Cox Communicationsunwilling to let me eliminate services

When I called to eliminate some of the services from my account in Dana Point/San Juan Capistrano CA the rep (Isaiah) decided now would be a good time to hassle me about my decision. He lied, telling me that if I reduce my service to internet access only the cost would be $150/month. When I pressed him he recanted and told me that since we are using 60% of our data already we will not be able to stay under the 1024 Gigabytes we currently have (really?), so the cost will go up. I kept telling him that I did not come for a sales call and did not want to hear the threats and sales crap, he then condescendingly asked me who called whom (they are going to call me to change my service?) and hung up on me when I insisted that we stick to the purpose of my call.
This is exactly why I will be trying to find a replacement for Cox, so that I can get them out of my life for good. Cox is a bad company that practices monopolistic behavior with customers and employs entitled employees who have a "customer is to be abused" attitude.

Sep 30, 2019

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