SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / lethargic service provider in foreign land : intentionally for profit

DELHI, India
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Dear sir,
1. creating happy travellers – is an over statement.
2. writing to you as the last resort.
3. booked a trip to thailand with family on 27 mar 2016 vide your ref no yh2571399 as above for inr 1, 91, 000. (one lac ninty one thousand) felt that I actually wasted hard earned money.
4. took flight from mumbai to phuket on 28 mar 2016 and returned on 03 april 2016. thankfully I am my family returned back.
5. the experience was really bad.
6. I had issue right from the word go till I ended the trip and I kept updating the same on mail to mr. aditiya sharma - aditiyta. [protected]
7. initially there was no response but when the yatra team responded – the response was just pathetic. I felt like dealing with a local vendor with absolutely no standing.
8. I and my family faced serious issues in thailand as yatra team did not respond in a professional manner.
9. I can now say that it was a waste of money and time along with a constant fear of getting in more trouble
10. spent more than inr 12000 (inr twelve thousand) which was not in the itinerary.
11. salient issues in the trip
A. room issue : the room in the hotel was not as per the described standards.
I. had booked a deluxe pool room
Ii. whereas we were given a room on the 4th floor.
B. tour issue :
I. as per itenary –
1. 30 mar 2015 was half day phuket tour.
2. 31 mar was phiphi island
Ii. whereas – on 30th mar 2016 - we were sent to phiphi island???
Iii. on 31 mar 2015 – we waited for the local phuket tour – no one turned up
Iv. we started emailing 0820 hrs onwards thailand time – say indian time ist 1000 hrs. I was responded late in the evening so the day was gone.
V. we waited till thailand time 1030 hrs (2 hrs) (ist 1130 hrs) and then when no one turned up.
Vi. we emailed the same to yatra team and then as no one responded – we took a cab thru the hotel for which we were not given a bill and costed us 6000 baths (inr 12000 – rupees twelve thousand only)
C. we reached bangkok on 01 april 2016 as schedule and then the tour was well taken care.
12. on coming back – since april 2016 - I have been communicating with mr. aditiya sharma and there was no response.
13. then in june 2016 miss charu mehta responded and after detailed inquiry, she concluded that the vendor was unable to send the vehicle and arrange the tour.
14. our impression
A. to get such a small information that the vehicle was not provided to the travellers – it took 90 days - 3 months???
B. now miss charu wants a receipt of the same saying that vendors are ready to refund?? she also states that the cost of a taxi for a full day in pukhet is usd 10 (ten). and she would refund the same on production of receipt. ridiculous statement – isn’t it?
C. we suddenly felt that we were in a foreign land and were cheated by the so called premium travel agency in india.
D. the feeling of happiness was just gone for the moment and the whole idea of travelling with yatra seemed to really foolish and bad decision.
E. also we very strongly felt that there was no one in from team yatra to guide us in the foreign land when we were in trouble / in case we really landed in some trouble – at least yatra team was not dependable at all.
F. I strongly felt that yatra compromised my and my family’s safety and security in a foreign land.
G. this is a case of severe service deficiency in part of yatra.
H. we were handed over to a cheap and & unreliable vendor on arrival at phuket in thailand.
15. the solution requested –
A. since there was a severe service deficiency which was accepted and proved - we need
I. reimbursement of the money spent inr 12, 000 with 24% penal interest wef 01 april 2016 till date.
B. suitable compensation for the trouble in dealing with yatra team and wasting my and your time.
16. though I wrote to mr. amin, founder, yatra – there was no response and I understand I have a wrong email id.
17. anyways, I am not looking for money but I am dismayed by the professional handling of the case by concerned personnel in your team who are tarnishing the reputation of your organisation.
Looking forward to your suggestions and solution on the same.

Yogesh bhagwat

Jul 28, 2016

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