Zynga Poker / zynga poker is crooked!

Hampton, United States Review updated:

Zynga is the most crooked company in existence. I built up over 97 million chips and never used foul language or took any chance of violating their TOS. I had pocket aces and another player with pocket kings went "all-in". After I won the hand he accused me of cheating. Yeah Right. Then he claimed that he reported me. I was sure that was no big deal since I had absolutely no idea how to cheat using my telephone to play the game. 30 minutes later I was banned. After 3 days they let me back on but took 97 million chips away from me. I now play "Poker Deluxe". I'm certain that the biggest problem that Zynga had was that I was winning chips and not buying them. They will take your chips for no reason whether or not you buy them or win them. They will not even tell you why they take your chips and you have no way of defending yourself. They are just plain "CROOKED"! Of course, they have "no customer service". There is no way to contact anyone!

Also, they do have their own players that can control the cards and win at will. They do that to keep everyone buying more chips. Knowing this, I won all of my chips on the $200 tables.

Dec 24, 2014
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  • Le
      3rd of May, 2012
    Zagna Poker - Not opening on android phone since update
    144 Hopper Rd.
    United States
    Phone: 6785807304

    New update on 5 / 20 / 12 & now today it won't open every time i open it it just closes again.

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  • Mo
      28th of Dec, 2014

    You are 100% correct. They are extremely crooked. They took 97 million chips away from me for no reason. They claimed I violated their TOS without saying which one. I never used foul language and constantly congratulated other players when they won. They wouldn't even respond when I tried to explain my case. I may have been hacked but they could care less. I believe that their problem with me was that I was winning chips and not buying them. I now play Poker Deluxe and keep the chips I win.

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  • Bi
      16th of Apr, 2015

    zynga is so crooked in so ways, however i will only post the most recent one i have noticed.My wife and i were playing at the same time and commenting on recent chip price drops when i noticed a huge difference in the prices.I have bought chips from them a few times, my wife however never has, so if anyone should get a deal on the price you would think the return customer. Not in zynga world.The prices for me to buy chips were all over double of the prices for the wife.2 billion chips would cost me 350 dollars, the wifes price was 159 dollars. The prices of same amounta should be all the same for the same amount, or maybe a little deal for return customers.So as a little experiment i bought the minimum amount then rechecked the prices.The prices then all increased for me if i wanted to buy more.I contacted zynga to air my discust, they will look into it. Never heard backsince

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