I have been back and forth with this company for 13 years now and today is the final straw. First I updated my maiden name and address which, to there credit, is the only thing that has been done right. Then I tried to remove my father from the account which should have happened when I turned 18. The paperwork to remove him gets lost on their end, disturbing considering how much personal information it contained. Then I fill it all out again and he gets removed but my, incredibly simple, name gets misspelled. I call to fix that and get told I have to go through all the paperwork for a 3rd time So I wrote and e-mail and got a call the next day with a girl swearing up and down she could fix it all and I wouldn't have to do the paperwork again. Given the total incompetence up to this point I really shouldn't have been surprised that I got sent something today with my maiden name, not my updated name, and my father is on the account again! She somehow made things worse than when she started. I call to get this all fixed again and get told there are paper versions of the stocks and that's why they can't remove him? But they did! They can remove him because they already did when they misspelled my name!! She is saying I have to fill out more paperwork, pay for a notary, and pay $80! For something that never existed? Why was this issue never mentioned before? All the sudden this other issue that no one else caught magically exists? Now I am going to be out close to $100 by the time this is all said and done due to the incompetence of their staff? They have had 13 years worth of chances but I've had these stocks 30+ years. I have been beyond reasonable. All I need is:
1. My father taken off as a custodian
2. My name spelled correctly
3. Checks that I cannot cash due to the aforementioned issues reissued with the correct information.
That is it. That is all that needs to be done. I shouldn't have to beg for simple every day things. Let alone wait 13 years for it. This is all they need to do to make me happy. I am just asking for them to do their jobs.

Sep 30, 2019

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