced to defend myself to various Walmart employees who have listened to Valencia Riley's attempt to slander me! I've brought this to your attention!
A few days ago I worked at our local Walmart store in Roscoe, IL., I've been deliberating if I should even bring this to your attention because it appears that Valencia Riley will continue to bad-mouth me and spread rumors & lies no matter what anyone at Crossmark says to her!! But after thinking more about this, I will tell you that a Walmart employee told me that Val Riley said I constantly used the "F" work in front of Val, Katy our coworker and Walmart customers! This is another blatant lie spread by Val Riley and I want it to stop immediately!! I am not telling you the Walmart employee's name because this person told me in confidence and said they didn't want to get fired as a result of this. I don't want innocent people to lose their jobs over this! And, I don't think it would do any good because no one will probably follow up with them anyway!
David, you are in a position to instruct and or order Val Riley to cease this negative workplace behavior! I don't believe it's Van's job to babysit a malcontent like Mrs. Riley, he has more important things to tend to, wouldn't you agree?? He's been a great and fair boss to me! And he has done his best to accommodate by not having me work with this negative attitude, bad karma carrying being in Valencia Riley!! Thanks! Larry Gerber 762018

2/3/16 David Walsh emailed back; Larry, Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I have already forwarded you email to Van and have asked him to reach out to store management for assistance with further investigating this.  If it is validated, then the appropriate action steps will be taken.  Please be aware (and I have told MS Riley this too, in writing) that the act of spreading damaging, unfounded rumors about follow employees, in the work setting, could be regarded as a form of retaliation; and, if confirmed, could be ground for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

As it stands now, we still only have "your word against hers" with regard to any/all specific incidences of misconduct - including alleged inappropriate language. Darlene was unable to confirm having overheard either of you using profanity.   None of the customers, store employees or members of store management have provided us with one single piece of written evidence in this case.  What's more, in my role (and I have told MS Riley this too) I am restricted from calling Wal-mart employees, managers or customers about conduct matters involving CROSSMARK employees.  I have, however, asked Van if he can request written statements from store managers/employees. They are under no obligation to provide us with anything, but sometimes they do.  I would strongly caution you against intervening and/or trying to obtain written statements from store employees yourself, but you can suggest to them that they report what they have witnessed to their own manager. In the meantime, Van is continuing to manage the schedule so that you and Valencia aren't working in any of the stores on the same days/times.

Thank you, David Walsh, SPHR, SHRM-SCP CROSSMARK® | Employee Relations Partner | Human Resources

2/3/16 Emailed back to David Walsh; David, I enjoy my job and no way will I intervene or try to obtain written statements from Walmart store employees or suggest to any of them that they should report what they have witnessed or have heard any of Valencia Riley's lies, tales or rumors she has spread about me to their managers. We all have jobs to concentrate on! Crossmark pays me to do my job and I do it well. What I will do is not address anyone about this issue in the future at the store level unless its a department manager or store manager if they first approach me.
I'm going forward not backwards, and I will not let any of Valencia Riley's attempts to lie, spread rumors and slander against me affect my life any longer! As far as I'm concerned she doesn't even exist in my world! I will not stoop to her level! Thanks!

2/3/16 I checked out my upcoming work schedule this morning and saw Van scheduled me in Monroe, WI., on 2/18 & 2/19. Later that day I looked at my schedule again and noticed Van took me off of 2/18. I sent him this email; Hi Van, this morning I saw I was scheduled for an A/B event in Monroe on 2/18/16 but now it's not on my schedule. Was the event canceled because if not I can do it gladly. Please let me know. Thanks... Van replied to my email with this ###! I was asked if I could put everyone on at least 1 event so I had to give 1 to Kathleen because she had no events. We will pick up in March, sadly February is a really slow month. Please understand.
Thank you VAN HILLESHIEM CROSSMARK Events 903 N. 47th St., Suite 200 Rogers, AR 72756
I replied No problem, all good, thanks! What choice do I have, this guy has been making me travel due to the issues with Valencia Riley. He didn't do ### about Riley's behavior knowing her history!

2/5/16 Texted Van Hi Van, I tried to upload my event photos last night but it said it was too large. Here they are from yesterday in Shawano. I'm sending via my AOL account because our Crossmark email also said it's too large of a file. 
Talk soon! Thanks, Larry

2/5/16 ------ Original message -------- From "Hilleshiem, Van" Date: 02/05/2016 8:06 AM (GMT-06:00) To [protected] Subject RE: Pictures of A/B Bud Light Event 
Hello Larry, Just so you know, You can do the Persil Detergent training as soon as possible and report it. The date is the end date for the event not the training :) [protected] PROJ-Persil-30Min PROJ-DATE 02/13/2016 Store 1396, WALMART SUPERCENTER BARABOO, WI., ES GERBER, LAWRENCE 762018. If you type the [protected] in the project files box you can see the training PDF then report it when you are done.

2/5/16 Emailed Van back  Cool! Will handle it today, thanks for letting me know. Larry

2/7/16 Texted Van Having a Snickers kinda day. Customers love this event!

2/7/16 Van texted Sweet!

2/8/16 Van texted Please check the coupons on the event 2day. Jason from richlland center said his were expired on 1/31 let me no:)

2/8/16 Texted Van My coupons expire on 3/31/16. We're cool!

2/8/16 Van texted  ty

2/11/16 Lori Wild who is not working currently as an ES or Event Specialist for Crossmark due to an illness stopped in to the Monroe, WI., Walmart with her son, where I'm assigned. I was working on an A/B or Adult Beverage event dealing with customers and she started to question an criticize me on my demo! Lori asked "Why are those white stickers on the wine bottles?" I stated that in our event manual it says WI. is a Scan Out State and the manager needs to scan it out and affix the Store Use sticker to our sample products. Lori said "that must be something new". I said its in all of our event A/B manuals! She said "I just give the customer service desk a piece of paper from the event manual and sign it". That explains why I was getting a difficult time from Shelly the customer service employee that said "Lori does it this way!" And "that's not how Lori does it!" That's why I always insist that a store manager scan out our sample products according to state law! Lori said "I write down the customers birthday without the year they were born next to their printed name". I asked her why? Without the birth year you don't know how old they are! I asked her if Van instructed her to do so because he trained me in Baraboo, WI., and saw how the customers were signing in and said it was fine. Lori backtracked after I brought up Van's name! I told Lori I couldn't find the A/B cart in the back room the last time I did an event at this store and had to use an old small Walmart demo cart. I told her I finally found the correct A/B cart today hidden under a cart cover, unassembled! She said "I can't fit the A/B in the back room space. I told her that other people who work the A/B events in this store need to know where that cart is! Kathleen is doing an A/B event on 2/18/16 and won't know where the A/B cart is! Lori asked "who is Kathleen?" I said a person who is doing an A/B event here next Thursday. I told Lori I've done other A/B events in other Walmart stores and the A/B carts are visible and available to the ES always to perform their events!! Lori then said "I heard you were asking under age people to sample the wine". I asked her who told you this?? I told her that is completely false! I told her I card everyone and if they are not of age or don't have a valid ID I refuse service and document it on the Waiver Sheets for our records! I never solicit under age people to sample alcohol! I have years of working experience in this field as a certified mixologist, nightclub manager and bartender and know the laws front wards and backwards! This Lori is a red faced townie sycophant and a bully! Should I report this incident to Van or Employee Relations Department?

2/12/16 Again Shelly in customer service department gave me a hard time when I needed to get my wine scanned out for demo. Finally she called Tim the manager who took me to his office where he went online and printed out the correct scan out procedures for demos. He said to me that "Lori Wild's way of obtaining liquor for her demos sounded and appeared 'iffy'! I told him Lori has the same event manual every person gets in their A/B demo kit. We all should do these demos under the same state of Wisconsin adult beverage compliance procedures. He then printed out the store use stickers and affixed them to the products for demo.
Scott was training a new guy named Shan for cooking demo. Scott was asking me a lot of questions about the A/B testing! Almost picking or attempting to pick my brain! Not going to disclose anything to anyone! Why help anyone out!

2/13/16 Met Toni Martin in Baraboo, WI. She was passing out candy bars, I did the Percil line of laundry detergent. She told me her and Scott car pooled last week. Scott was talking a lot about his pending A/B testing and according to Toni, Scott asked her to take the exam for him! He's scared of failing the course and exam. Toni asked me if I knew who Valencia Riley was. I said I worked with Val a while back in Roscoe, IL., Walmart store. Toni told me she replaced Val Riley in Madison, WI., Walmart store last year as Val was removed from that store for stealing & fighting! Toni said Val was placed in Jefferson, WI., Walmart store and lasted there less than a month, Val was removed for fighting again! Then they placed Val in Roscoe, IL., Walmart store! Toni told me Van our supervisor is a liar and a politician and if I had any work issues to call Brenda Kinnerk, Van's boss! Crossmark is aware of Val Riley's antics as well as my grievances against Val Riley of record! I also found out I am getting paid less than other people. Toni told me makes 11.75 an hour and I'm as qualified as she is! Crossmark is stealing from me!!

2/13/16 Texted Van The Persil Detergent shelves were full when I got here is! Sold a ### full now!

2/13/16 Van texted Wow nice:)

2/14/16 Met Kathleen Moritz aka Kitty in Delevan, WI. Wow what is she on? What a kook! She hands out food without putting sanitary gloves on. Passing out Oreo cookies to everyone with her bare hands!

2/15/16 After finding out other employees are being paid more than me I sent Van, Brenda Kinnerk, Ava Dodd & David Walsh an email as follows;
Show all recipients: To Hilleshiem, Van; Kinnerk, Brenda; Dodd, Ava; Walsh, David;
Hi Guys! I have a few questions that you can probably assist me with. Prior to when I was hired on October 30, 2015 the HR person who interviewed me mentioned that I was eligible for a pay raise after 90 days of employment?
My questions are as follows;
What is the pay range for my position?
How often are pay raises given?
Can I also earn a merit increase? And how is that measured?
When would I learn of the increase?
Can you please address my inquiries? I enjoy my job and am not complaining however I would like some clarification.
Thanks, Larry 762018

2/15/16 I received 2 email replies in response to my pay inquiry. As follows;

Show all recipients To: Gerber, Lawrence; Hilleshiem, Van; Kinnerk, Brenda; Dodd, Ava;
Larry, I’m going to defer your questions about pay rates to the Division Operations managers, Van or Brenda, for the appropriate responses.
David Walsh, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
CROSSMARK® | Employee Relations Partner

Show all recipients To: Walsh, David; Gerber, Lawrence; Hilleshiem, Van;
Dodd, Ava; Cc: Pattillo, Jennifer
As for right now, it is not CROSSMARK policy to provide annual performance reviews or pay increases to part-time employees. We do not do evaluations or reviews on part-time associates.  For the Events program, the only pay increase we are authorized to provide is for promotion to Lead with a Food Safety certification.
If you could recall the name of the person who gave you the incorrect information, I will make sure they correct their discussions with new hires going forward.
Thank you for all you do to make CROSSMARK Events a success in Territory 83125.
Brenda Kinnerk
CROSSMARK® | Regional Manager - Events | 850 Walmart Events

2/16/16 Got a reply to my pay questions from Van as follows; 4 recipients To: Hilleshiem, Van; Walsh, David; Kinnerk, Brenda; Dodd, Ava;
Hello Larry, I would not have been aware of the possibility of the raise or merit increase had you not said the HR person gave you this information nor was I aware of a pay range. Sorry I am no help in this matter. I do know there is a .50 cent increase for someone who has passed the food safety certification exam and is promoted to a Lead event specialist. This is the only increase for the part time associate I am aware of. There has not been the possibility of any other increases in my tenure.

2/16/16 I replied to Van's email as follows; 4 recipients To: Hilleshiem, Van; Walsh, David; Kinnerk, Brenda; Dodd, Ava;
Hi Van, no problem, please let me know if there is the possibility of me taking the food safety certification course and advancement to a lead event specialist. Thanks for addressing my questions, Larry

2/19/16 Van texted me. He's coming by to visit with me in Monroe, WI., for our Henry's Hard Soda event.

2/19/16 Van asked me if I am interested in doing the food sanitation course which is approximately 16 hours of paid training. I said yes, he told me he'd assign it to me this weekend. He also said Val is calling and emailing David Walsh and accusing him and Van of racism. Van said how can it be racism if he transferred her to a store closer to her home. I said to him well, I guess she isn't tight with the store security at that store like she is with the security personnel at the Roscoe, IL., store so she cannot rob that store in Jefferson, WI. Van said Val screwed herself by treating everyone like garbage and she is down to doing 1 event per week now! I told him Katy called me and told me she quit because of Val's treatment of her.

2/22/16 Toni called to tell me she had an auditor show up at her A/B event in Madison, WI., and the auditor brought her unruly kids with her?? Kitty told Toni that Scott offered her & Sue 50.00 to take A/B exam for him

2/27/16 Van texted Wondering if A/B pictures got in your report?

2/27/16 Texted Van Yes. I put pictures in reports for both A/B events on 2/25 & 2/26

3/1/16 Texted Van I received an email from David Walsh about a conference call for Thursday with the 3 of us? I just had an impacted wisdom tooth pulled and it hurts like hell but I'll be able to talk. Do you know what it's about as him and I already discussed this saga?? Please let me know. Thanks!

3/1/16 Van texted It my day off so i will probly find out 2morrow but my guess is u will now be allowed to work at roscoe Walmart store again.

3/1/16 3 recipients for Conference Call Required: Walsh, David; Gerber, Lawrence; Hilleshiem, Van; When: Thu 3/3/2016 9:30 AM-10:00 AM
Where, Phone, No conflicts
Larry, Van and I need to speak with you about the investigation into the incident in the store in Roscoe, that occurred on 12/31/15.  I will initiate the 3-way call.  Please confirm that you are available for the conference call at 9:30 am central time on 3/3/16, or propose an alternate time.
David Walsh [protected].

3/1/16 I tried calling Van to find out about this conference call but he didn't answer his phone. I sent him this text as follows: I received an email from David Walsh about a conference call for Thursday with the 3 of us? I just had an impacted wisdom tooth pulled and it hurts like hell but I'll be able to talk. Do you know what it's about as him and I already discussed this saga?? Please let me know. Thanks!

3/3/16 Investigation Findings
Walsh, David Thu 3/3/2016 9:59 AM 2 recipients
To: Gerber, Lawrence; Cc: Hilleshiem, Van;


The investigation into the incident in the Roscoe Wal-mart, involving you and Valencia was thoroughly investigated.  We know that the manager in this store reported having received a report, indirectly, from a customer, that two Event Specialists were having an argument on the sales floor, that made the customer feel uncomfortable enough to report it to Customer Service.  We know  that you and Valencia were the two Events Specialists involved in this argument, based on who was scheduled to work that day, and because of the accusations you made against Valencia.   No written statements were provided by the customer or by any store employees.  Based on the information that was obtained in the investigation, we feel confident that argument between you and Valencia, which was disruptive enough to lead to a customer complaint, did occur on 12/31/15.  During the course of the investigation, schedule adjustments were made, in order to ensure that you and Valencia, had no contact with each other in the Roscoe store.  This was never intended to be a permanent solution.  Henceforth, your Supervisor will schedule you for work, in accordance with our business needs.  This means, that there will be times, when the two of you will be working in the Roscoe store together.  Remember, that we are guests in the store, and as such are expected to display appropriate behavior at all times.  You will be expected to interact with one another, when necessary, for the discharge of your duties and will be expected to treat one another with professionalism and respect.  You may on consider yourself, as being now on notice, that any further reports of arguing, swearing or disruptive behavior in any of the stores where you are assigned to work – whenever you are working together and any further complaints about the two of you, from customers, store employees, vendors or co-workers will result in both of you being dismissed from your employment with CROSSMARK.  Feel free to contact me, your supervisor or, any other Employee Relations personnel, if you have any questions or concerns.

David Walsh, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
CROSSMARK® | Employee Relations Partner | Human Resources | 5100 Legacy Drive | Plano, TX, 75024 | David.[protected] | O: [protected] | Toll Free: [protected] X 1045 | F: [protected]

3/3/16 In my opinion this is corporate ###! Walsh never investigated my claims of Riley's lying, rumors and slander. That's fine, I'll probably never work with that miserable again! Moving forward from her negative energy.

3/3/16 Texted Van Van, please keep in mind while you're scheduling I am still willing and glad to drive & work in whatever store you need me in. Thanks talk soon!

3/3/16 Van texted You got it :)

3/5/16 Texted Van Are we meeting early to take the exam? If so I'm leaving here shortly

3/5/16 Van texted No i have not seen the voucher sorry

3/6/16 Van texted Hi larry. I sent u an email about testing 2day or mon. Or tue. Let me no :)

3/6/16 Texted Van Hi Van. Monday at the Janesville library would be great. How is 1pm?

3/6/16 Van texted Perfect

3/6/16 Texted Van Cool see you there

3/7/16 Van texted Looks like 1:15 for me sorry

3/7/16 Texted Van See you then

3/7/16 took food management exam, passed! Van brought up that he has cut Val's hours down to 1 to 2 days a week because of her bad attitude. The same thing he told me on 2/19/16. I asked him why employee relations or himself didn't do anything to reprimand Val for her treatment of me? He said employee relations was having the most difficult time in rendering a decision in this dispute because of the fact that it would be bad public relations for the company to terminate a black female employee even though she has committed numerous behavior violations in the past. For example; In Madison, WI., Walmart; she was reassigned due to the store manager wanting to rid her of her constant trouble making and nearly starting a riot between two guys who wanted to date the same girl amongst other issues with her demonstration events. And when she was reassigned to the Jefferson, WI., Walmart; which is 15 minutes from her home, she cried racism! Van forgot he told me this already! He went on to tell me he was self-medicating due to his two brain aneurysms. And that his only option is to drink lots of vodka & lemonade to try to sleep at night. He said his medication is screwing him up! He also said that by giving Val fewer hours maybe she might just get frustrated and finally quit because he was sick and tired of having to deal with her nonsense! I was shocked he was so candid with me about this issue!

3/10/16 Officer Jobst left message, called him back and was told he'll be back on Monday.

3/11/16 Went to Rockton, IL., police department to find out what this cop wanted. Discussed with Sergeant Davies who took notes regarding Walmart and Val Riley's theft.

3/13/16 Toni Martin called, said Scott one arm man is sexually harassing her! Asked me what should she do? I told her to report it immediately to Van!

3/14/16 Jobst called and asked me to come discuss Riley with him at the police station. I got there at 9:15am. Afterwards I drove to Platteville, WI., for slop wrap event.

3/15/16 Toni called me with update about one arm man Scott. She said Van will now separate the two of them from working together from now on! Didn't even do the right thing to protect Toni his employee who is getting harrassed! She is scared of losing her job, I suggested reporting it to Brenda Kinnerk, Van's boss. I don't think she will!

3/15/16 emailed Van about Toni's situation

3/17/16 did A/B event in Platteville, WI., Mikes hard variety pack

3/18/16 Did a double shift A/B event in Baraboo, WI., first wine then hard root beer/hard cherry cola. During the event I got a call from Van. He told me that employee relations suspended me indefinitely. I told him it stemmed from my conversation with David Walsh in employee relations earlier that morning. I explained everything to him. His reply was if he knew that Val was going to verbally abuse, bully and harrass myself and Katy he would've placed us in a different Walmart store!! He told me he had my back and would be in my corner! He said he'd get in touch with me on Monday!


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