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www.getitfree.us / you won't get free samples and many surveys

CA 92101, 113 West G Street, Suite 410San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:
Scam, scam, scam. I went to the website www.getitfree.us and found their free offer. They offered several samples completely for free, but I needed to reply to several questions and surveys. I wasted about an hour, ‘coz the website redirected me to other websites and surveys. It was real scam, so please be careful and post comments about you things with them. Total scam, so don’t deal with them and post comments about your experience with this company.
Nov 20, 2014


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  22nd of Sep, 2015
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How can you say its a scam when you admit yourself that you do get samples for free. It sounds to me that your mad because you had to give your address sometimes and fill out surveys. How is it a scam? They never even asked for shipping. I don't know what i will and wont receive but it will be interesting to find out.
  11th of Feb, 2018
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@Government Name I have never gotten a thing, so its a scam and how do you stop the test messages
  10th of Mar, 2018
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@Government Name You NEVER receive samples. I, too, wasted an hour going trough one survey after another. But in the end, you get nothing!
  11th of Nov, 2015
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I'd like to know where "Government Name" saw anything in the complaint about the person actually getting any of the supposed free samples. It says they 'offered' several samples, not that the complainer qualified for any of them.

And read other reviews of the site, sounds like well over 1/2 of the people who have tried to use the site, haven't gotten so much as a single sample as a result.
  2nd of Dec, 2015
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These comments made me go back and re-read the site, as I became suspicious. This is the fine print at the bottom of the first page of the site:

"We cannot guarantee that you will receive any of the Offers that you request, as Offers are subject to availability and are often made by other entities. Offers distributed by GetItFree are limited in quantity, and GetItFree reserves the right to substitute sample product based on availability. Offers that are not distributed by GetItFree are monitored by other entities, and we are not responsible if such Offers are no longer available, change, if you do not receive the Offers, if you do not qualify for the Offers, or if any other issues arise."

Translation: We can't guarantee that you will even receive any of these offers. We have the right to substitute what you thought you were trying to get with anything we want. Besides, you might get nothing, and we are not responsible for that. Oh, and you will have to "qualify" for the offer, which means taking a survey or giving us your personal information so we can sell--ahem, USE it as we wish. If we decide to send you something, we might.
  27th of Jul, 2016
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I think they just want your information so they can sell it. Offering free stuff is how they get it. It's like fishing. Companies use all kinds of tricks on the internet
  27th of Jul, 2016
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It's lie. It's a bold face lie. Get lt free has no intention of giving anyone anything free. They lie to get contact information to sell. I challenge anyone who has received free stuff to come forward.
  4th of Sep, 2016
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Maybe you're looking at the wrong website
because I have received many many samples from get free, now I don't if they are from get it free or some others entities .
  16th of Sep, 2016
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you will waste your time your most valuable asset !!!
  28th of Oct, 2016
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Does the website give Free Shipping or do you have to pay for it?
  18th of Dec, 2016
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ts full of #### getitfree.us is lying to you about geting things free, you have to d all of these othervthings just to get that one thing wast of time
  9th of Jan, 2017
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Scam if you take the short survey then you should get what they promised!!!Stay away from get it free!!!
  8th of Feb, 2017
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It's a total scam, the only thing free is the survey information they get for free. I've tried for 6months. The offers in emails are NEVER offered on the site, and when you finally DO get to samples and request them, they never come. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.
  1st of Mar, 2017
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Being an investigator for over 10 years, the fact is if it sounds to good to be true it is!!(: The social media explosion had made us all supceptible. To scams of all types ECT!! If you suspect. Anything, anything simply Google it and review your answer is right in front of you!!!(;.
  10th of Apr, 2017
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This website "Get it Free" is a total scam. They direct you to one survey after another, and slowly extract vital information from you. I have never received one item from them, although I have gone through numerous surveys and questionnaires. I highly recommend staying far away from this bogus site.
  24th of Jul, 2017
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One survey after another, no sample of anything at all.
It's a shame as this site is making it hard for real honest people who have legit onlibe businesses suffer! Who to trust(?)...These days!? someone report this company to the BBB.
  24th of Jul, 2017
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Emma From free Samples
Scam scam scam!
I filled out surveys for 30 mins and it never endee.
That was 2 months ago and STILL No sample of ANYTHING.
  20th of Nov, 2017
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I agree and disagree. You don't appear to get any samples after taking repeated survey after survey.


I don't think these surveys, which ask the EXACT same questions over and over again, are being logged by any system. There's no way this information would be purchased by any entity looking for credible data. I think the idea is to lure you into clicking one of the many ads, with just so happens to correspond with whatever answer you chose, and redirected to sites with additional offers. It's possibly just exposing you to ads to generate ad revenue.

Legitimate surveys (even if the surveyor is gathering the data for illegitimate reasons) will ask you to create an account, so the data can be measured properly. Not to mention, so you won't be asked the same questions again and again with no way of knowing if the same person answered them. So, yes, I agree you're probably never going to receive any samples. But the site is likely just trying to cycle you through ads.
  26th of Dec, 2017
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where are my samples I filled out several applications
  10th of Jan, 2018
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I agree with the smart ones here who has the guts to speak up! And expose these scam artists for who they really are!- frauds!- thieves and liars! If it sounds to good to be true! Its usually- not true at all! I tried this kind of so called free offers and free samples- and I know by my own experience its all fake! And a waste of time! Don't believe it til u see it! Its a fact! I never got anything free from these scam artist either! And that's the truth! And no lie! And for those [censor] on this site who keep getting mad at these innocent victims who is just telling their story what they been thru to warn others! How dare u?;- get mad at the victim!- instead of the guilty ones who rip people off! That's wrong! And shame on u ! for hating on us good folks who are just keeping it real! That's why nothing changes and these wicked losers keep getting away with this crime!- because of their dumb and stupid supporters! So for the good ones who who made their complaints here!- hello that's what this site is for! Keep up the GOOD WORK!- so will I! So drop dead- jealous haters!
  11th of Jan, 2018
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For those who don't know it yet!- this site is not for sweet talk!- or for nice sugar coated compliments!- is only for Complaints!! And bad reviews but the truth! Thats all that matters! Who cares if u dont like it! I dont care! so if u don't like hearing people make their honest complaints that's your- problem! Not mine!- or theirs!- so get over it! And if u can't take the heat!- like the saying goes!- get out the kitchen!- and go elsewhere!- or just shut- up!!! Seeya!
  11th of Jan, 2018
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And one more thing please don't reply to any of my posts or comments!- if u are one of these [censor] and losers who just don't get it and never will! I'm glad I do! And I'm proud of it too!- unlike u- who don't! I can't stop telling it like it is! And I won't stop for u or anybody!- not ever! I'm not here to please u! Remember that!- only who I serve! Like the lord said himsekf- about the wicked and the corrupt!- he called them all- hypocrites!- and bunch of snakes!- fools and blind!! Its so true! I have I right to do the same!- That's right!- peace!

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