Worldmark By Wyndham / liars, scammers, theives!

United States

This company is right up there will all the other scam artists out there. We went to one of their so called seminars because we were told if we went that we would win a free vacation plus a $10 gas card. So for kicks we went, with no intention to purchase anything. After hearing all their bogus lies we decided to sit down with a so called agent and talk about it some more. First off we were told many many times that it was not a timeshare, Lie Lie Lie! My parents were with us and for a wedding gift they decided to pay the $1200 down payment on the package. This supposedly gave us access to all of their hotels whenever we wanted to book and at no cost because we were already paying a total of $5000 after the package was all paid for. A few days later I decided that it really didn't sound all that convincing and don't even know why I contracted with them. Luckily I had a copy of my contract which said we had 30 days to cancel with our money back. I tried calling in to the contact info. on the contract, yea the phone number was a disconnected one. So I tried calling any number I could find, NOTHING! So Finally I got a hold of someone at the local place we were at a few nights prior when we joined up. Yea the company just up and left and supposedly wasn't there anymore. I tried for the full 30 days to get my money back, could never get a hold of anyone who could actually do anything. So all in all they went on my credit and suckered me out of $1200 that I could have used towards something that wasn't a HUGE SCAM.


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