Yangjiang Unitedpeople Plastics & Hardware, Ltd / creation of bbq tools

1 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (Mainland), United States
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Contact: Bill Chen/ Kim Guan

Order No. [protected]-08-28

I paid this supplier to create a 3 piece BBQ set. They were to complete the order by January 31, 2017. I paid them September 2016 $6000 USD. I was given a 'credit" by Alibaba Trade Assurance to use their protection service for $200.

I hired an inspection company to verify the quality in October and again in December both times they supplier failed. Both inspection reports noted defects and each report was 30 pages a piece.

I contacted Trade Assurance in April 2017, after Yangjiang Unitedpeople Plastics & Hardware still had not completed order and then this supplier had asked for additional unit price increase, failure to complete order, and now asked for a "packing fee."

Alibaba Trade assurance closed my dispute 1- siting contract was not specific about timeframe, 1-time stating I needed to use "their" inspectors. I continued to complain and they "reviewed" my case. Each time stating I needed to continue the order, because I had spoke to the supplier so this must mean I was aggreeing to their completion of my order.

I opened another Alibaba Trade dispute in June 2017. This went back and forth, supplier would lie and I would be asked to continue the order. Each time Alibaba dispute would require me to respond and upload proof even when I told them I was traveling and to please give me longer than 24 hours to respond. Including on my 10 year wedding anniversary trip.

I finally agreed to pay for another "Alibaba Trade Assurance approved Inspector" and waited until October 8th only to learn they would not require the seller to insurance my final payment. I told them they NO. The supplier had already stolen my $6000 USD and they wanted me to trust that this company would complete my order if I would only just pay them another $10, 000. I told them "NO" without the "trade assurance" supervision. Despite, the fact that Trade Assurance had been absolutely no help or assistance in keeping this fraudulent supplier honest or held to the terms the supplier stated they would follow.

The supplier offered to give me all of the 3D files and all molds that I paid for. Which after a year of this nonsense would at least allow me to get a jump start on my project with another manufacturer.

I agreed and the supplier was supposed to deliver the molds and all digital files. With 2 days left for supplier to comply, I received news from my new manufacturer that the 3d files were incomplete and the molds were "useless". I immediately notified Trade Assurance supplied copies of what my contact shared and went to work, several hours later and 2 days remaining on the dispute Alibaba Trade Assurance they closed the dispute again.

I complained again, and have been told the supplier did what the contract states. The Alibaba Trade Assurance told me that supplier complied. I am still emailing to get at minimum a reimbursement for molds or or that portion of my payment returned of the $3500 of the $5800/ $6000 -$200 trade assurance guarantee credit.

This has been a nightmare. I requested a refund on 3 separate occasions, siting all of the Alibaba Trade Assurance promises for buyers and this supplier has not been held accountable once.

Oct 20, 2017

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