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Cox Communications Complaints & Reviews

Cox Communications / bungled new installation of the triple-pay package and billing for a service that I don't have

OC2019 on Jan 17, 2019

I ordered triple-play package from Cox for the 1st time. Technician arrived at the scheduled time on Dec 28. I showed him where I wanted the connection. I pointed out that I have an existing service that I wanted to keep and he seemed to understood. He went out to check the drop point and...

Cox Communications / 0018501048338803. account number for jane e. buikstra, 114 e. 15th st.

Jane Buikstra on Jan 10, 2019

I recently purchased "upgraded" service including a new Panoramic modem/router. The Internet is NOT faster or more pervasive in the residence at all! In fact, it seems to cut off more often. I don't know if the modem/router is not functioning or if it needs to be in another room, but I...

Cox Communications / channel ksn 3 in wichita ks

Sledell on Dec 31, 2018

I read that a local channel on my Cox subscription will be done tonight at 11:59. I signed up for Cox not that long ago and didn't know this kind of thing would happen! I expect a lower monthly bill. Each time I want to add something to my Cox, I have to pay for it!! Now, you're taking...

Cox Communications / internet

chrislxr on Dec 12, 2018

Chrislxr Today at 20:20 Currently the internet charges for my account total at $109.98 per month. 100mb download speed, modem rental and unlimited data. The EXACT same service from Spectrum ( a few miles from my service address) the EXACT same services cost a total of $44.99. Next year when...

Cox Communications / internet service

Vincent Tso on Dec 12, 2018

Two techs come by my unit, the first is so lazy to look for the coax cable already drilled through the hole of my unit that is there (but refused to do anything about it since there was no proper outlet). Second tech comes by and says that it's improperly wired and he can't wire it through...

Cox Communications / billing

InCAnow on Dec 9, 2018

I agreed to a contract over the phone for tv, internet, and phone. I know exactly what they promised me. When I got the bill, they did not give me the contract rate... instead said I agreed to a much larger amount for a longer period of time. The claim to record the conversations, but...

Cox Communications / false advertisement

Garrett Jacobson on Nov 25, 2018

Incident Dates: 11/24/2018 -- 11/25/2018 Customer Number: 26623109 (Residential) Resolution Requests: Upgrade to Platinum Bundle with Voice Premier @ $159.99 price point advertised, $500 pre-paid Visa gift card as advertised, formal apology. Like the thousands of customers who saw the...

Cox Communications / lack of general knowledge and service

Brent Houston on Nov 16, 2018

After working an 18 hour shift I come home to find a cox truck parked in my drive. After reviewing CCTV footage he parked there to walk to a nearby restaurant. After being transferred I was told by a customer service representative she was going to transfer me to a department that could...

Cox Communications / poor customer service for loyal past customer.

#JD on Nov 13, 2018

I cancelled my cox services 7/2018 after being a loyal customer for over 14 years. I was given over $200 back stating I had over paid on my account. The next thing I know I get a collections notice for a bill not paid in 10/2018. After investigating with cox I was told that the accounting...

Cox Communications / billing

Ciara Coleman on Nov 11, 2018

I am being charged for equipment I no longer have the cox store on Rancho did not log the equipment and they are saying I need to go back nor did I receive a recipe by choice but I am on camera. Either the employee stole the equipment or they are not doing their job correctly with data...

Cox Communications / service

Limuman on Nov 10, 2018

Your internet keeps dropping off every day now for nearly two years or more. I file several complaints on this issue and spoke to some guy named Michael in the corporate office I guess several times now and he indicated that I should change out my modem. I did that and it is still doing...

Cox Communications / your service

James Perkins on Nov 6, 2018

I called your loyalty people because again some of the specials had expired, I was told my bill would be $258.00, but we took out some of the movie stations, i go online the middle of October and sign up to get the other movie station, my bill goes up to $265.00 but the stations keep...

Cox Communications / Technical Support

Michael Shackleford on Nov 2, 2018

I would like to complain about your technical support representative John H. He did the chat support around 3:00 PM Pacific time on Nov 2, 2018. I came to him because my Email was not going out via Windows Live Mail. I told him I suspected the problem was in the settings in properties for...

Cox Communications / telephone service

John Houlette on Oct 31, 2018

On October 4, 2018 our Cox telephone service was abruptly and unexpectedly cut off. I called the next day to ask that it be restored. As it was going to be 4 days before a service person could come out, I decided to end our landline service permanently. Your billing office acted very...

Cox Communications / phone service with cox communications

Piroozi Law on Oct 31, 2018

We are a local firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our business phone number that is registered with Cox Communications is (702) 260-1010 Our address is 509 S. 6th Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 We have been experiencing technical difficulties with our phone line for roughly three (3) weeks now...

Cox Communications / first time internet and tv service installment

Nini 9.0 on Oct 28, 2018

If I could give cox zero stars I would. We are first time customers and were at our new home for the installation. Got a message saying a technician was coming out. Two hours later still no technician. When we called it turns out our technician could not get into our building and instead...

Cox Communications / receiving refund on overcharged payment

Nario11 on Oct 26, 2018

Dealing with Cox Communication I've been put through so much back and forth with customer service sales and billing I really feel that they were not adequately attending my needs and I feel that they should accommodate me for my hassle. They sent me back and forth with sales and billing...

Cox Communications / rewards visa card still not received, promised as part of signing 2 yr contract

RoseThompson on Oct 19, 2018

I moved in to a home recently and compared services for internet and cable tv. The rewards Visa card was the agreement for signing on for a 2 yr contract .. it was the reason for choosing cox communications. The reward was due to me in July, still I have not received this and I have been...

Cox Communications / internet speeds

Cox Internet is a SCAM on Oct 15, 2018

Cox communications is a fraud con artist company! They are actively engaging in false advertising and throttling! I pay for 100Mbps why the hell am I barely getting between 1-2 mbps!? Why does my internet get throttled at night for no reason!? I haven't even used 10% of my data cap!!...

Cox Communications / fruadulent charge reported to convergent outsourcing for collection

MSWardMD on Oct 14, 2018

I am a ATT U verse customer and have not had Cox for years. I just got my credit report and you have sent $1195 to Experian as turned for collection. I have NEVER gotten a bill from Cox nor a bill from Convergent and I am furious. You have the wrong person!!I will contact my attorney...