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R Review updated:

I was in Boston 2 yrs ago and had account in then I moved to flroida... and here they dnt have branches or ATMs... so I was not able to use the bank by any means.. I lost job in January and for need I withdraw my last $160 from soverieng bank account... because it was a dead money and of no use to me.. untill I withdraw it... then bank charge me $33 for overdrawn... I dnt know why when I was having $160.75 in my bank account... and then each day they started charging...$5 service change... and now.. this service charge total grown to $82... and now they called me.. to pay the money.. 1) It was not overdrawn. 2) if it was overdraw.. why they did nt called me at that time. 3) they gave call when it was $82. and they are thretening to increase it if I dnt pay.. their customer service sucks.. they are so rude.. she put my phone down when I wanted to know.. why they charged me so much money.. I got job after 2 months. So every penny means for me.. But I thought I should finish it.. and got ready to pay $82. then they said I have to pay extra $15 if I want to pay this Fine. Its so crazy... its hard earned money.. why the bank should take it away like anything... Its pain to loose money like this.. when u dnt have job. Does anybody faced such situation.. wht u did to resolve it?


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