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The pick up location in New York City changes without notice. Despite having purchased my ticket beforehand--mistake number one--no bus came to the location designated on my ticket. I had arrived fifteen minutes ahead of the pickup time--ten PM...the last bus to Baltimore--mistake no. two. So, with no bus...and no train, I had to check into a hotel room on 34th street which cost me 350 bucks. The next day I told my story to a very unconcerned Chinese lady who barely spoke English, said that my ticket was expired and demanded a one way fare. She then proceeded to lead us two blocks away from where we were standing, to get the bus going back to Baltimore. I will never use the Chinatown bus again. I was penny-wise and pound foolish. If you pay 40 bucks round trip from NY to Baltimore, don't expect timeliness or courtesy. Make sure you have plenty of time to get where you are going. And never buy the ticket in limits you. You can always buy a ticket when you get on the bus.


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  • Di
      28th of Apr, 2012

    Good, fast and cheap -- you can only get two out of three--but with Xinnix you just get one-Cheap! Although my e-ticket said the pickup place was on 34th & Broadway, the pick up place was on 35th and 7th. Fortunately, I was warned. The bus scehduled to leave NY for Baltimore at 7PM was a no-show and no one answered the phone at the numbers on the e-ticket. Finally at around 8PM a representative of the company came to the stop and said they were combining the 7PM and 8:30 buses. Around 8:10 the bus arrived and we left right away possibly stranding people who expected an 8:30 bus. Andt he bus was FILTHY! I will never take a Xinnix bus again.

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  • Up
      27th of Jul, 2012

    I'd just like to say that this is possibly the worst-run company i have EVER had to deal with on ANY level. Not only are the managers rude and interruptive, but the entire company is operated on false pretenses, empty promises, and faulty disclaimers. A real sham if you ask me...anybody who reads this - BUYER BEWARE. I know it's cheap - but you don't even get what you pay for. What you DO get is a loud disruptive environment that smells GOD AWFUL, a truly horrible experience all around.

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  • Eb
      27th of Nov, 2012

    Awful company. I write this as someone who has traveled by Chinatown bus a lot, and I know that delays, bad communication, and inefficiency can be part of the deal. But Xinnix pushes it beyond the limit.

    NYC - Baltimore. Bus arrived 45 late, no announcement about that. After about 3 hours on the road, those headed to Baltimore were thrown off the bus at a gas station in Delaware, with a promise that another bus would come to pick us up. Miraculously, the other bus did in fact materialize, but it took a long time, and nobody knew what was going on.

    Baltimore - NYC. The bus arrived almost 90 minutes late. No explanation or indication of timing. (No bus station either -- everyone was freezing and nobody dared to go sit in the car because throughout this time the bus was "coming" and as it was announced that there would not be enough seats for everyone, people were pushing to be in front of the so-called line.) Once the bus got there, instead of letting people get off and get their baggage, everyone pushed to the entrance, like animals. It was surreal. I hope the people leaving the bus got their luggage, and I hope that no one's luggage stayed behind, because it came close to cage-fighting.

    Next time Bolt Bus, Megabus, MVPbus, etc. are sold out, I'll consider shelling out for a $144 train ticket because Xinnix is the worst.

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