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To Jul 24, 2014 Canton Review updated:

Ordered the ballistic Vault Bag (U.S. Currency) . When I called to place the order based on the advertisement that I had received in
the mail, the person taking the order advised that one of the bills that would be in the bag would be a 1934 series $500 bill. Upon
receiving my order 4 days ago I read on the bottom of the statement that if the seal was broken on the vault bag then a refund was not possible. I have just called the Company asked how am I supposed to verify what I have paid for without opening the bag. I was just told that I could get a refund but there would be a 15% restocking fee plus all the shipping fees. I am putting it in the mail today in hopes of getting at least some of the money back . Who ever heard of being charged 15% in order to see what you have paid for? Upon opening the bag, I discovered that I had been ripped off as what I had expected turned out to be newer bills and there was no $500 bill. A total of $479.00 in bills for a price of $1304.00. There were a very few small $1 and $2 silver certificates and one $5 certificate. and one 1917 one dollar bill. The rest were newer bills. The Company should be named "World Reserve Monetary Rip Off". I can't believe that the people in Canton, Ohio have not run these scam artists out of town or at least shut them down . You would think that someone in the State Gov't would step up to the plate and take action against Companies like this.

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      Aug 05, 2014

    Same thing happened to me. When I took the package to UPS, was told I cannot return money because I don't have a license to send money thru the mail. I was told by UPS World Reserve Money Exchange would need to send me a prepaid shipping label since they supposedly have a license to ship money. When I called customer service, Deseray said they would send a label, but I had to pay for returns. I said it's not legal for me to send money. Her comment, "don't tell them what's in the box." Telling me to do something illegal.
    This company should be closed down.

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