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I have ordered several items from Zaful and they sent my order in two different packages. I have no idea why have they decided to separate my order, but that caused me nothing but trouble. First package arrived pretty fast but that was the only good thing. I had to waste a lot of time and fight to get second package. Zaful claimed that it was shipped but they didn't provide me with the tracking number and I wasn't aware of my order's location. Time passed and nothing arrived, and Zaful was completely useless, they had no idea where my package was. I contacted them every day and annoyed them until they agreed to ship another package which in the end was successfully received. But when I remember all the hassle they made me go through I get the chills. Never again!

  • Zaful Customer Care's Response · Nov 01, 2017

    Dear Nastiy,  
    We appreciate that you took the to time to write a review.

    Sometimes, due to the stock issue, we will send the order into dofferent packages.
    We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

    We at Zaful offer standard or express shipping, which vary in shipping times. We will always do our best to meet the customers shipping needs. 
    For more details on shipping methods, please click here:
    Please offer us your order number or you can email to [protected]@zaful com titled as "complain from Complaintsboard".

    Please feel free to contact us anytime.
    Best Regards
    Zaful Customer Service

May 18, 2017

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