WWICS Mohali / Australia skilled visa fraud

Mohali, India
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WWICS is a FRAUD company.They are cheaters.I have applied for Australia Skilled worker category through them. Their head office in Mohali is filled with all useless bunch of ###, good for nothing staff.Once the get the money from you their job is done.They have nothing to do with anything else. They are not even aware of the changes in the skilled occupations list. The staff does not even have the courtesy to respond to mails or calls. When you call them they keep giving reasons that I was unwell, not in office, this is not by job etc. Its because of them that I have lost couple of opportunities. Queensland had open for my category job profile but they took 10 days to make rectifications in an EOI and they call themselves professionals. Its bull ### crap. JASVIR KAUR has not etiquette's at all to talk to a client when its your mistake. Instead of listening to the client they just disconnect the call. JASVIR KAUR is well qualified holding a masters degree and doesn't know how to simply send mails or rather check them before sending. She, SANJAY SHARMA actually the complete Australian cell is pathetic. If you value your money please do not go to them.

Aug 03, 2016

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