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Hi everyone, I am Santiago and I am Filipino. I came to work here in the UK with the help of the above website I came here and my employer is very nice but he paid this 'intermediary' website 5000 pounds in front of my very own eyes!!! I can't believe it that this scam website didn't give me a single penny! Ridiculous!!! I'm very very angry with them, honestly.

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  • Da
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes is a scam! They will never get you a job, only take your money! Please read here for more information:

  • Bi
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    bok, wag kana magsabi na napaalis k nila, totoo naman scam sila eh.binibiktima nila ang mga pilipino gusto magtrabaho sa EU, kawawa naman tayo kasi sa kagustuhan natin makapag work dun naniniwala tayo, victim nila ko, kaya sa lahat ng pinadadalhan ng email ng all about jobs team, wag kayo maniniwala. dati sila jobs in europe, nabisto so nagpalit sila ng all about jobs, mag searcg kayo sa net makikita nyo na ang email ng jobs in europe at all about jobs ay pareho lang.

  • Ra
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    HI...I am Rahul I want inform you that is a SCAM dont beliefe to THEM. they are a froud agency and will never give you a JOB at all.Well they are very smart to convincing people .But all promisses mede by them are FAKE.they are Playing with innocent dreams.dont believe that ###ers.
    I am also a victim of them so i decided to make awareness world wide .Lets come togethere and STOP those ###.They will ask money in the name of State WORK FORCE OFFICE REGISTRATION.But there is no such office and such registrations there.They will give you A fake and fictitios number.

    I hv ased them many times about that address and webaddress of such offices they were not able to give me such.

    WARNING-In this site u will read lots of positive things about them be aware the all comments posted by them( in different name.
    If you ignore this and contact them u will lose your money.I mean it.

    Any one can mail me directly if you hv any questions about them.BUT DONT BELIEVE THEM.

    e- mail me i will definately reply.OR plz go

  • Do
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    Hi every one! Can’t help but smile at Rahul’s post….. Hmm,
    I think Rahul is hired by Fraudwatchers to publish such posts about All About.
    Next time they should find someone with better English though … Rahul’s English is terrible.
    Anyways, I am from South Africa and I made it to Europe, Ireland in particular with the help of
    All-About Jobs. I truly wanted to work in Europe and live here. I had modest budget for that and most agencies
    in my country charge outrageous fees to secure a job. I decided to look online and handle it on my own.
    I found the All about website and registered. After a short procedure and one time fee of 32 euro for proper
    preparation of my requirements, here I am, working as a receptionist in a medium sized hotel in the outskirts
    of Dublin. I am happy with my payment. Accommodation is nice and tidy. On my days off I sometimes rent a car.

  • Bi
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    don juan you have connive with all about jobs, you people are LIAR!!! Don't convince people to beleive you because you are a part of them. english is not a big deal, you are terrible...i think you are jessica in all about job.all of you are LIAR..SCAMMER. I agree with rahul. he is saying the truth. I agree with you. to all the people that sending email of all about jobs, contact the employer that they give to you, you will know that no job offer and they did not know ALL-ABOYJOBS, also ask all about jobs their address, they did not give bcoz, they will trace the people. see 419 list of scam, you can find their email add.i am victim of them, the only want is money, ALL-ABOUTJOBS and PM INTERNATIONAL is ONLY ONE. BELIEVE ME.

  • Li
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    just received email from Thomas Hill of He just confirmed that my application was accepted and he sent me forms to download thru this link:, and they're like the europass curriculum vitae and work permit for ireland. i guess i need to look into this a little deeper. thanks for the warning.

  • Bo
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    indeed they are liars and full of sweet nothings that will TRAP you in a web. they even tell you that an employer will interview you and ask you of your schedule online, but when you have decided to register a definite date, they will email you again and say that the supposed INTERVIEW or the 'employer' himself will postpone it. after that, they will now be sending a barrage of reading materials and desirable links that will excite you more all the way, because it seems very very legalistic and promising, AND, the ONLINE interview is completely forgotten. They cunningly set you up to lead you to these 4 COMPANIES that offer their services for the purpose of documenting the required travel papers. NOW, one of these companies offer FREE registration in the STATE WORK FORCE OFFICE, but unfortunately, it will email you back, telling that due to their voluminous load of free registration, it will take 6 mos. to avail. In other words, you have no other choice but to email the other COMPANIES they recommend. AND, what do you get? this PM INTL which offers 32GBP. YOU WILL WAIT FOR NOTHING!!!


  • Ch
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    Fellow Filipinos,
    Thank you for the warning. Indeed, I received similar correspondence from them. They have e-mailed me also regarding the postponed interview and now they sent the cv European format and the work permit document. Ill think twice over this matter.

  • Ne
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    Me & my husband received similar correspondence from ALL-AboutJobs. My husband almost believed that this is true they are requiring my husband to pay as soon as possible time for about 32 euro but i said to him hold on i will search first this website until i found this site...many thanks to you we are enlighten not to push through this application at All AboutJobs. Thanks...

  • Is
      4th of Mar, 2009
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  • Ss
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    everything that "boli" said happened to me
    i just send the email asking for free registration in the STATE WORK FORCE OFFICE...
    but a hunch told me to google "all about jobs"
    I really want to work in Europe!!
    what should I do??
    quit to the procees??
    can somebody can recommend me a succesful way to work in europe?

  • El
      8th of Mar, 2009
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    find another intermediary, bcoz all about jobs is fake, don't send money. maybe its a little but it is big pag pingsama sama na. all of us are saying the truth that they are fake.

  • Ch
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    thanks guys for enlightening my mind.. after reading all the comments i was convinced not to continue coordinating with them... nakakaduda kasi ung pagprocess and may time pressure.. at nang kinausap ko ung representative ng all about jos, pinasa niya ako sa other agency na express translator... then ung kaduda-duda is that sabay na nag-offline ung dalawang nilalang. at tsaka when i ask sa hotel, hindi din nila sinasagot... masyadong mabilis ang lahat... magaling sila sa sales talk... it was also stated sa email nila na i must call them and not to communicate by chat, but when i tried to call them, di rin nila sinasagot, and in the end, sila na mismo ng chat sa akin... basta maraming nakakaduda at hindi mo iyon agad-agad mapapansin dahil masyadong mabilis ang pakikipag-usap at nasa intense stage ka pa ng excitement... but later after sabay na nag-sign out ung dalawang kausap ko, doon lang ako nakapag-isip ng mabuti... and balanced the situation...

  • Lu
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    Hi My Name is Lucio Laurac of the Phils

    same stories... thanks to all for sharing... i just sent an email to a certain Mr Hill and im asking them why do i have to transact with a certain Radka Nikolaeva Teodosieve (according to them, accounting staff) if PM International is a corporation? It is but right to transact to the corporation and not to the staff especially if its about payments... right? By the way, i chose Western Union for payment... Well, di pa ako nagbabayad until today... so far ay di pa naman sila nawawala sa aking YM messanger...

    regarding the email i mentioned, until this hours ay wala pa din sila email. we will see kung ano ang isasagot nila. lokohan to, eh di sige... patulan ko to...oh by the way, they gae me an ultimatum to pay until today but i promised them through email that i will go direct to western union tomorrow from provincial trip. I;ll wait and check for the next email...

  • Le
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    To every one, don't believe agad for the better opportunity they offer coz they will just attract and convince u . Care full and investigate first before u commit Mahirap maloko . Thanks for this site that warns me.

  • Ny
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    korek lahat ng yan, tsaka pg may plan mangibang bansa thru agency, wla dapat labas na cash.. yun lng yun..

  • No
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    I am Nosre Rodip from Makati City. I also received an email from Thomas Hill 4days ago and telling me that my application to them is on process...the following day that I received their noticed, again I was informed and sent me these set of forms to fill-up that I was already qualified and found an employer - this is in Ireland.

    May I know if there's anyone here who encountered or received such email from this THOMAS HILL?

    I would be glad and appreciate if you'll send me feedback from this guy.



  • Ra
      15th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Mga kbabayan,

    I was about to believed that my dreams was coming true in future time but i dnt know exeactly what push me to check out this site and then found out that its all about BIG SCAM...thNx guys at least i was been warneD at hindi npabilang sa mga nabiktima ng mga ito...tama kau di tau dpat padala sa mga sinasabi nila lalo n taung umaasa ng mgandang buhay sa EU.kaya dapat lng n mag ingt tau...

    maraming salamat..

  • Al
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    Hello, i received an email from too...they sent me a test and then they sent me that mail...
    Dear Alina,

    Thank you for your message. We would like once again to confirm your job offer details:
    Vacancy: Office assistant
    Quickly developing company, Ireland
    Payment: 14 Euro / hour, 39 hour work week
    Bonuses: free accommodation + food during working hours
    Paid vacations, medical/dental and retirement insurance
    Plane ticket and visa fees paid by the employer
    Required items to prepare in this regard are: CV European format, work permit, motivation letter + personal registration number from the foreign work force office.
    You have two options to prepare them by yourself which is of course totally free or to delegate it to professional agency able to prepare them against minimal charge.
    The registration at the state work force service would help the employer in the process - as you would already figure in the lists, a certain employer will be able to just go in the work force service, point your number and state that he/she would like to hire exactly you. This makes the procedure very simple and completely legal, because officially only the work force service itself is the institution able to realize your job application. This will also help the employer to present proofs to the authorities why he/she prefers to hire a foreign employee.
    We hope that after the above explanation, you will realize the importance of this registration
    Regarding the registration number from the work force office it is free of charge through the companies listed on our website and against minimal charge / 32 Euro/ through PM International Corp.. for example, who can register you and prepare documents in 1 work day. Their contacts are:
    We would like to underline that observation of deadlines is extremely important and you need to observe them by all means. Early preparation of these requirements is strongly encouraged, since once deadline is missed we cancel the application altogether and our policy is not to work again on applications with missed deadlines.
    In case you decide to withdraw your application, please, let us know. It will allow us to give the job opportunity to another applicant who will take it. We hope you understand that we are expected to place employees to all vacancies that come to us. We simply have no right to delay the process.
    We would gladly explain the entire procedure. It consists of the following steps:
    1/ preparation of application documents and sending them to your employer in Europe this is the only expense you may incur in the whole process. Deadline for finalizing this step is 19th March
    2/ the employer receives your documents and processes them towards work permit and work contract - work permit fees are to be covered by the employer
    3/ after work permit issue the work permit is sent to you directly along with your work contract and other work visa support documents
    4/ you arrive in Ireland where a representative of the employer and All-aboutJobs team meet you at the airport. You will be given orientation meeting and taken to your accommodation in your case family accommodation is provided and covered by your potential employer.
    5/ you start your new job in Ireland
    You are at step 1/ at present, work visa comes at step 3/
    We would like to also clarify that your family can legally join you at the time of your departure for Ireland or later at their convenience.
    Let us conclude: Procedure consists of the following stages:
    - You need to prepare the required application set containing CV European format, work permit form, motivation letter and personal registration number / This is recommended to be delegated to PM International Corp who can prepare all these items in 1 day./
    - The requirements need to be sent to the employer for work permit processing and filing. Work permit filing is POSSIBLE to happen only when the employer receives the complete application set from you
    - You need to get the issued valid work permit and contract at your postal address
    - AFTER you receive the work permit and contract you will need to go to the Irish embassy to obtain your work visa. Work visa issue is POSSIBLE to happen only when you have completed all upper steps – preparation of an application set, sending it to the employer, receipt of valid work permit and contract. There is NO other possible and LEGAL way to obtain work visa.
    - LEGAL and VALID work visa is obtained ONLY THROUGH the embassy. It is not sent via post or else.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions.
    yours sincerely, All-aboutJobs team
    i can't belive...i trough it's the mail is real...
    Thank you to the administration!!! and to all how wrote here

  • Ca
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    hello guys.i am with you in your plight.and im bent to file a fraud yung lahat ng mga employers na binigay sa inyo bigay nyo contact nyo yun. kasi ako, im gonna link this complain to EU authorities..para yang mga alipores na yan matahimik.kinausap ko na ang mga yan mga sinungaling talaga.sabi ko my legal department humawak ng kaso dito sa pinas about the complains sa scam nila.tinanong ba naman ako ano law office daw.sabi ko, ano ako stupid na ibigay sa inyo.sabi ko see you in jail.kasi alam namin san kayo nakapwesto.hay naku, makikita nila.

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