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Zero in your wallet

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Owned the Zerowater (sold at Target)purifier for three months. Expensive initially and purifiers are twice what others sell for. Touted as cleanest water purifier. Box says purifier should last 2-3 months. Our lasts a month. When purifier needs changing, the water in the pitcher tastes terrible has to be tossed, unlike other purifiers. There is indication mfr puts sometime in the unit to make us change it. YOU CANNOT RETURN IT TO TARGET. Box says call Customer Service but the don't return calls. This product appears to be expensive hype to me. AND, if you return used purifiers to mfr, you pay postage and you get a coupon for $5 off next purchase which barely covers postage. Bottled water is cheaper easier better. A total money suck with no customer service.
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D  21st of Jul, 2010 by    +1 Votes
How long your filter lasts is really going to depend on how bad your tap water is to begin with. The product even comes with a ppm meter so you can check that yourself. If the water from your tap is coming out at something ridiculous like over 200 ppm then it would seem obvious that the filter life will be shorter. And if that is the case I would say a month is fairly decent considering that is about how long a Brita filter lasts and a Brita probably wont give you anything much lower than 30 ppm.
My tap water is 68 ppm and after filtering several gallons through the Zero Water it still comes out a 000.
I don't know if the price on these units went down since this buyer purchased one. Mine cost no more than $30 and with the TDS meter that is pretty good deal. I also find it interesting that web pages online touting the Zero Water as a "scam" are typically trying to sell some other, more expensive filtration device.
No, the ZeroWater does not filter microbes. It really shouldn't have to considering the chlorine/chloramines in your tap water have already killed most of them.
N  23rd of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I bought zzero water a month ago and my water tests at 266 ppm. the instructions say I should get about 25 gallons at that level of disolved solids . Ive run 50 gallons through this unit with out filter change and the water still tests at zero. Ive compared this to bottled water which tests anywhere from 75 ppm to 288 ppm. I personally believe that this unit is giving me better drinking water at a price of $20 a month as a possed to the $100 i was spending on bottled water. not to mention the ease of use. no more plastic bottle trash, no more heavy lifting of water bottle cases and gallon jugs, and you only run out if your well goes dry.
D  17th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Your research needs to be more in depth. Zero Water gives you ionized water. AquaFina and Dasani also provides the same type of water.

It is probably the better for you that can be found on the marker. Also, have you broken down the price of bottled water? Experts say it is one on the biggest scams on the market. Yes, the $5 they give you for the used filter barely covers the postage - then don't mail the used filter back.

We have a cattery and it was interesting how the cats will naturally go to the Zero Water bowls. They have chosen not to drink the tap water bowls on their own . . . I feel that says alot on it's own.

Does it cost more? Probably . . . is it better for you? . . .Our cats think it is. . .

It may simply break down to the fact that the things in life that are good for you sometimes cost more . . .Organic and Free Range are prime examples.

Thank you for permiting me to express my view . . . we all have one . . . the views are only as personal as each individual.
N  12th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Zero Wate was touted on Television as to it's benefits. I bought one at Target. When I get ready for filters I went to the stores listed as Dealers, Target, Home Depot, Walmart and they have all quit carrying and stocking them. What do they know that we don't. They are super expensive with each filter costing $15. Only the first few times of use do you get 00 water. I wrote to Zero Water and of course they don't respond. I would recommend not buying this product. There is something wrong somewhere.
N  23rd of Feb, 2011 by    -1 Votes
What is wrong is consumer ignorance and blatant paranoia, IMHO. Case in point the first poster who seems to believe they would "put something" in the filters to "make" you change them. And now this person with the "what do they know that we don't?"; and allow me to answer that by saying that there is nothing 'they' know that you don't... nothing! Plus lots more (like how to exercise a little common sense, maybe).

When I first read Shady18's post about Target stores not carrying or stocking ZW pitchers/filters, I said to myself "hmmm that would be a bit odd". Then I went to my local Target store and sure enough it wasn't the case. The products are even still being sold on Target.com, where an overwhelming majority of the reviews are 4-5 star.

I personally have been using the pitcher for quite some time and most recently changed the filter after two full months of moderate-heavy use (at least a gallon per day). Granted that I live on the East coast where the quality of the tap water isn't horrendous; but the filter still managed to take in 50 gallons of 070 ppm water and turn it into 000 ppm water. Within the last week of the filters life is when it typically begins to go from 001-006 ppm. For me this is quite cost effective; it might not be for you. As I mentioned in my previous post 217 days ago: if you have horrible quality tap water (like over 200 ppm) then these filters wont last as long for you. In that case you might consider something like reverse osmosis but those machines can be expensive and are also wasteful. There are also larger activated carbon/ion exchange systems for dechlorination.

The TDS (ppm) meter is solid proof that the ZW filter is indeed removing virtually all of the impurities (dissolved solids) from the tap water that I put into it. Anybody can verify this for themselves using the meter and various samples of water (distilled, regular bottled, tap, etc). Even the TDS meter that comes with the pitcher; it is totally oblivious to where the water came from. My point is that it can't be rigged in any way by the manufacturer. You test distilled water and it should be 000. Spring or regular bottled water is typically 015-025. Tap water varies wildly depending on where you live. I could take a shot-glass sized sample from the ZeroWater, which will test 000, add a drop of tap water to it and it will test 001. Add another drop of tap water and it will go to 002; so on and so fourth.
N  17th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have just bought zerowater. I think its great. I know my water tasted like crap before. Now it tastes like distilled...very smooth and not bitter and taste-bud dragging. My water number is above 250, so I know I will have a reduced life of filters. If you buy them in bulk, 16 at a time, you will spend $0.50 a gallon. That's half of what I pay at walmart and no more stupid bottles all over the house. I may consider a RO system later though just to have my whole house on good water.
N  7th of Feb, 2012 by    +2 Votes
i have owned my zerowater for about three weeks. the water now tastes like weak lemonade and the reading is at 276. i expected the filters to last longer. i have filtered approx. 20 gallons of water through it.
N  10th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I bought Zero water 3 weeks ago, Loved it at first! at 3 weeks i poured a glass and almost vomited the smell was TERRIBLE it smelled like dead fish, There is just my husband and I and we work all day so we did not use it that much, I do believe they put something in the filter so you will replace the filter more often.
N  24th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Again, to those who seem to conjure this notion that this company would actually taint their own filtration product... You have to seriously consider the logistics of that charge. The consumer is inevitably going to have to replace the filter NO MATTER WHAT. The *filter* is their patented product. Why introduce into the system this complicating timed, foul odor inducing mechanism, that will theoretically have the customer needing a new filter after three weeks no matter WHAT? How would such a mechanism function inside of a plastic-encased mutli-stage water filter... which anybody willing can dissect?

The ZW filters just take the purification to a level beyond what the more common BritaPur filters can provide. These are typically activated charcoal and ion-exchange resins as these substances help remove odors, minerals and other solids. ZW filters are more a intensive 5-stage design. Each filter is capable of effectively accumulating a certain amount of dissolved solids.

So the life of your filter and the quality of filtered water after x weeks depends on the quality of the tap water you put into it. When I was using ZW filters lasted up to a couple months(the tap water going in was 50-70 ppm).
A  29th of Feb, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I just bought Zero Water because I'm paranoid about Fluoride and stuff in the water. Sometimes the water tastes like a chlorinated swimming pool here in Iowa. I used to think the only way to eliminate the Fluoride was through reverse osmosis but I kept having to fill up gallons at Walmart with the Cullegan Machine and bring in 2 to 4 gallons to my work desk every week. With the zero water fillter I just use the water fountain tap and fill up regular water bottles, bring them to my desk where I can slowly put them through the filter, and it stays cold too. I also didn't buy the zero water picture, I just bought a very large drinking glass at Walmart that the filter fits into perfectly and I can drink right out of the glass, pretty sweet. I usually drink 60-80 oz of water a day or 2 to 4 gallons a weeks so this is going to be a great time and money saver, and a huge convenience!!! Thanks Zero Water!!!
N  11th of Apr, 2012 by    -3 Votes
The fear of Fluoride is as absurd as 'nuclear panic". Both are a matter of inferior knowledge in a community that refuses to learn about the facts. The natural fluorides in Colorado water protect the citizens from poor teeth (aka; cavities). {by the way, use a grammar checker, spell checkers can’t tell the difference between To, Too and Two}
Using a water filter is a smart thing to do, especially if you are using ground water. All water is contaminated be agricultural chemicals, to some degree. Water softeners can also be healthier.
A  23rd of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
something is wrong with the ZeroWater filters. After a few uses, the water taste HORRIBLE! I don't know what long term effects this stupid product may have had on me! I WISH I NEVER BROUGHT IT!
D  4th of Aug, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I just bought ZW system because the water in Lincoln, NE is really, really...I don't even have a word for what it is. It tastes bad, is hard on my skin (forget soaking in a tub) and smells bad. I think there is probably much agricultural contamination going on here. It tests at 278 and with my Britta pitcher it was still at 127 changing it once a month...so I went for it. I don't know how long a filter will last at this high level because I drink around 80oz/day but it is worth it. We travel all over the US for work and the variety of drinking water is amazing so we use a filter instead of buying bottled water. We are only going to be here for another month and I figure the cost of a system is worth the clean water I will be driinking. Any product that I buy I figure that I am taking a chance of liking it or not, it may work for some and not so well for others, especially if there is such a great variance in water quality...that would not make the product bad, just not right for me. At home we have a full house filtration system and that is the biggest thing I miss when we are on the road.
A  7th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
You are correct. The filter does remove TDS but does not remove all micro-organisms or compensate for Ph levels. The problem is the filter traps alot more solids than other filters. When it becomes contaminated, the filtered solids re-enter the tap water at up to 10 times the original filtered water. And yes it tastes like a mixture of lemon-aspirin and pond ###.Suggest a whole house filter. Cheap enough and saves on filters, laundry soap, etc.
D  13th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have worked for industrial Purified Water Company from 1977 to 1982. Pure and Simple 0 PPM water is is not good for you.Water this pure attracts needed minerals from your body. This is robbing your body for necessary minerals your body needs. Other water filter provide the necessary minerals your body needs to be healthy. This is false advertising that it is Healthy for you! Don't buy it. Do the research yourself!
N  9th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I am a home user and you will be surprised what I have found out... sharing my thoughts if you are a "handyman" type person. I made my own tankless, stand-alone water system under my facet. Hope this helps others like me that are not too technical or into chemistry...

Zero water does work. I am located in a city in which the water is horrible and smells - despite the city's printout on the water quality; that is fine... it is clean when it leaves the treatment plant, but go thru the city water pipes that are 100+ years old and by the time it reaches your home it is horrible. Zero water made my tap water drinkable. There is not much to Zero Water Filters. Inside you have a fine membrane to capture particles (stage 1); then it goes thru the GAC (Carbon) stage 2, then a foam filter like the type used in car air filters (stage 3). Next up, it goes thru the RESIN (stage 4) and finally a very fine membrane (stage 5), just like in stage 1... to capture particles.

** I took my used Zero Water Filter apart as I was curious...There are different types of Resin you can buy and make they same type filter cartridge. You can also buy the Re-fillable canisters and rig up a filtering system yourself without having to pay $30.00 for two Zero Water Cartridges; you just buy the Resin, etc and re-fill cartridges yourself.

The cost for me on Zero Water is getting expensive. I have to change out the Zero Water filter every 3 weeks or so... I have seen particle readings hitting 700 at one time. Other times it is 300 to so... Zero water does give you a "0" reading.

I have finally decided to make my own 5 stage filtering system (that is somewhat large) for under my sink... some may not want to do it, but I have chosen to do so because in the end the cost to re-fill my canisters with the same components (and better) - long term is cheaper.

If you want to make your own using (for example) the Pentek Canister # 185007 - they are cheap at around $11.00 to $15.00 so I bought 4 of them for $50.00 shipped to my door.

Stage 1 is my Sediment filter using a 0.2 Micron Poly Flow filter (NOT the 5 micron), but you want 0.2 to capture all the larger crap coming out of your facet; I found one on Ebay for $17.00 new vs. the $45.00 cost from a water filter store.

Stage 2 in my system (or canister #2) is a Chlor Plus 10 filter such as the Pentek 255416-43. This is to remove the chloramine / chlorine etc from the water using CGAC-10 Carbon, but it does not remove the Fluoride. I think the long term Fluoride is bad for your health... you get fluoride from your toothpaste anyway.

My third stage is going to be a NON-Salt water softner which can be found made by Crystal Quest for about $22.00 (#CQ-RC-CR-10). My water here is very bad and has a ton of Calcium and even has clogged up my dishwasher which is no longer functional - it is that bad.

My 4th stage is the best part using a re=fillable KDF85 / GAC combination. If you do not want to use a "re-fillable" system you can buy the filters to drop in # AF-10-2010 or a Redux FM-KDF-01. The general Resin and KDF-85 mix is one (1 LB) of GAC aka: Carbon or Coconut Carbon to 6oz of KDF-85; or a 1/3 KDF mix to a 2/3 Carbon mix in the canister.

***KDF-85 is great ! I found it removes the iron and hydrogen sulfide and also treats bacteria, fungi, scale, and algae. It also removes 99% of the Lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other metals from the water... the KDF-85 will work with ion exchange resins, carbon filters, and inline filters... the KDF 85 uses a mix of High Purity copper-zinc granules that reduce the contaminants by using a oxidation/reduction (redox) reaction (exchange of electrons). It also removes micro-organisms so you do not need chemicals. If you DO NOT want to use a re-fillable container to make your own... you can get a pre-filled cartridge like the AF-10-2010 stated above.

My final 5th stage and is somewhat redundant but I chose to use it... is a Ultra Fine Membrane combination that removes any bacteria, etc from the water to make it pure. Again it is redundant because the KDF85 helps remove most of the bacteria, but the add-on inline filter is especially designed for that... There are a few UF Inline Filter Membranes like the CQE-RC-04039 or the UF smaller version CQE-RC-04059 for $20.00.

Advantages: Can change out Resin or components on my own...refill them or use drop in cartridge. Long term cost will be much less. Water will be cleaner or better than Zero Water.

Other thoughts: I have looked at the RO (Reverse Osmosis) type system which do work well and also looked at the Mixed Bed Resin type filter... but RO filters have 1 input and 2 output, one of which goes to the drain. The RO process (from what I was reading) seems to waste water, so if you do not mind spending extra money on a water bill and RO would be fine but I cannot afford this.

The mixed bed Resin type filter will work great like the AF-10-4011 or a RTF-10-4011 De-Ionizer for around $25.00 for a drop in cartridge. The mixed bed uses Cation (+ charged particles) and Anion (neg charge particles) to balance out the water. Cation will remove metals and the Anion will only remove nitrates, sulfae, selenium, bicarb and some arsenic - but NOT metals like above. The think with Cation .

From my understanding it will work fine but can leave the water Acidic with a low PH (which can also effect any copper pipes or metals causing corrosion). If this was done I would have to add another stage to neutralize the PH like a Pentek PH Stabilizer, GS-10. This would stop the water from being "hard". The GS-10 uses a Calcium C (Calcite + Carbon) combination...

The proper combination of filter is required to have the system work properly and the water reacts with different metals - chemical reaction or change to purify the water...

Again, I am a home handyman looking for some clean water and trying to avoid pay between 30 and $60 per month on Zero Water Filters. The above filter components (depending on your water) should last up to 6 months, and some of the add-on filters like my UF InLine Membrane is rated for up to 4 years before changing... but they suggested 3 year swap out.

The Resin and Carbon you can find at: http://www.purewatersite.com/gacgacca.html, "Pure Water Site" really cheap... like $8.00 per pound or cheaper for larger amounts... if you want to use re-fillable canisters...

My end goal is to have a PH of around (I guess) 7 to 8.
D  13th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
My wife and I invested in a ZeroWater filter two (2) years ago. We immediately noticed a huge difference in our health as well as the taste of the water sources. For years, I would have a scuffy throat and would get headaches (using other filters) and become sick fairly often, but since investing in this we have seen dramatic changes as aforementioned. The more contaiminated your water supply is, the faster you will go through filters, which becomes expensive. And obviously, the less contaiminated the cheaper.

Just as a fun list, here is (in order) in my opinion the most important items you need to focus on for provident living and emergency preparedness, along with my recommendations:
1. Healthy / Accessible Water Supply (ZeroWater and the Royal Berkey)
2. Food Storage (LDS Food Storage - Bishop's Storehouses)
3. Defense (Knife, Gun, Ammunition Supply, Archery...etc)
4. Communication (Community*, 2-Way Radios (Motorola T9860RSAME Talkabout 2Way Radio ))
5. First Aid/ Source of Heat, Trauma kit, Medicine...etc (Potassium Iodide for the serioius individuals)

*Know your neighbors and who you will trust with your assets (above). Remember that a community is a big family.
N  18th of Jan, 2014 by    +1 Votes
My "O" ring is too big. I have tried and tried to get it to fit but I can't. The water is 150 to 160 when I sta
Joan Cordes

N  18th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
First, I am from New Jersey but I can't get past Kentucky!
The "O" ring is too big; I cannot get a reading at start less than 150. Water is going down the sides.
N  28th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I just received the Z W, I live in Phoenix AZ the water here out of the tap reads between 545 / 568 very high my distiller is 003 . Right out of the Box my filter brand new with the Z W just put it together & the water smell like fish there is about 6 glasses of water used, I received this as a gift is there any way this will work. I also have a Nikken that read 187 If some one has a answer Please send Many Thanks looking for clean clear water in the Desert. Louie K

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