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I started playing poker since 2 month n ……. After some days wht # happned that I m unable to open poker in my comp….. N when I asked help frm the zynga supporter…. Lets see it. Sorry we can’t give an exact timescale to fixing the issue…….. We fix it when we can be bothered. Due to it being a technical fualt this could be from many reasons so we cant return your chips to you……. Yes we dis connected you to… take your chips so we can sell them back to you, whats the point in taking them if we give them back?

I havent the tools needed to help you I will escalate to a higher level of support……… im to lazy to be bothered to deal with you today so I just get you off my screen leave you waiting for couple days hopefully when you connect someone else can deal with you. Is there anything else apart from your last issue that you would like zynga to help you with?…… you know we not helped your last issue, what makes you think we help with anything else.

We like you to continue to enjoy your zynga experince…… don’t leave us who else are we going to screw over if you go, besides we know you wont your addicted. And this must be our favourite zynga line: “would you plz fill out this three question survey about your experince chatting with me……” we do our best to try and screw you over plz help boost our ego and let us know just how good a job we are really doing!

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  • Ar
      29th of Jul, 2012

    i can not log in to my zynga poker please help to open my file in zynga poker

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  • Ju
      17th of Nov, 2012

    I wish to lodge a complaint against Zynga Poker on the web. My facebook allows me access to this and I find that underage children dup acct so many chip passing to cheat and I have been sworn at and call a dirty Jew. What is the age to gamble on this site. If they have money involved to buy the chips then they should not be allow to gamble. I have reported to them sent pics of a cheating game and still they do nothing. A 7 days suspension does nothing to defer this. What is the law of underage kids gambling on this poker site.

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  • Az
      10th of Nov, 2013

    DOUTH ERRO 997

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