WOT (Web of Trust) / WOT (web of trust) is a SCAM!

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just uninstalled WOT (after having it for one week), and I urge everyone to do the same. Let me explain why. WOT is a very subtle and deceptive way to censor the internet, it is one of the worst systems I have ever seen. It puts sites down based simply on politics and world view. Try posting a NEGATIVE review of WOT and you’ll be red in no time. It claims that sites are rated based on objective criteria (Trust, Vendor Reliability, Family Safety, Privacy). But instead, it flags left wing sites green, and flags conservative sites orange-red.

For example, Check Sarah Palin's site. Now I don't like Sarah Palin personally, but her site is rated low on privacy, as if she would sell your email addresses...REALLY? What a lie. Sarah Palin's website is absolutely completely and 100% safe in regards to Vendor Reliability and Privacy (this is objective truth WOT is completely wrong here), even if you don't like her, her official website is completely legit. Barack Obama's WOT scorecard has a perfect score, Mitt Romney does not. Objectively, Mitt Romney's site is perfectly, 100% legitimate, but according to WOT, it has privacy issues that Barack Obama does not.
WOT sells itself as a way for you to avoid malware, spam, etc, but in reality it is putting down websites BASED ON POLITICS ALONE, making WOT a form of 'soft censorship' of ideas. This makes WOT a disaster, because its entire purpose is now subjugated by political activism. Completely NOT what it is supposed to do, but nonetheless, that is how it is operated.

Do a GOOGLE search for "OWS" and notice that ALL of the pro-Occupy Wall street sites are FULLY GREEN. Now do a Google search for "tea party" and look at all those yellows, oranges and reds! Post a negative review of the hacker group "Anonymous" or cast doubt on man made global warming, and you will find yourself marked down for things like "Privacy" and "Vendor Reliability". A total, 100% false lie perpetuated by WOT.

I am not a left winger or a right winger. I am independent, but I am smart enough to realize that censorship on the internet should be vehemently opposed by all sides! We should not punish a webmaster simply because he has a point of view about the world that we don't like. Thousands of honest webmasters who would NEVER put malware on their site...who would NEVER violate your privacy, are rated as dangerous by WOT simply because they don't agree with the anti-capitalistic politics of the WOT mob community. WOT is a joke. In reality, it has nothing to do with actual website safety, and everything to do with political philosophy.

WOT is false advertising. It should be renamed to: "Web Of Politics". There is no reason in the world a website that is perfectly safe should be marked down for "privacy" for example, simply because it has a political viewpoint that is not in line with the left leaning WOT community.

WOT is a scam, and if WOT was implemented world wide, you would quickly see millions of sites flagged red simply based on Ideas. Very dangerous!

Firefox should remove it, so should facebook.

If I made my website public with this review, I can guarantee you I would be red. Do you see? I can't even state what my website is because WOT would not give me freedom to express my ideas. The WOT community, if it could, would say my "Vendor Reliability" is low simply because of my opinion. And this is what makes WOT invalid. If WOT had its way, it would censor all counter thought, so that the only sites that ever were "green" would be left wing pro-socialist sites. Now I have no problem with pro-socialism websites, they have every right to exist, and so do oppositte points of view! But the WOT community is overwhelmingly biased towards pro-al gore climate change, pro-obama, pro-OWS, anti-conservative, anti-jewish, pro-muslim, anti-israel, pro-palestine.

Sites get flagged based off politics alone, NOT based on anything else, and this makes WOT as a whole one big pathetic sham of a junk site, and false advertising. The WOT community are a bunch of cyber thugs, of the Occupy Wall Street sympathizers that want to censor legitimate internet sites based on politics alone, and NOT by the criteria WOT advertises (i.e. privacy, family, etc).

Until WOT clamps down on political bias and censorship of websites based on ideas (instead of actual safety, privacy, etc), it remains a complete scam and should be uninstalled world wide.

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  • Al
      May 23, 2012

    If you don’t buy their trust tools you will get a bad rating. Check out all the guys who are protesting this -

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  • Th
      May 06, 2013

    The fact that users are doing this shows that their rating system is flawed and business have no hope in combating lies.

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  • Bw
      May 26, 2013

    I agree, this tool is a complete crock. The Marxists on the internet are trying to hijack it, just like they have hijacked education and the media over the last 50 years, quite successfully unfortunately. I didn't think so at the time, but it turns out that McCarthy and Reagan were dead right.

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  •   Dec 19, 2013

    so glad its been a year later and this disaster of a website is not become the "gold standard" like it wants to be. This website is manipulated by thugs and cyber-bullies who use ideology to determine stuff like "kid friendliness". The sooner this website becomes illegitimate the better. There is nothing to trust about "Web of Trust". If the WOT "hoarde" doesn't like your site, they will take it down, whether or not anything about it is actually true. This is called "mob rule" or "tyranny of the majority" Leftists are very very good at consolidated ideological bullying.

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