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I made a purchase online at and when I got the product, I found it defective. I have been unable to get a response except an improper one. He told me to write an rma # on the box and send it back however, ups only accepts printed labels. I signed an affidavit at my bank to reverse the charges and am still waiting. this is a website on yahoo. It is Am I stuck with unusable junk? Will yahoo do anything?

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  • Ri
      20th of May, 2008
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    I've made many purchases from X-HELI and had my first faulty controller just recent. They were good with the on-line servce and also said put the rma# on the box! Its simple the UPS or shipping people type it in when they do your label. Good to go!

  • To
      10th of Nov, 2008
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  • A1
      23rd of Jan, 2010
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    I recently purchased a erazor 250 from them. Had screws loose inside the controler, screws missing from the servos, a screw missing from the motor mount, which causes it to strip the main gear. Guess what they have dont to help me? Thats right, nothing at all. Thanks Thanks for screwing hard working individuals out of money to benefit yourself.

  • Ba
      13th of Mar, 2010
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    I purchased a $180 helicopter. It never flew, the main gear drive stripped after 2 minutes!! After many emails they promised to send reolacement parts. I have still not received them !!

    XHeli - sucks!! Worst customer service in the world. If I had money I would sue them.

  • 17
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    I just bought a helicopter & when I turn it on, the blades spin for all of 2 seconds, then it stops, & there appears to be a peice missing from it. I had this same brand/model of helicopter before, but I destroyed, difficult though it was. I suppose my first hint was that it was something stupid was that the directions mention that it is not suitable for children under 14yrs due to choking hazard.
    Their stuff is just expensive junk. The only thing that made it worth it were the idiotic directions- to fly. put the helicopter in the ground & face it away from you

  • Fu
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    xheli is the worst shop online they have cheap stuff listed

    I got suckered by them twice both time the electronics were fried when they shipped them to me.

    Think when something failed inspection they put in on sale at xheli

    Neither time would they do anything about the broken parts stall me for 60 days and then say sorry warranty is over cant help. I tracked down an employee on Facebook and he was cool and said goto the chat room and ask for help from some guy named Andy thats really the best response I got from them.

    Never purchase anything from this company they are a scam !!! at least with stuff on sale they scammed me twice I have two not working helicopters for decoration.

  • Er
      8th of Nov, 2010
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    The customer support forum just stinks with Eric. It's more like a gamble to order with these guys. Low prices, but if something is wrong good luck. Its a 50/50 shot with the support forum. You have to go do the work with pictures and baby description. The monkey Eric has a hard time trying to interpret English.

  • He
      22nd of Feb, 2011
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    purchase a warhawk co axial helicopter from them. after a month or so the top blade does not spin correctly. I figured that since it had gone through the trials of a new pilot, that I may have damaged the receiver. After some internet research, I discovered that this is a common problem with this heli. Then I find out that the replacement receiver has been out of stock for at least 3 months and their phone line stays busy. Thanks xheli for nothing. You guys are the worst and I will tell everyone I know. BEWARE!!! THEY ARE PROS AT SCAMMING PEOPLE.

  • He
      22nd of Feb, 2011
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    Also don't send them an email, it's a waste of time, they don't answer.

  • Fu
      23rd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Thay area SCAM got two helicopters from them they both shipped with blown controllers. The odds that both were bad is not by chance they sell broken stuff. They never answere the phoen when you finnaly reach them (200 calls latter) its after the warranty is expiered and they wont do anything. SCAM Sell broken stuff then take the phone off the hook for 30 days its a racket.

  • Ir
      6th of Apr, 2011
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    Xheli's customer service is about as bad as it gets. No one answers the phone, 20 minutes to chat with incompetence, and good luck getting an email reply. The battery was defective on a helicopter. I can either pay to ship the item back for a replacement or I can wait 8 weeks for a battery because they are out of stock. 4 months later, no battery and no response. Good luck with the item if it has any issues. I say find another company. This is my first negative post ever and I've been shopping online since the year 2000, this place gets my once a decade bad review award. Oh and if you chat with anyone the manager is not in to make a decision on what should be a standard customer service process.

  • Bo
      4th of May, 2011
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    Purchased an Eceed RC Classima 300 back in April, flew it several times until one day the motor stripped the main gear, fixed that up, then the landing skid broke even though I did not land all that hard, got that fixed up, next thing the tail shaft starts making noise and then the chopper decided to not remain still while I was hovering it, besides the blades are cheap garbage, broke the blades still from landing soft, I will not be buying from these guys again, a main gear is 4 dollars, along with other parts and they don't have them in stock when you need them, shame on them:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Ch
      10th of Sep, 2012
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    I agree, I bought a S301G heli from XHeli about a month ago. It flew good when I first got it. And then it started cutting out and dropping out of the air, crashing to the floor. The blades got beat up from the number of crashes after that. I took it outside so that I had a higher ceiling and a better chance to recover it. It would shoot off like a rocket, I would respond by throttling back to get it down from the high altitude. It didn't want to come down so I would back off on the throttle more and then it would drop out of the sky not giving me much time to recover before just hitting the ground. I tried repeatedly and got the same thing again, and again. I gave up flying it after a number of these episodes. After much frustration trying to contact XHeli, I was directed to their email service rcduss. I found this service complicated to use. I did get a private message to them, but they never responded to it that I know. I am frustrated with their service. The trouble is I am crazy about flying these things. Their heli sits on my desk and I stare at it and wish that I could fly it even though I have twelve other smaller ones on my shelf that I could fly.

  • Do
      16th of Dec, 2012
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    I purchased an erazor from them about a year ago. Never should have got that model since it's an expert level and I have never flown one in my life. But live and learn. Never could get the thing to fly but would just spin wildly out of control. I was in the process of moving so I put it away and just recently got it out again. After some investigating I found why it doesn't fly. If I move the right lever up to lift off, the copter tries to roll hard to the left. It appears the remote that came with the copter doesn't run the servos correctly. Then the lever that controls the tail rotter would no longer remain in the middle position but was being forced to the left position. I took the remote apart to see if it was a broken spring and was surprised at what I found. 1. Someone had taken a razor blade and removed the etching from the IC on the main control board. 2. When I removed the control mechanism for throttle and yaw, I found that most of the screws holding the box together were stripped, so someone had taken it apart. (It was sold as new in the box). 3. The plastic mechanism had broken and been glued back together. Since plastic doesn't glue well, I eventually broke. So I am trying to figure out exactly how a brand new remote got in this condition, or how a damaged/shoddily repaired remote got in the box. My guess is that someone returned a defective remote, xheli replaced it with mine, glued the piece to fix it and even perhaps put the wrong remote in the box. The darn thing could have seriously injured someone when I first tried to fly it because it tried to flip instead of lift off. I bought the remote that connects to the computer and got so I could take off and land the virtual heli, but the real thing doesn't react the same way. Fortunately the only casualty was an avocado tree. Definitely won't be doing any more business with xheli, or any of the other company names they use to run their scam.

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