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If you want a holiday package, never make the mistake of booking yatra. They'll turn your experience into a nightmare!

We booked a package to the andaman islands from 8-13th january. (Ref - ya1480057)

They are only concerned with selling you packages and acquiring the due advance, and afterwards when the time comes for providing after-sale service, no one cares.

We faced problems each and everyday and called every tom, dick and harry of yatra for assistance, but to no avail. Everyday we were told we’ll be getting a call back positively, which hasn’t happened till date.

Hotel in port blair - rose valley resort

We were lodged in a hotel whose owner is in jail and they can’t even afford quality food and all amenities were shut down (Swimming pool, club, etc. )

Hotel in havelock - symphony palms resort

Wonderful hotel ! Of which yatra had booked 3 annexe rooms for us. After numerous requests at the reception, we 9 people had to adjust in 2 normal rooms.

(Fyi – at this point I had called about 12 times at yatra and talked for an hour with a certain mr. Vikas panvar, whose contact was shared to us in our mails, who assured solving my problem and calling me back but ignored all my further calls, and same, no call back till date. )

Itinerary was highly illogical. Conveyed to us at immediate hours and no flexibility according to our schedules. No one took responsibility and showed accountability.

‘tour guides’ there showed helplessness of not having contact of any other person from yatra and thus, not able to solve any of our issues.

Itinerary only focussed on taking us from point a to point b, not having any understanding about quality time needed to be spent in any location, because of which we missed out on numerous things and had a very incomplete experience.

Would never advise anyone to travel with yatra! It’s a punishment. Go for mmt or thomas cook instead. They are 100 times better!

Jan 23, 2017
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