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Hello, My name is Herman Nichols, I live at 15131 Midcrest Dr. Whittier Ca. My telephone number is [protected]. I paid over $1000.00 for 13 one dollar coins packaged in a plastic tube. They are issued every 90 days. The total number of tubes issued are 40. I started this for my 2 daughters. I have been receiving the tube of coins steadily until now. I have not received the “Franklin Pierce dollar coins. The issue date of the coin was May 28, 2010.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Canton, OH I contacted the World Reserve Monetary Exchange one month after the issue date to find out when they would start distribution of the Franklin Pierce dollar coins. I was told it was on back order. World Reserve Monetary Exchange could not give me a date the coins would be in stock. There website indicates the release date of May 28, 2010. I purchased these items in full payment on September 24, 2007. I can not believe it takes more than 2 months to receive a back order item. Can you help me receive these items. The order# is 5597733. Their customer phone # is
[protected]. I would appreciate your assistance.

Thank you
Herman S. Nichols

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  • This issue has been resolved by the World Reserve Monetary Exchange. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Jackie Marcus
    Earned Media Specialist
    World Reserve Monetary Exchange

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  • Mr. Nichols,

    We sincerely apologize for the delay in the shipment of your Franklin Pierce dollars. Please be assured that our goal has always been to exceed the expectations of our customers. We have been hard at work to ensure a delay like this does not happen again. As soon as we became aware of your situation, we arranged to have your order shipped via UPS. Our records indicate that you have now received your coins and we encourage you to contact us if you are not 100% satisfied.

    The World Reserve Monetary Exchange

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  • Ti
      Oct 29, 2010

    Wow. Not only are you dumb enough to deal with such an obvious scam outfit as the WRME; but you publish your name, address and phone # on the Internet, while simultaneously stating you're amenable to paying over $10, 000 for coins worth precicely dick above face value. Why don't you go for the hat-trick and put your Social up too?

    Get ready old dude; gonna be a bumpy ### ride...

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  • Ho
      May 16, 2012

    Are you now going to be able to continue delivering the Presidential coins. I know they are no longer available at the bank but I know they are making more of the Presidential coins now in 2012 for the collectors. I know they ae available I have seen them on EBAY! I am to receive one Philadelphia and one Denver Presidetial coin of each of the Presidents with a certification card. I have not received any of the 2012 Presidential coins starting with Chester Arthur the 21st President. I will be waiting to hear from you!!!
    Thank You!

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  • Pr
      Jan 11, 2014

    Hello, my name is Maggie A. Schaefer.When I purchased these presidental in 2007 we lived at 6833 Lakeview Drive Apt. 1711, Houston, TX 77084 in 2009 we moved to Fallbrook Dr. Apt. 2205, Houston, TX 77065 Which I am receiving my mail and I am sorry I wasn't checking off the dollars as they came in, but as I have checked them off I have rec'd all except A. Johnson was due in 2011. Could you possible get one sent to me. My telephone # is [protected]. I rec'd 4 of the presidentia coinsl 01/10/2014. McKinley, T. Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson. I paid in full the amt. of all of these Presidental Dollars at the time I joined this. Please let me know how I can receive the one for President Johnson for 2011.

    Maggie A. Schaefer
    11707 Fallbrook Dr. apt. 2205
    Houston, Dr. 77065

    Telephone # is: 281/477/3532
    e-mail address is: [protected]

    Please respond as soon as possible, thank you kindly.

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  • Bo
      Feb 01, 2016

    Bob savino 5 chickadee lane albrightsville, pa. [protected] ref: #1293467
    when i called up for presidential coins "harding" & coolidge. I was told your tracking nbr claimed i received shipment. Which i never did. To get these 2 coins i had to pay for them "again". A rip off for more money. I received no notification when these were shipped. Also your answering service is for the birds waited 3 days 55 min., 110 min, & 58 min. On phone no response. With these values your control is horrible. We should be notified ior sign for these coins, not just drop them in mail or door ways...
    Just kept getting recording, we will be with you shortly, which never came. Very disappointed in "world reserve"

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