XPO Logistics / delivery of 500 lb lawn mower to wrong address. no call 30 min before arrival

I ordered A Ryobi Riding Lawnmower via the internet with Harold at the Mason/Deerfield Township HD store on June 2. Order # C829335076. It was scheduled to arrive at my home at 10454 Adventure lane on Thursday June 7. Instead it was placed in my neighbors driveway (10484) partially blocking his garage doorway (he had open heart surgery 3 weeks ago). He said no one knocked on the door when it arrived. I never received a call 30 minutes before. I called HD (Chevan?) who contacted XPO and said someone would move it on Friday. They arrived around 1:30 PM but were not prepared to move a 500 lb object and said someone would contact me tomorrow (Sat June 9). I waited until 11 AM and called XPO and the automated operator said I would be called back. I waited 1 hour and still no call from XPO. I then called HD speaking to Chris. She called XPO and put me on hold while she negotiated with XPO. She got XPO to agree that someone with the proper moving equipment would be out before 6 PM today (Sat 9 June) and would call me 30 minutes before delivery because that is standard delivery protocol. It is now 1:05 PM. I am very disappointed in the poor service demonstrated by HD's last mile carrier, XPO Logistics. They were careless in the delivery and did not follow standard calling protocol. If they had called me we could have resolved the wrong address immediately. They also did not understand the nature of what equipment is required to move a 500lb lawnmower and did not convey that to the 2nd driver on Friday. They did not call me back on Saturday as I was told. I am very frustrated and disappointed in XPO. I am less likely to buy a major item from HD in the future. (This order was $3500).

Jun 09, 2018

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