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Conexis is a 3rd party adminstrator to by cobra insurance that I HAS through my x husbands employer. I was entitled to cobra for 36 months . at 18 months Conexis cancelled me. they said for non payment. i sent a check to them but they said they didnt receive and since i didnt send in my payment certifed there was nothing i could do. I have filed appeals, have left several messages for managers, got the dept of ins, dept of labor, dept of health manage involved. Conexis was to get back to me by August 24 with their rendered decision and to no surprise I have not heard from them . I called AGAIN, and no manager is available to talk. But somebody will call me back. yeah right.
This is a conspiracy what Conexis does. As an individual you have no recourse unless of course you send your payments in certified. They never follow through nor return calls.
I am totally disgusted and looking to get an action against them.
anyone interested? i have documentation, names, dates and all depts involved.
there ignorant.


  • He
    Heidi in the OC Oct 15, 2009
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    Verified customer


    I am having similar problems with Conexis and am absolutely beside myself with frustration. I have my payments electronically debited from my checking account and paid directly to Conexis. They have my money and I have NO insurance! Thank GOD I recently took my 4 month-old son off of my Conexis insurance and got him on his own insurance with Kaiser. I have postpartum and dental issues and cannot go to the doctor because they have messed up my insurance. I noticed your post and wanted to contact you regarding getting an action started against them... I am on board if you are still interested... you can contact me at: [email protected] if you would like to discuss this any further. I am sorry to hear that they caused you such grief as well and hope your situation was resloved!

    Best Regards,

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  • Co
    Cove45 Oct 15, 2009

    Hey Ladies,
    I have spent the last two days dealing with the exact same issue! I use check free and have an automatic payment each month to Conexis (online banking). I received a notice that my insurance was canceled for non payment effective 8/31/09. I immediately called because I had a check number and confirmation number of the payment - the money was taken from my account and was mailed two weeks before the due date.
    They claim they did not receive it and the only way to have the coverage reinstated is to show a postdated envelope. The envelope was not returned to us. I emailed the receipt from check free, the bank has called and a representative from check free did a conference call to Conexis with me today. We have no idea what happened to the check. I am starting to wonder if this is not a way for them to get rid of those with medical problems. It is VERY unlikely that they did not get the check, and it wasn't returned either.
    I had a lot of medical expenses the month of September that will not be paid and I take a lot of medicine each month that is needed to stay alive. I don't know what I am going to do. Surely something can be done about this - it is not anything I did wrong or anything I could control.

    If you all come up with anything, please let me know. [email protected]

    Thank you!

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  • Ab
    abartek Dec 17, 2009

    Oh My Goodness - They are by far and away the WORST company I have EVER dealt with. Last year when we first signed up for Cobra after I left my job after my second baby - they NEVER did send us the papers in the mail to sign up - I called everyday for 2 weeks to get them to fax them to me - all the while they are telling me to wait and that they were mailed...I couldn't afford to wait much longer because you only get 3 weeks aftger they mail them to sign up. So they tell me to sign up online - it won't let me past page 3 of 8 - so I call and to this I get a response that it must be my I called my dad in a different town and have him try on his computer and it did the same thing - so I highly doubt it was my computer. So i call again and I make a supervisor fax over our enrollment. So we finally get signed up for the remainder of 2008. Then for 2009 - it took them weeks to send it to me and I again called everyday till I got it - was told I could not do this on online. So - I didfinally get this one in the mail and faxed it back AND mailed it back the same day. I elected Vision and Medical for my spouse, myself and 3 kids...In FEBRUARY - I happened to check our online insurance account that shows processed claims etc. I was checking for how much we had spent - and I saw DENIED for my infant daughters 4 month checkup - no coverage was the reason. I ran downstairs and looked at my papers and Gabi was put down and checked on my sheet for medical and vision as well. It was midnight so I had to wait and then I called them in the morning and Conexis said they sent my form to BCBS and it was an error on their end. I called BCBS they said they never got the paper from Conexis - which is BS because the election form is only 2 pages so for them to have the 4 of us covered and not my baby is bigus it all came on the same paper - I spent the next 3 days calling and calling until they agreed to refax the forms over and BCBS then did update Gabi and I had to call back because they had not done so retroactively - so I had to call CONEXIS again to have them fax proof back from January 1st...ridiculous.

    SO - this year I started early asking for annual enrollment because I know my company that I used to work for does it mid October. I called in Oct and someone at Conexis told me that I would have to contact my old employer for those forms...I told him that wasn't right and he said that is what his "sheet" said - so I hung up on him and called back and got someone else who told me that yes they would come the first week of Nov. So by Nov 20th I am a little antsy - I call again - they said they had been sent - I give it a few days - I finally open a complaint case - I get a response asing for more info - I give it and lo and behold she did send me my stuff via secure email - I filled it out and sent it right back via fax and mail again - I called 3 days later to make sure they recd it and some idiot verified for me that "yes your 2008 had been recd..." to this I lose my temper - It is almost Dec 2009 - why the heck would I be verifiying 2008! So she did some more checking and yes they recd 2009. I made her read all of it to me to make sure they got all the kids listed. Everything seemed great! 2 days later I get a voicemail - sorry maam your forms won't be accepted. So i called right away and asked what that was about - i find it strange that they told me they did not know what the voicemail had said so I decided to verify they had recd the forms again - this time they said they NEVER sent them to me...I yelled into the phone that I could send a forward from the email they sent me earlier that week. So then they backtrack and say that was the wrong form and should never been sent. So i ask when the correct one will be - aso you might guess I called 5 more times before I got it - and a supervisor "Jerri" said that as soon as she got the forms from my old company that she would fax and email them to me. I called her everyday for 5 days and every day she would have someone tell me that she was "checking for me everyday" I called on Friday Dec 4th and got a helpful lady who said she would send a note to the acct mgr to get me those forms from Nationwide...I called back on Tuesday and another rep told me they were sent on that Friday!!! ugh - so I ask to talk to Jerri becuase i did not get the fax or email she had promised that she had been "checking for" everyday - what BS - and the rep I asked said "supervisors don't take phone calls" and I said well that is interesting because I talked to her last week - now let me talk to her. I complained to Jerri about what the rep said and she blew it off - then I asked why I was not emailed or faxed...she blew that off and said "well I can fax them now" and she did. But no responsibility is taken for their LIES. So I immediately fax, email and mail it back in(for the record these forms as far as the coverage were no different from the first ones) and then I called the next day to see if received - they were but wouldn't be updated for a while on the system so I could pay for I gave a few days - called back and some rep said they hadn't even been sent to the acct mgr to key so that the system even could be I asked to talk to Jerri - she was "busy" but I could talk to Danielle - who said she would send a req to get it processed rush and it would be 24 hours before updated to my acct but might not show on the system for 3 days. SO I just called today and finally got to Danielle after holding forever and she tells me that she never said it would be 24 hours. She said she got an email back from the acct mgr who said he would only key them in the order he recd them(it isn't my fault he is just getting mine - I would have done it in Oct - had they not screwed up) and I told her this and she said well I can send him another req - which is useless because she had found out yesterday that he wasn't going to do it and never let me know that. So I have now asked to talk to her mgr and got her voicemail and am currently waiting for a call back - they are WASTING time that is valuable to me - I think they make it difficult on purpose so people forget and then lose coverage - well I WON"T FORGET!!! if anyone wants to email me [email protected]

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  • Ro
    Romello1996 Dec 21, 2009

    We have yet to receive any documents from them as well. They have running us around so we miss the Dec 31 for the subsidy. We called them many times and warned them.

    Let s regroup and file a class action law suit against this piece of garbage company...
    [email protected]

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  • De
    dentalmal1 Feb 24, 2010

    Conexis appears to be designed to set up COBRA benefits for cancelleation. I mailed my wife's premium payment on 12/31/2009. In February they send us a letter saying the insurance is being cancelled for an alleged non-payment of the premium. However, they cashed the premium check on Jauarny 19, 2010. I have sent them a demand letter demanding reinstatement by the close of business this week. I am going to file a Complaint with the Califrornia Insurance Carrier on this.
    I am considering filing a lawsuit in State Court for fraud. This is the second time they have pulled this on us. We are buying a separate health insurance policy just to get out of this wev of deceit.

    This has to stop. All these employers are dumping their statutory responsibilities off on third party companies in terms of maintatining COBRA covergae for their employees. Employers should be prohibited from "off-shoring" this responsibility. Most people on COBRA were laid off by their employers and now are left battling these meaningless COBRA adminsitrator types. At least with a former employer you knew who in HR you could go to if there was a problem. This faceless orginization is the problem - a disconnection between the former employer and former employee as to their mutual responsibility. COBRA really does need to be reformed so you could maintain a direct action against your former employer for the ineptitude or fraud of some third party administrator they employ.

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  • Ji
    [email protected] Mar 19, 2010

    I feel your pain. They may be having Corporate Cash Flow problems which both causes them to collect monies without acknowledging your payment or they have another approach to conserving cash which is to claim to have not received reimbursement claims to minimize their payouts of cash. Everybody affect should immediately call your HR Benefits Office and post a complaint on the Better Business website for the respective State.

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  • Mi
    misssusan484 May 27, 2010

    For help call Conexis V.P. Dee Dee at [protected] She figured out my 'problem' in one day. Do NOT waste your time with the customer service numbers.

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  • Ma
    marie1986 Jan 19, 2011

    CONEXIS processes Fee administation payments, Premium payments, Subisdy payments, and FSA benifits, Participant payments, etc. The biggest problem CONEXIS has is receiving SO MANY MULTIPLE payments for multiple CONEXIS accounts, because so many different payments are being received to the same, and different P.O. Boxes. As we are trying to get this resolved through Orange and Texas offices please be aware of the direct P.O. Box for each separate department of CONEXIS receivables. If you are paying a FEE PAYMENT make sure you send it to the Orange Office with the correct correspondence with your payment i.e. readmittance advice- THIS IS KEY FOR EACH PAYMENT- CONEXIS RECEIVES HUNDREDS OF CHECKS/ACH PYAMENTS DAILY, SO CORRECT READMITTANCE WILL GUARANTEE THE FASTEST AND MOST EFFICIENT PROCESSING OF EACH CONEXIS PAYMENT. The OR/DR/PID/Case number is KEY when making a payment. When paying ANY CONEXIS bill- include the readmittance advice!!!, PLUS include the OR/DR/PID/Case number on any check you are sending to receive the promptest check processing and the least likeliness of dropping coverage. REMEMBER MOST LIKELY ONE TO FOUR PEOPLE ARE PROCSSING 400-1000+++++ CHECKS A DAY. In my experience in working with CONEXIS the only time coverage is dropped is when payments can't be identified- Either company checks don't match with our client information (different compainies paying other client payment- where checks can't be identified with the client, different payments are being sent to the wrong department- where it takes that department days to figure out where it goes- when processing hundreds of checks each day, when clients are paying the same bill twice because they are reading the bills/readmittance advice incorrectly, and when clients are paying multiple checks in one check payment- i.e. when a company is paying a fee and premium in one check payment. The best way a company can pay different accounts under the same or different account numbers i.e. when a company is paying a a fee/ premium or fee/subsidy is to write 2 separate checks. Also, to avoid being dropped make sure to send any payments 2 weeks before the due date to avoid any backup with checks being received, as well as any other problems

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  • Nq
    nqureshi Oct 20, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I believe Conexis is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I agree 100 % ithe bad comments above. I am listing below my claim against them and their stupid dance around the claim answer.
    My Request:
    August 12, 2015

    To: Conexis
    PO Box 223646
    Dallas, TX [protected] via email:

    The President
    Mr. Joe Jackson
    PO Box 223646
    Dallas, TX [protected]

    Mr. Pete Sardy

    Conexis failed to provide the transfer of Anthem coverage to Cobra for a period of 47 days that is June 27, 2015 through August 11, 2105.
    There are numerous facts that resulted in this which can definitely be proven that this delay was caused by Conexis. My wife had surgery in early June of 2015, as the billing shows but was unable to get the post surgery care to this day, causing a lot of pain and suffering because our medical insurance was cancelled as told us by Anthem.

    1. You were contacted on July 1, 2015 to transfer the existing Anthem insurance to Cobra.

    2. On the web site we were falsely advised by Conexis that in order to provide coverage for Nighat Afreen only, I (Nawaz Qureshi) must also sign up for the COBRA coverage despite the fact the US Battery Company HR had advised me that I had the choice to sign for any coverage of my choice.

    3. Upon letting our HR of your misinformation on July 7th, 2105, I was advised that this was an error on the web site that I should call and sign up which I promptly did.

    4. I was told on the web, and on the phone, that the first payment is not due until September 1, 2015, and that this is the “grace period”.

    5. I sent the first payment through my bank on July 24, 2105. Still, there was no medical coverage, despite the fact that this was a couple of months ahead of the so called grace period.

    6. Upon calling (with the usual long hold and transfers) we were wrongfully told by David at Conexis that the payments through the bank are not acceptable which was extremely surprising.

    7. We were also told by multiple people that “unless the payments are received, there is no COBRA coverage provided”. This requirement was not mentioned to us before and we cannot locate it on your web. Why do you have the “grace period” during which there is no coverage? This does not make any sense whatsoever to us.

    8. This information was so shocking and big surprise, that we immediately sent you the next two months’ worth of payments checks by registered US Mail. Which has been accepted and the checks cleared.

    We request that you refund the insurance premiums charged to this account for the time period when there was no coverage. The refundable amount is as follows:
    Assuming 30 days as a month, the daily premium is:

    For Me: 47 days X $57.95 / 30 days = $90.79
    For my wife: 47 days X $403.04 / 30 days = $631.37

    Total to be refunded: $722.16

    Your prompt handling of this ASAP will be greatly appreciated.
    We hope you refund this because it is not right, or legal, to charge for something and not give that something and keep the money.

    If we do not get a response from you within by August 26, 2015 we, will have no choice but to take all legal means to collect it.


    Nawaz ...

    And their dancing response without dealing with the real issue. Needless to say, we paid for and did not get the badly needed coverage and therapy
    after surgery.
    Secured Message
    From: CXO Customer Delivery
    To: ……..
    Date: 08/25/2015 07:44:28 PM GMT
    Subject: COBRA Account Inquiry

    Case# 2965395

    Thank you for contacting us. Timely payments will prevent any break in coverage or delayed of active coverage. We understand your concerns relating to your insurance eligibility status for the dates of 7/1/2015-8/11/2015. In most cases, it can take up to 5-7 business days for the carrier to update their records once payments are made. As stated in the COBRA Election Notice, you must make your initial payment for COBRA coverage no later than 45 days after the date of your election. Although your first monthly premium for Julys coverage was not due until September 1st 2015, coverage will only reflect active for each coverage period once payment for that coverage period is made. Once paid, any claims that were initially denied can now be reprocessed thru your insurance carrier.

    The premium payment for July was not received until 8/3/2015. The remaining premium balance for August and September were made on 8/10/2015. We regret any infusion or inconvenience this may have caused. Your spouse’s account is currently paid thru 9/30/2015. For months after, payments are due on the first day of each month of COBRA coverage, you will be given a grace period of 30 days after the first day of the month to make each monthly payment. Coverage’s will be provided for each month as long as payments for that month is made before the end of the grace period.

    Please contact us for additional assistance.

    Thank you,
    Rodney Gaines
    Written Correspondence
    [email protected]
    phone [protected] Fax [protected]
    P.O. Box 226466, Dallas, TX [protected]

    Bad response above without addressing the issue:

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  • Ti
    Tigulica Mar 25, 2016

    My company transferred their COBRA handling from Ceridian to Conexis, as of notification from January 25, 2016 to March 25, 2015 They claim they have not received payment of $2100 dollars for 3 months of coverage only one month. Now I still do not have coverage when I went to pick up my prescription and they told me to call Anthem direct to let them know I have had coverage effective 3/22/2016 when it should have been back dated to 3/1/2016 they blame the transfer from a different company as to the delay -- is this not breaking insurance laws?

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