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We have been members of WorldMark for many, many years and, for the most part, have enjoyed the resorts themselves; however, ver since Wyndham bought them out, we have found there are more and more regulations and restrictions, far higher maintenance dues and fees, and incredibly aggressive sales tactics that meet the level of outright harassment! When we go on vacation, we want to enjoy our surroundings and live our lives without interference or disruption. Unfortunately, Wyndham's policy is to pressure existing owners to buy more and more points throughout their resort stay. Saying "no" is NOT an option! Prior to Wyndham taking over, it is true that sales staff would invite owners to attend presentations during their stay; however, they accepted "no, " and moved on to the next owner. Now the policy is that, upon check-in, owners MUST go to a separate counter to retrieve their parking pass, and in order to get it, they must listen to the staff member's sales pitch to get the to attend a presentation that "updates" them on what's new. In reality, the presentation is a high-pressure sales strategy to get owners to buy more points. The worst part is, if owners decline the "invitation, " the sales staff will try to snag owners whenever they pass through the lobby, leave notes on their doors, and call them on the phone in their unit, relentlessly trying to get them to agree to attend a presentation.

I am currently staying at the Palm Springs facility, and within the first two days, we had been approached twice the first day, received a note on our door in the afternoon of our second day, then that night received a phone call. The phone call was the final straw, and I told the woman who called that we were feeling harassed, which was totally unacceptable and to leave us alone.

I just learned that Wyndham is changing their tactics soon. The new approach will be that not only will we be "invited" to attend a presentation at the time of checkin, that sales person will ESCORT US TO OUR UNIT, all the while pressuring us to attend a presentation. If we still say no, they will begin a campaign of KNOCKING ON OUR UNIT DOOR throughout our stay, until we either agree to attend a presentation or get hostile enough that they back off. These tactics are unpleasant enough that we often wonder if it's worth using our timeshare, knowing what we have to endure during our stay.

If we could do it all over again, we wish we hadn't bought into this company, and I would strongly advise prospective owners NOT to buy into this timeshare program. Wyndham is totally focused on making more and more money, while having no interest or concern for the owners' needs, wishes, privacy or dignity. WorldMark employees that we've known and enjoyed for years and years are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate, and they have shared with me that they no longer enjoyed their jobs because of the restrictions and demands Wyndham places on them that do not honor or respect the owners. I say HOORAY for the integrity of the employees, and SHAME ON YOU, WYNDHAM, for being so incredibly greedy and abusive!

Apr 25, 2013
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  • Go
      May 08, 2013

    I think Wyndham is going to lose all their business with these tactics. People will only put up with so much crud before they boycott the company all together.

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  • Ku
      May 12, 2013

    In 2007, I was 'invited' to attend one of their presentations while in Colorado. I was going through a divorce and had realized that one of the areas I needed to work on was to take more vacations. After watching their video presentation, their lead pitchman went through the various benefits of "ownership", including that it was an "investment" and that the credits could be sold and bequeathed upon one's demise. After being led into a room and given more special time with one of their salesmen, I signed up for something that I was told was easily affordable.

    Then the bills started- one from the credit card I had to sign up for, one for the 'credits'...and another for "maintenance dues". Before the end of 2008, the economic collapse in my area took its toll on myself and my business and I moved for a new job in another state. During the transition, I could not afford my home or the expensive vacation credits. I had to walk away. I spent a few thousand dollars on a vacation that never materialized, as I had never set foot on Worldmark property. I figured I'd take the hit on my credit and, in a few years, be back on track.

    This past year, I applied for a home loan. Upon review of my credit, the outstanding balance was still being reported by Worldmark. We called and offered to settle for another couple thousand dollars, yet they demanded half of the balance- for a property that I'd never seen or used. The voice on the other end finally admitted that was I really had owned were "credits" and she failed to give me an actual property address that I had owned.

    The reporting on my credit had stopped in 2009. Yet, upon having contacted them to settle the 'debt', they resumed their reporting of late fees, presumably because lenders cannot lend if there are outstanding balances on the credit report.

    These people are ruthless. They promise you the world, then sell you thousands of worthless credits that are a horrible you can't get rid of them for anywhere near the purchase price. In the midst of the conversation, the gal on the other end even admitted as much by telling me that my 'credits' (being called property) were never 'resold'.

    They are the definition of greed. Stay away.

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  • De
      Aug 02, 2013

    I have been a Worldmark owner since 1999. I did use and enjoy the timeshares. In July 2012 I spent a week at the Indio, CA site. After being harassed to conduct a "survey" for a few minutes I met with a salesman. I am an older single woman and I explained to him that I was unemployed and could not afford nor need any more shares. I told him that I intended to pay off the balance of my contract with savings to save the interest and that was all I could afford. He became very aggressive and brought his manager to sit with us. They both told me that if I would just use the money to upgrade I would be eligible to exchange my share for some high end vacation spots which I could rent out and pay the bill. After hours I signed. A year and $13, 000 later, I am still unemployed and have no choice to break my contract, ruining my credit and totally losing all the credits I have paid for all these years. I am just sick.

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