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I called ziprecruter to post an ad. We are a fortune 1000 company and we were simply trying to post an ad. They proceeded to deactivate our account. The ziprecruiter representative who reviewed the account was one of the worst customer service representatives that we have ever worked with. I am a C level executive and believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. During their zip recruiter review they were rude, demanding, and completely unprofessional. The proceeded to question my personal cell phone number and residence in relation to a corporate account. So you name is ______ and you live at _____. Which at ziprecruiter they must be selling data to other third parties and fraudulently verifying information through inappropriate means.

Then the representative when questioned on why they were so interested in the number that I was calling from and what my residence was in relation to a corporate account they proceeded to give no explanation and was quite rude and just plain unprofessional. The agent was condescending and obviously trained to the point of being brash and aggressive in nature. Not sure what kind of company like and what kind of phone agent training would be so nasty and agressive in reviewing a corporate account for a fortune 500 company, I immediately stopped the interview and told that we would not need the services of ziprecruiter any longer. And just for a reference point it took almost 30 minutes for them to get on the phone to even begin to review the account.

They went ahead and charged the account on file. Then we had to have two different people call to try and reverse the charges. Again our company was met with absurd rudeness and unprofessionalism by the account representative at We had to threaten them with fraud if they didn't reverse the charges even though we had asked to deactivate the account on the previous call.

Over all the website and customer service was a terrible experience. And they make it difficult to review the account during set up and they have rude ziprecruiter representatives that are trained to be completely arrogant and demeaning.

I would not use or speak with any ziprecruiter representatives.

Jun 3, 2015
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      7th of Apr, 2016

    I had the same person, probably. She asked my email address when I kept repeating it at least 6 times. I told her she needs to listen so I don't have to be a broken record. She said that I have not told her my email and refused to spell it. My business I told her was Ace My Course which I told her, spelt it explaining it is a basic elementary word. She still didn't spell it right so I asked for her boss. She said she could not do that. I either had to repeat until she got it or she would hangup. She chose to hang up. I called again hoping to get a better rep but it was not answered and I was forwarded to directions or watching a demo to know how it works. Of course how will it do my any good when the lady won't even active it.

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  • Rt
      7th of Jun, 2018

    I recently filled out personal information to post a job opening on a ziprecruiter website but when I read their terms, I backed out. Almost immediately I started getting SPAM calls from ziprecruiter soliciting my continuation of the application and subsequently and suspiciously started getting serial spam calls from someone else selling medical insurance. I seriously suspect that ziprecruiter sold my information to a third party. Any company who conducts this sort of serial harassment should be put out of business.

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