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XPO Logistics review: Delivery service

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We ordered a new refrigerator from Lowes in Norwalk, Ct. on Aug. 14, 2022. We had it delivered on Aug. 17, 2022. Upon delivery the 2 delivery men dented the refrigerator in several places trying to force it in between the wall and bannister. There is also damage to our wall. All the time they were yelling. I tried to say take it easy you're damaging the wall and refrigerator. When they got the refrigerator in the kitchen I pointed out all the damage. They said are you refusing the refrigerator. I wanted to say yes but was afraid of further damage to my home.

WE have tried repeatedly to call the company and they said they would replace the refrigerator and pay for repairs but they keep stalling and now do not return calls. I sent them multiple pictures of damage.

Desired outcome: We would like the refrigerator replaced and compensation for damaged wall.

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