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YOR Health / Pyramid Scheme

1 New York, NY, United States Review updated:

Same players, same scheme, different product!!! Dennis wong was indicted in 2007 for fraud and pyramid scheme now he is doing the same thing selling vitamins and diet pills. You are lured to a hotel for a presentation and what you get is the same kind of vitamins that you can purchase at the vitamin shoppe for a lot more. Dennis wong, johnny ly and cynthia bahn make their money by having you bring other people into the scheme. They are the only one's making money. This is total fraud. Report them to the state attorney general's office.

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  • Ch
      20th of May, 2009
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    Actually, I have been in the business for 2 months and i have made over $2000 and growing.. so take your negative unproductive attitude, and start pointing the finger at yourself for your failure.

  • Ka
      20th of May, 2009
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    Chris what failure are you referring to? I never said I was in business with YOR Health or Dennis Wong. My post is about a fact. Dennis Wong was indicted in 2007 for running a pyramid scheme. As part of the indictment he agreed not to run another pyramid scheme. He has broken the law and I am exposing that fact. If you are happy selling YOR Health and are making money then fine...this post is not for you. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of complaints throughout the internet complaining about the company, Dennis Wong, Johnny Ly and Cynthia Bahn. These people feel they have been victimized by the same players. The law is the law and Dennis Wong has broken the law. Here is the link to the article in The New York Sun regarding the indictment of Dennis Wong and his phone company named in 2007.

  • Fo
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I used to work for for 2 years back in 2000-2002. I made approximately $80, 000+ total and I learned a heck of a lot about life, business and what it takes to be successful in anything. The things I learned from Jeff Morgan and Dennis Wong have helped me in so many ways that the experience itself made it so worth while. I think I learned more there than in college. Am I a victim of college? I didn't get a job right out of college?

    That being said, this business structure has been going on for quite a while. (Amway, WorldCom, USANA, Avon, Primamerica, MaryKay, Herbal Life, etc). In fact, Dennis Wong and Jeff Morgan have been involved with at least one company that I know of before (2000 - 2004), maybe more. I believe they started a wave in network marketing out in Los Angeles in the mid 1990's. When one company didn't work out, they created another, and another until today when Dennis Wong cut ties with Jeff and seemed to have perfected the business structure of marketing technology via word of mouth in a LEGAL but gray area way due to recruitment pay. Most of his leaders from the past are in other companies now doing the same thing, and expanding the Network Marketing strategy to about every product out there. USANA seems to be the company of choice that most of Dennis Wong's Former Inner Circle Members have flocked to and are really doing pretty good. (Albeit the highest percentage of the money comes from recruitment pay mostly). Others are still involved with Dennis Wong and YOR.

    I read the report that Kat is referring to and according to the report, the FTC settled for a $400, 000 fine instead of the $12 million dollar fine. In the report, it stated that Jeff Morgan did NOT admit to running an illegal company, and the FTC signed off on that. No one was sentenced to anytime. The $12 million fine was not instituted. Why do you think that happened? Because it's not ILLEGAL. It's right on the border though, and people can make money, mostly by recruiting, but it's not illegal. They have a product and a service.

    The biggest problem that happens with these companies is greed. With, Jeff and Dennis were allegedly taking match pay for themselves, and hence their best leaders; Duke Tubtem, Dr. Luis, Dave Braun, Cliff Braun, Lazaro Gutierrez, Chepe Gutierrez, made an exodus out of there. That crumbled most of the company because they were the leading money makers in the company and also the inspiration, heart and soul of the company, and thus, the whole system collapsed due to lack of moral and fear of the whole company pulling out and closing down. Only a few branches survived, Michael Mo, Sun Nguyen, and Cynthia Bon (etc). Most of Michael Mo's "downline" is still with him and are the most character people I have ever met. They choose their career in Network Marketing and are doing great and they all will probably follow Dennis Wong and Michael Mo until they've made enough. They believe in what they are doing 110% and they're main reason for doing this really is to help people make money. They try, but most are unwilling or not believing in what they are saying.

    Additionally, there has been plenty of media coverage on Dennis Wong companies. This 'nysun' article is not the first or the last. The problem that the FTC has is that YOR and IXP and were all companies that BORDERED on a pyramid scheme, yet were not because there really was a product and a service that was sold (Even if selling the actual product was probably less than 10% of the total revenue for the company). That is the bottom line. One is not a victim of this company because one is told during the meeting that this is a business opportunity, not a job. No business is free to start. Yes it is immoral that 80% of your client base is friends and family and that you have to use them to get going because it is easier to do. Most people will fail because their own friends and family don't trust them to even attend the meeting and will talk the "victim" into thinking they got scammed. Then the "victim" doesn't listen to the trainings, and does everything wrong. They call it EGO. People should start calling 24 Hour Fitness a scam because they took my money and it didn't work. The stupid thing is, the gym works; you didn't work. It's the same thing in YOR or 2by2. One just has to follow the program completely and you will get results.

    All in all, these ways of business are good for some people and not for others. Maybe if the country tightens the definition of illegal business practices due to the recent Ponze Schemes of Bernard Madoff and others, it will finally fall out of the gray area and into the black. But until then, it is a legal business regardless of news articles and opinions based on what people say. I say good luck to all of you who join. You might do well. At least it's a chance to do well in this tough economy. What other chance of getting rich do you have? Lottery? Inheritance? Another business? Even Donald Trump was asked what he would do if he ever lost all of his money. He responded by saying he would join Amway and be back on top in no time.

  • Ju
      25th of Jul, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Yor is a complete scam. I've been to their meetups at starbucks. Their psychological attacks are so pathetic and unethical. Pressuring someone into something right away is VERY UNETHICAL. The only way you can even make money is by scamming innocent people into paying their $390 + fee. They ARE an underground pyramid scheme. They focus more on recruiting people than selling the product. One of the reps was telling me how they have to use sex appeal to recruit people. I laughed at that, just laughed. Keep the sheep at bay Wong and Ly but don't be suprised when the feds come busting down your door.

  • Th
      30th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Not a pyramid scheme. I agree with 'Former Independent Rep'. This business model may be borderline, but it not illegal. Really seems to bother some people that they meet in Starbucks rather than an office, but I know a little bit about finance too and I think that is ingenious because coffee houses have internet access for free or cheap and they don't have to pay mortgage for office space. Its a no brainer.

    I currently work as an advertising and marketing executive and can tell you for certain that as far as the use of sex appeal is concerned, we use it all of the time so get used to it or throw away your tv set, cable box, and internet. If you think that the use of sex appeal to sell products and services is illegal and unethical, you had better call the FTC on us and well as the music business, fashion industry, and even the food service industry these days.

  • Ml
      16th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    LISTEN YOU IDOITS... Pyramid scheme has been around for years... what legitimate companies hold meetings in different starbucks every day? Millionaire players with Lambos and Ferraris with no office space?? Why don't we ask this simple question when faced with pyramid schemes... if everybody becomes seller, who are the buyers? This is ridiculous scam with no back bone. Listen you die hard YOR supporters..and to everyone else, go READ and LEARN before you jump into conclusion. Go and read '48 Laws of Power' by Robert Greene and tell me how YOR and every other pyramid companies effectively use some of those laws to lure you minions. Human mind is VERY susceptible for deception. Just look at religious fanatics who believe EVERYTHING comes out from their pastor, reverend or whatever's mouth. You wanna make money doing pyramid scheme? Start your own, that's it. Get a cheap product, pay some celeb to endorse the product and make some legit looking flyers and pamphlets. Then go to men's warehouse and buy some cheap suits and get a lifetime membership at starbucks because you won't have any money for office space in the beginning.

  • Ml
      16th of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    and don't tell me you're making money with pyramid... PLEASE!!! if you do then let me see your tax return. I asked every single one of those so called reps if i can see their tax return and they all stopped calling me. DON'T let their looks and belongings fool you. FYI, I drive Mercedes CLK 550, have several watches including Rolex Deep Sea (valued at $9000), carries American Express Business Platinum card, and pays for my parent's mortgage. All this with my own business that generates anywhere between NET $125, 000 to $150, 000 varies year to year. Why I'm telling you this? Because even though I make WAY more then these looser YOR reps, I can't afford Lambo or Ferrari, goes on some $5000/night lavish vacation that they claim that they do, or wearing Gucci or Prada head to toe (if they are real). So, for them to tell you they make blah blah money, they gotta make around $250, 000 to $300, 000. REALLY???? Go read about Dennis Wong (founder of YOR) and you'll realize how big of scam artist that they are. How come nobody wanted to show me their tax return? I asked several reps 'show me the proof and I'll dedicate 110% into your business' for ### and giggles and they could not back it up. How pathetic... it's so pathetic to hold meeting in hotels or starbucks.. you got money to drive $300, 000 car but can't afford decent office space!!?? Don't tell me about cutting cost because if you're going to spend $300, 000 on something that depreciates its value every year and not spend on office space which can be written off as your business expense, you CLEARLY don't know what you're doing. Do you know how much INSURANCE cost on Lambos????!!! Again, go READ and LEARN.. PLEASE...

  • Ml
      17th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cultlike Following

    People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow. Keep your words vague but full of promise; emphasize enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking. Give your new disciples rituals to perform, ask them to make sacrifices on your behalf. In the absence of organized religion and grand causes, your new belief system will bring you untold power.

    Doesn't it sound EXACTLY like what these people are exploiting?

    48 laws of power- Robert Greene

    -READ and LEARN-

  • Cv
      29th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    very good points MLMkiller...i dont see any responses countering his argument...i guess they dont have any

  • Br
      23rd of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Wow after reading all of these comments, I am unsure of what to do! I was recentley introduced to Yor Health and the products seem great thus far. I have taken several and have noticed a change in my body immediately. But reading these posts have obviously have made me doubt this company. I don't know what to do! I need some help or advice from someone with factual knowledge.

  • Se
      24th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I got lured into a Starbucks. I actually thought it was an interview for Starbucks. Man, I sure was wrong. It's a company that advertises weight-loss mainly. They even showed all the top-notch doctors that helped create the product. I really thought they were legit. In the end, however, it was like Vector's Cutco. They pretty much gave me a form so that I could get started right away, but I had to spend 515 for the initial fees and job training. WHAT!?! I've never had to pay for job training. They needed like a credit card from me or something. I'm actually going to call them tomorrow to say I can't make it. Here are some points I wanna make:

    + I actually learned a lot about how business can be successful.
    + Great points with how Doctors are actually the best paying job.
    + SUPER HOT ASIAN CHICKS! I was totally blown away by some of the girls there. I doubt one of them was Emo though. The Dist. guy told me she was emo or something like that.
    - Too much to pay for the start up...just like Cutco.
    - They really forced themselves on me. I didn't like how they just put one option before me, but I guess that's how you do business nowadays.
    - They made some things seem confusing like when they were explaining the revenue, tax returns, team profit, etc. The guy just told me a bunch of stories the whole time, which I thought were mostly Bull. He got a bunch of cars for free, Merc., etc.
    - Did I mention that it really wasn't an interview at all?
    - I didn't like how they tried to get my family into it. If I wanted to give my parents a better life, I should be the one working.

    Well, I hope this helps some of you. Btw, they said Starbucks was the place because it was a nice place. And they really didn't have an office around because they wanted to expand. I guess they weren't from the area.

    In conclusion, it pretty much was like Cutco all over again, except I think this was a better job, imo.
    They probably do make a lot of money since their system works, but the thing corrupts and it's the root of all evil, seriously. They'll all be fools some day.

  • Wi
      5th of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    For the people that want to get information about yor health. You need to ask the people that been doing for awhile, not the people like some of the one's in this page. what do they know about network Marketing? by the question and statement they were making is easy to see that they don't even know the basic of this industry... Im going to give you guys links to different source, by the way you can get it from any yorhealth training if you had attend one or if you going to attend one, if you really want to learn how you can excel in life you need to get yourself educated on the subject you focus on... so here don't be lazy to look at this

    step 1

    step 2

    click in Johnny Ly

    Step 3

    watch the videos in the language that work better for you.

    watch it in this order

    first one:
    "What the Wealthy Buy on Pay Day"

    second one:
    "Brilliant Compensation
    Live Version"

    if you watch all the videos so far now go to the same website and press TRAININGS and watch the 3 videos...

    ok so at this point you should at least understand the next points if not please go watch the videos.

    . "is YOR health a scam?"
    Answer Of course not

    this is the funniest comment and if you think that too let me tell you, you are somebody that I call SLOW! why ? all this time and you still did not know the difference between Yorhealth and a scam so let me help you with your slow thinking...

    at Yorhealth we help you became better by showing a way that you can have YOR own Business, NOT A JOB, by you helping your friends and family getting into a better health you can earn profits.

    a scam, this is my definition you don't have to agreed with me, is a system that helps somebody become rich by hurting somebody else. so in a scam somebody needs to lose in order for you to make money.

    "So do why make money by bringing people to Yorhealth?"

    first this is the company compensation plan meaning the way you get pay you should read it. there are 7 ways to get pay.

    No not exactly unless they buy a set of products from 200$+, 400$+, 600$, 800$+ now you make 20% of that. but see your friend or family is not losing in order for you to make money. your friend or family is getting some products that will help him or her getting to their goals in term of health. go on Facebook, YouTube, Yorhealth website and you will see that a lot of people are getting results using the products.
    here see for yourself:

    Yorhealth even have a contest that you can win up to 3000$$ by you just having the best story using the products

    the fact that people say this is a pyramid, is just an uneducated comment because every structure in the world from job, government, school, kingdom, business, no Profits companies you named have a pyramid shape the reason why is because that's one of the stronger and stable shapes in the world just got to Egypt and you know what I talking about. the fact that people think that all the top people in the company make all the money also is true except at Yorhealth. is a false comment the reason why is because network marketing is the only business that allows anybody with no business background to come into this industry and make more money than the person that's been at Yorhealth for years. If you are the new kid in the block and you come and learn how to work the business and out work the old person in the company you will with no doubt just like 1+ 1= 2 make more money than the person on top of you.

    but think about this where can you go and make more money than your manager, not even your boss, just your manager. what profession
    can you make more money than your manager if you are new to the job and after 20 years there will you make more money than your boss?
    you going to tell me that you don't invest into your job? the new suit, new shoes new hair cut thats if you have a good job. everything worth will take money obviously the more value the more you pay for it.

    If you make 150, 000 a year, congrats to you for your hard work but some people at YOR make that in 3 months if not less residually since is been around for only 2 years thats not bad. if you start a business and with in 2 years you making 150 residual every 3 months

    here this is Yorhealth INCOME DISCLOSER

    I went of topic so lets get back to the point.

    " Is so much money"

    If you feel that away I don't feel sorry for you need to make more money, go to Yorhealth training they will be patience enough to teach how to.

    see people often think that things are to expensive but the reality is that they are not making enough money.

    if something you need like food usually cost 50$ a week and you only make 1000$ every week thats not expensive to you you dont even care, but if you shop 50$ of food a week making only 400$ every 2 weeks you probably going to blame the food for been to expensive. instead you should blame the fact that you not finding more aways of making more money.


    this very simple number 1 if you are customer you should pay because that is what people do when they want something that somebody else have that can make they life better. we make a exchange I give you better health for X.Y.Z money. you get what you want I get the reward of you getting you what you want. proud of my work, pad in the back, a fulling feel of changing somebody life and less but not least $$$$$$$.

    Number 2

    has a business you get the change to start your own so, you will get products, now the amount depends on you and your financial situation the more the better that is the logical thing to think. how many donuts do you want to have at your donuts shop? as many as you need to supply the demand of people for the day. so you pick your pack 200, 400, 600, 800 $. so you should try it for yourself first than if you like it you can tell your friends that you have a nutrition company going on that they could check out at your house some samples of the products you are providing. but see if you don't pay for than you get nothing because is a business and even if we were non profit somebody needs to invest money or get people to invest money for your company to grow. so invest into yourself because if you don't do it nobody will be stupid enough to invest into you is very simple.

    or last thing because I don't have much time... and if you need more info go to a Yorhealth training don't be stupid by letting people tell you that you can not make it in life because they try and did not work for them. basically people try to protect you from Yorhealth has they say in different websites but reality is they are trying to protect you from experience Yorhealth the reason is very simple because they are afraid that you find success after they fail. witch make them what ? failures!

    if you see more negative than positive comments online is because you searching on webpages that only provide comments of people that are to afraid to take risk, quit before they started, they were to lazy, expect money but not put the work. expect to come in a make a million over night. people with excuses. Is fine because all the people that talk good about the company they only talk to their friends and family and if you did not hear anything good about Yorhealth that means that not a lot of your friends knows how Yorhealth really works, and since negative words spreads faster than positive it might take a awhile but for the people that persistent they will make it far in life.

    good bless you

    if you want to reach me please do so BUT be an adult don't sound immature at least sound like you know what you talking about. I will replay to any question that you might have. if you serious about your life and you know you see a future with Yorhealth but you need more information
    just email me

  • Ka
      6th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    You poor fool. You have been brainwashed by Johnny Li and the rest of them.
    The fact remains THEY WERE INDICTED FOR DOING THIS. I have attended and recorded a "meeting". It is fraud. If you cannot see this, then drink the kool aid!

  • Wi
      6th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    by the language you just used is easy to see that you so immature that you can not even say something that makes since.

    Brain Washed, what is brain washed to you Kat? you are also brain washed everybody is brain washed, some people are brain washed to become poor, some people are brain washed to become rich. for the people that don't understand what brain washed means here my definition, you don't need to accept it, Words that you keep on hearing over and over and over again that becomes part of your believe structure, things that you now believe that is the way it is and by option you act upon that, because that's what you were program to think. some examples of things that 95% of the people, including Ms Kat, believes.

    " you good for nothing", "you never going to make it", "you suck", "why you going that you wasting time", "with that GPA nobody will accept you". "you can't speak", "you to short", "you tall", "you to ugly", " you too fat", "go to school get a job get a house depend on the government they will take care of you", "save your money in the bank it will grow", "money is the cause of evil in this world", "don't trust nobody but yourself", "each man for himself"." lets party now life is to short, don't worry about tomorrow", "I want to make enough to get by", "Wages are best way to live life"

    Well what "Johnny Ly and the rest of them" been doing is really brain washing people to believe more in them selfs.

    " Profits are better than wages, if you earn wages you will make a living, witch is fine. if you earn profit you will make a fortune, witch is super fine" Jimn Rohn " success is something that you attract by the person you become, success is something you attract bybecoming an attractive person, who are you becoming?"

    Money is not evil, money is a union of options, the more money you have more option you have. now money in the hand of evil people create evil results." Dennis Wong
    " You will make it to where you want to go, we believe in you, we will be here for you", your circumstances now is not going to shape your future, what you do about it will." peoples option of you don't need to become your reality" Les Brown

    I'm not here to make you guys sign up for Yorhealth however I'm here to challenge the people that are talking about their mad experience to clear the air of all this comments made by people with no source of information to back it up... is time for the people that are here to take responsibility for their action and stop blame other for their action that got them to quick in life and its oportunities ...also you don't need to make your decision base on what I'm saying you should be mature enough to be able to make up your own mind, because at the end of the day is all about you again if you are asking people for advice or option look at the results and if you want their results than follow they foots steps and you will be at the destination that you want, , but if you don't want their results so why listen to what they have to say?

    their were indicted for doing what?... scaming people! if you feel that Yorhealth toke your money call customer support with the 30 days after the first order you will get all money back on your products, if you call and cancel with in 3 business days you will get full money back that includes the 50$ membership.
    call this number, Distributor Refund Request Line:
    or check the link for full contact information
    if is a scam why have customer care

    you attend a meeting and you recorded, number one is not ok for you to do that, the reason why is because people can always edit and manipulate the words and scenes in the movie. you can take picture but not record. number 2 what makes it a fraud, what are your facts on that or you just talking out of your option?
    A lot of doctors don't recommend supplements because they "dont belive" in it, but they option
    I would drink some kool aid, but i prefer some supergreens with water, you should try it too it might help you with your stress.

    please message if you have any question, also please be mature about your question. go back to my past post and watch the videos in there, specially you Kat

  • Bi
      21st of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am not against network marketing in general, but I have fallen out of YORHEALTH because of Dennis Wong. I dislike his methods of using fear and emotional attacks to convey his message. He is very narcissitic and precaculated. He needs to stop tossing his hair, botox injections, and that annoying smirk after each spoken sentence.

  • Lu
      9th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    yo estoy en YORHEALTH y la verdad es algo que me esta ayudando mucho tanto en mi persona, tomando los productos como el plan de compensacion que tiene y todos aquellos que hablan mal son personas que se quedan estancados en la mediocridad, que les gusta trabajar para otros y no tienen la mas minima idea de salir adelante por si solos porque tienen miedo al fracaso y no poder salir adelante dentro de 5 años se daran de topes porque no entraron con YORHEALTH. saludos a todos y que esten bien a los que se dan la oprtunidad de salir adelante a pesar de lo que digan la gente egoista y mediocre

  • Ll
      17th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with wilson r elias, kat u r just one of those people, similiar 2 my uncle, he says dat network marketing n many companies like dat are pyramids, wOw, can't believe how un smart people can be, YOR HEALTH PRODUCTS ARE VERY AMAZING!! I haven't even started using them, but my cousins has been with them for more then da year. I HAVE SEEN HIS RESULTS, he use 2 smoke and drink, he was overweigh n everything. If you think im dumb for believing something that I haven't use, is because i know they will work, more importantly im believe in myself. I have a big desire to accomplish my goal of loosing weigh. Kat n all u negative people, you think that way because u lisen to those who have NO RESULTS!!! You have to listen to those who abtain the results. Yes, i know I'm not a very good at spelling. However, I'm ONLY 16. NO JOKE EITHER, my other cousin is in FHTM, a way to make money through Network Marketing. He and i know people in skin n bone dat win so much money doing things like FHTM, Yor health, Herbal Life, etc. LISTEN TO THOSE WHO HAVE RESULT, to the ones who have a time, money n are stabel in thier lifes. NETWORK MARKETING ALSO TEACHES YO MANY THINGS ABOUT LIFE, im only 16 and i already know that.

    imagine, if I know this and start to really work smart U CAN'T IMAGINE MY INCOME AT AGE 2O. Yes I will be those who get farther in life, i know it because i believe it. I'm a nomal teenager. i play soccer, marching band, and hang out with friends. I like girls and yes i go to high school. BUt honestly school is very important, however they're many things they don't teach u at school, NOT EVEN COLLEGE. I will get a diploma, and a degree, BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE 4O YEARS OLD AND WORKING ON A JOB. Because life is more than that. i would prefer spending time with my family.

    Kat and uncle of mines, the reason you and many think that way is because the kind of mentality that you have. Like wilson said, go on youtube, you can learn so much from thier. U REALLY CAN, my cousin does that. millioniare have a total different mentality then others like my dumb uncle and u Ms. Kate. They know the secret to success. through out this year im have begun to learn a lot about success. SUCCESS ISN'T SOMETHING YOU CAN OBTAIN FROM NIGHT TO DAY.

    like wilson said, many of you people believe something because of it came from others, and thats how your structure of believeing has develope. REMEMBER IM ONLY 16, so if i didn't explain myself, don't blame me. when i reach the age of 20, i will be winning more money then many of those at my age. I KNOW I HAVE THE CAPACITY TO DO IT. and so do many of you, but if you keep thinking with that mentality you will not get very far. Possible very far, but not as far as possible. Kat U N MY UNCLE HAVE MENTALITY OF AN EMPLOYEE. U two would rather listen to the drunk n da corner liqour bar then a man who is winning millions a month, POSSIBLE MORE, because i know they are those who win even more, A LOT MORE MONEY.

    One last thing, if you really want to achieve something, u have to have persistence, a lot of PERSISTENCE, and patience. I'm having to be very patient. And if kat u still don't believe me, then one day when i'm on the succes magazine, I'm going to track you down and hang give you a copy of THE SUCCESS MAGAZINE.

    On the other hand, those who really want a brighter furture for themself or they're families and kids, listen to this.

    "SUCCESS IS NOT A DESTINATION, IT IS A JOURNEY!!!" This means, that you may have those hard times, but don't give up, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE GIVING UP ON YOUR FUTURE, YOUR KIDS AND FAMILIES. I don't win a thousand dollars, or a million. But i will someday, and then i will support those who are willing to be successful. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE RESULTS, WHO ARE WINNIG, WHO ARE AT THE TOP, WHO ARE LIVING THE LIFE, WHO WORK SMART AND NOT JUST PHYSICALLY HARD, " "BECAUSE THEN YOU WILL BE ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS, " =) DON't LISTEN TO THE COUWARDS AND THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE, BECAUSE THEY AREN'T GETTING NO WHERE!!! NO WHE!!! DON'T LISTEN TO MISS KATE.!!! May God bless you people of the world, if you want a better future, don't just dream of it, make it real!!! (=

  • Ll
      17th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Go on You tube and look up The secret. you will learn a lot and learn what life is about, the best minds knew this secret, and those who want the best of the best know this, those who have been successful know this. Bill Gates knows this.

  • Da
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    truthfully speaking, i had a meeting today with some YOR Health reps. Thiugh i found it a quite fishy that we had a meeting in Queens Center Mall in the food court; they have some very enlightening information and i see the company as a great way to make money and provide better for my self and my daughter. It is true that they do tell you to use family members and such but its a way to start as mentioned during the meetings. Using your friends and family is a good way to build people skills and be able to go sell their products to just about any random person. Wong and everyone else mentioned was never brought to attention nor were they mentioned during the meeting/interview. I was interviewed by a man named Terrence Stroude along along with to other distributers. i felt safe and comfortable with everything that was said. I believe it is a great oppertunity for anyone to make money. Jobs just give you wages. but with the business along with any business you're able to make profit. Sounds pretty good to me. paper work all seemed legit. Shoot the other Distributers even invited me to hang out, and told me how the 'team' usually hangs out on saturdays. It is explained that the money and sucess you make is up to you. You earn what you put in. If theres no effort how can there be any money or profit. if you wanna go along and believe what someone is saying who IS NOT NOR HAS EVER BEEN involved with YOR Health, then go ahead and stay where you are. To me its a great oppertunity.

    As far as making everyone sellers, if your smart with money and business. you wouldnt make everyone Sellers. Have selected buyers become Sellers. up to you to give them the trust. Certain things do make me think twice, but i really think this would be a great way to make money. Websites Legit, there's plenty of info on the product and the company. Until proven otherwise; i believe that YOR Health is a honest company. You use the product and see results, they even have a 30 day money back gaurentee. Since when to get rich schemes give back money?? The way everything was explained and presented looked exactly how a rep. from AVON trying to sell a product or hire a distributor would look.Where's the fraud? If AVON does, and thats a company who focuses on make products which are more than likely being tested on animals, then why can't YOR do it? They just wanna help people have a healthier body. Which should be everyones ultimate goal; to be healthy.

  • Da
      27th of Aug, 2010
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    I Had a meeting with them yesterday and it made me feel like i could really get a lot of money legitly; but after actually doing some research; i found that the company isnt real. Im sure there is a product to sell and all but its all a scheme. Others who've been to meet ups and so have all said the same thing. How the 'director' is accompanied by to large breasted beatiful females, they all laugh as soon as a director makes a joke, the lines are all the same with everyone whos had experience with YOR. Its like everything is reherseled. They ask right on the spot for $50 enrollment which they say will pay for your personal website and its maintance. then they ask you to buy the products so you can 'try them' so when you go to sell 'you'll really know what you're talking about and will make buyers more interested'...
    others have had to pay for training, this is a scam thats been going around for awhile and appearently all over the world. they expanded their 'business down to mexico and over to europe. they call non stop to see if ima go. they push so much to make you part of their regional 'team'.. These people are professional scammers. One person even stated how after a few weeks into it they told him it was a scam.
    Report these people as soon as possible

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