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Cox Communications Complaints & Reviews

Cox Communications / cox vehicle parking

Ottchocinco on Feb 22, 2017
Walking home on the sidewalk to find a Cox Service truck backed wrong into a directional parking space that seems too small for the vehicle size. The tailgate is overhanging more than half of the sidewalk width. There are no cones that would warn anyone of the obvious hazard and handicap...

Cox Communications / Cox webmail

Bernard Peter on Feb 17, 2017
I am have been having great difficulties with my Webmail for about 6 months. As I am speech impaired, I have attempted to utilize the Cox "live chat", without success . The current problem is, I can open my webmail, when I click on Reply, I can't reply. I have taken my computers in to a...

Cox Communications / My tv service plan

Qrantoine on Feb 17, 2017
I have been a cox customer for 1 week and i am already unsatisfied with my service. When i signed up for cox my original plan was contour tv. I received my bill which is due in a couple weeks and my plan have been changed to cox tv essential that is more expensive with less channels than...

Cox Communications / Internet service

Reg Burks on Feb 12, 2017
Since June of 2015 I have had Cox internet service and had a bundled package set up for the premier service. Over the course of the last two years my internet service is consistently up and down daily and at times slow. Today 12 Feb 2017 a technician came out again to check my service and...

Cox Communications / Cable/bundle bill

RCarol on Feb 7, 2017
A friend of mine is an elderly widow. Her bill for the bundle (TV, internet and phone) just went to over $190.00 a month. They say she has the Bronze bundle. When I look on line they are offering the Bronze Bundle to new Cox customers for $90 a month, $100 dollars less than they just...

Cox Communications / Unauthorized surcharges and assorted overcharges

sglmomof2 on Feb 7, 2017
I've been a customer for several years (There's no choice in my area.. Cox is sole provider) And between the price increases, the poor service, the bait/switch (They count the hd channel lineup (Which is exactly the same content/channels of the regular lineup) in their listing of number...

Cox Communications / Everything... Where do I begin?

LaurenP6284 on Feb 5, 2017
This has been the worst experience. I'm so awestruck at how terrible this company conducts business, to include lying and deception, that I am almost speechless and that's saying a lot based on who I am. We were duped by the dude who helped me order service based on what I told him we...

Cox Communications / Internet and cable

bigelarkin on Jan 27, 2017
Are cox cable and internet went down at 9pm and we called them this morning and did everything they asked for us to do. We tried everything and nothing worked and the earliest they can send a tech is tomorrow morning like from 8am to 10pm. I can't believe they don't have a tech available...

Cox Communications / Poor onsite service

John C Brown III on Jan 23, 2017
Cox came out to our house today to fix a cable line running under ground that's causing the phone and internet service to go down. The box on the side of the house where the cable connects was left open with the cover on the ground. We were told the cable and box would be replaced. It belong...

Cox Communications / Service techs, customer service, corporate customer service

Mrs.Denise Johnson on Jan 19, 2017
Switch cable service cause I could not receive internet in my area it all started with the rep from Walmart who submitted the wrong address the first tech went to the wrong house after having my daughter wait all morning/afternoon call to find out what happened they all but called me a...

Cox Communications / Customer service and technicians

Alicia walker on Jan 18, 2017
On Jan. 13 at 10 pm some cox cable workers came to my back yard to fix a problem and when they did they cut my phone service. I live with my 89 year old disabled grandma who needs her phone service because she is disabled. I have call ed everyday since the phobe service has been down to...

Cox Communications / Internet service

Cindi And-Stan Strange on Jan 15, 2017
We have had a service tech out 3 times. Problem is worse than ever. Internet is out for hours at a time, and only on briefly when it is working. First tech replaced the modem. Second tech said service checked out fine and couldn't detect any issues. (Unfortunately it was actually working...

Cox Communications / Customer service

marciaevers on Jan 13, 2017
since having cox services installed in my home for many years now. I have never been able to watch the TV in the main living area. since small devices were installed on all my TV I get the worse reception and channel lineup change. since Wi-Fi was installed in my home while renting cox...

Cox Communications / Home internet

Joe Studnek on Jan 6, 2017
I tired to get my niece and her husband to sign up thru a referral for Cox Internet, I sent the referral in online and had my niece's husband call for the special price rebate. Now, they say they have no record of him calling in, and the online request, No email or phone message wa...

Cox Communications / Silver bundle

rbever on Dec 27, 2016
I have been a victim of a bait-and-switch tactic, which has caused me a lot of frustration trying to rectify this error and disappointment in that Cox refuses to honor their word. I compared all the service providers in my area to determine which provider would give me the best value. When...

Cox Communications / Cable bill

LaToyia Edwards on Dec 19, 2016
I have had Cox for over two years and it seem like Cox keeps raising my bill every month. I was told that my bill would be around $110 a month and it has never been that way. I tried to lower my bill but they won't let me. Then I got charge for prorated charges that I didn't know about and...

Cox Communication / Digital phone service

pame12sauls@yahoo.com on Dec 19, 2016
I have been experiencing major issues with Cox Communication and all of my services. I have been having a connection issue from 11/23/16. There has been numerous calls and technician to come out and as of today. I am still having issues. Wiring, equipment was change without informing the...

Cox Communications / Cable, internet & phone services

Julianne Drowne on Dec 16, 2016
account # 001-6610317041201. I've had terrible service since day 1 with Cox. When I first moved to Rhode Island Cox was my only option for cable & internet. (I wont get into it but sales person Casey lied to me about everything, and took a week to get someone to come set up services) Terrible...

Cox Communications / Customer service helpline

Maria Barrios on Dec 14, 2016
Around November 7th I add cox Cable to my existing account with High speed internet and Phone services due to a suggestion of a cox representative because I was requesting a transfer of services to my new residence and they will charge me 60 or so for ta technician to do it, so she...

Cox Communications / Cox communications

Kimberlymb77 on Dec 9, 2016
To whom it may concern, Much to my dismay, I am having to utilize Cox Communications for my phone, internet, and cable provider as Verizon Fios does not service the area in which we are moving to. I was once a customer with Cox and switched to Verizon 3 years ago due to increased charges and...

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