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I used the website in order to get my order from foreigner seller. I got the tracking number and checked it every day, and three days ago I checked the number and it showed that my order was already delivered. I don’t understand where my order is, and the seller hasn’t responded. I need to clear up this situation, and maybe someone can help me.

Jul 8, 2015
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  • Vy
      28th of Sep, 2015

    This is a very unfortunate situation and I would be happy to give assistance ([protected], however your complaint is not with Vyking Ship. So I would ask that you please remove this from Complaints Board.

    It sounds like the issue is either with the delivery service that was supposed to deliver it here or with the merchant.

    I would suggest checking the tracking information to see if the package was returned to sender. Up until the package is delivered, a merchant can request the carrier to halt delivery and return the package to sender. Many merchants exercise this power when they believe the items shipped were purchased fraudulently (whether or not they actually were). If the package shows delivery in the same city as it was shipped from (see the history of tracking scans) then it was likely stopped and returned to sender.

    If the tracking shows that the package was delivered in Minneapolis, but we never entered it into your account, please give us the tracking number so that we may see if it is one of the (currently) two packages that we have received that were not addressed to any person or account number that we have on file.

    If the tracking shows that the package was delivered somewhere other than Minneapolis or the place of origination, there is a good chance that the carrier delivered it to the wrong address.

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