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TigerDirect has foolishly partnered up with Everyday Privileges Gold (aka Buyers Advantage). This company belongs to Trilegiant Corporation who are known to be scammers. I can still confirm as of 4/8/2012 that they are. offered me to their partnership saying that they will give me $40 cash back rewards. I thought I'd give it a shot since it was only $1 to do a 30-day free trial and I was interested in some of the benefits that it could offer. I cancelled the trial membership within in the 30 day period, however it was a pain in the freaking ***. The sales people will not shut up and listen they will insist to offer you additional crap and make it sound fancy. Don't even bother listening to them, you have to demand you want to cancel. A few weeks later, I found out that they charge you twice $1 because they will sign you up for Everyday Privileges Gold AND Buyers Advantage (which is apparently two different businesses but they offer the same crap benefits). In the phone, they don't tell you that it's a double charge...they will act like it's from one company, one charge.

The whole thing is a scam, the benefits suck, it's not worth to even pay $1 for a trial (don't let them steal money from you). I will no longer purchase anything from TigerDirect. Stick to Amazon, they will take care of you.

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      24th of Apr, 2012

    Sorry the salespeople are so pushy. They train us to do that. They tell us one or two rebuttals, depending on what we're selling to the particular customer calling in. Just say no twice. This is just the only job available in the town where the call center is located to people who are in their early 20s or 30s and have no real education. If there were something less terrible available, I would have taken that. I feel really bad about having to do this for a living.

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  • No
      26th of Sep, 2012

    i would like to say that if u were paying attention during the call we clearly state when the second service comes, we not only state a different service name than the previous (ie. Buyers adv vs EPG) & we must make sure u understand the billing terms the only thing when people agree to the second service & clearly dont kno that its a second service is because the billing terms are usually the same so it sounds like we're repeating. i've gotten customers who have tried to tell me "you've said this already" and i HAVE to tell them no this is for a diff service. maybe the representive who sold you the membership on 04/08/12, didnt quite know how to do their job correctly because we are not allowed to mislead customers, that results in write ups and terminations.

    therefore, you are just a sucky customer who didnt pay attention throughout the presentation. thanks have a nice day!

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  • Lo
      14th of Mar, 2014

    I disagree it is NOT clearly stated that customers are signing up for 2 services. If it were I don't think so many people would be complaining about it. I had this happen too and it was not once clearly outlined that there were 2 different services with separate charges. What they do it repeat crap over and over and then sneak in a different name at some point for the second service that you would not notice. The rep I had I questions on several things and she STILL kept using very deceptive wording that I asked her to clarify. Clearly stating would be to say to the customer specifically we are signing you up for the following services today and list them so a buyer sees it is not just one they will be billed for. It is a shady way to make money because you know that the first service will most likely be cancelled but the second isn't known about. This happened to me and I went over to check the BBB and they have hundreds of complaints on this shady practice.

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  • Bu
      13th of Dec, 2014

    I have used Tiger Direct for over 15 years, and have always had good service. So I trusted the salesman who came on and offered the Everyday Privileges Gold deal. I never used it. I am now getting bills from them and some outfit called Great Fun which I have never heard of, but has the same toll free number, because they don't have my new credit card number. They aren't getting it either. I have used Tiger Direct since, and they apparently have dropped the Everyday Privilege as there is no mention of it on their site. I hope they will be more cautious about offering outside deals in the future. I'm sure going to more cautious.

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  • Bo
      19th of Jul, 2016

    I have been a customer/member of Everyday Privileges Gold for a few years and have thousands of dollars in gift card purchases, discounts and cash back. They have consistently provided good customer service and have been responsive if and when a minor problem crops up. People who have a problem do not listen to the sales presentation or do not call to cancel the service. I would hate to see a company offering such tremendous value close because people do not pay attention to what they are told or contact their customer service in a timely manner.

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