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World Financial Network National Bank / Extreme Late Fees/ Customer Service Rudeness

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The minimum payment each month is $10. However, if payment is received one day late there is a $45 fee. I closed my accounts because the late fees were killing me even though I was paying the monthly payment (latest a payment was received was one week). After closing the accounts a customer service rep called me at my place of employment and after I told her that I could not set up a payment plan on the spot, she persisted to tell me that I was being childish and did not want to pay my bills. What she did not know was that my boss was standing in front of me and I did not want to go into the matter at that time. I put her on hold for a minute and explained to my boss, who was understanding. My boss took the phone and explained to the rep that this was a state agency and it would be appreciated if this company would not contact me at work. My boss switched to the speaker phone and the rep was yelling she did not care were if this was a state agency, that as long as I did not pay my bills she would continue to call everyday. With that, my boss asked to speak with her supervisor and she told my boss, " go to h%*$, you stupid b*&^%. The only way we will stop calling is if she would help her poor a%$ employee pay her bills. For a minute I thought that I owed a loan shark or something. I totally forgot that this was an actual business. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit against this company please let me know. The amount I owe is so small I would hate to spend more on lawyer fees to stop the harrasment.

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  • Sh
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    can these people take u 2 civil court

  • Mc
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    VERY bad service. I have excellent credit history and so have no issues with any major credit cards. I applied for a JCrew last Fall and received NO bills except a notice ~3 months after I applied saying I was delinquent in payments. They corrected everything and waived all fees. I closed my account with them soon after.
    I then applied for an Express card this December and the SAME thing happened. World Financial Network Nat Bnk handles both of these cards and I'm in the process of clearing everything up. One would think that they could get my address correct once.
    I had to go through 6 operators in a span of a month to clear it up. 2 our of the 6 were helpful but the others were on the rude side. I have their names as well as the dates and time that I called so that if need be, they could be reprimanded.
    With the economical times, I expect better customer service. I will never sign up for any credit cards if I nknow that WFNNB handles it. I have never made a public complaint about any bad customer service. This is my first one And I will spread the word to others as well. Just to warn others to steer clear of them just in case. So far, my credit history is fine, but the headaches were not worth it.

  • Ed
      19th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Case # 4 2008 cv03998

    Send complaint letters!

  • Ka
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    The same thing happened to me. I'm outraged that this bank is getting away with this fradulent billing practice.

  • Ph
      10th of May, 2010
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    I just had dealings with a "credit manager" on the phone at my place of work on a Saturday. He called my cell phone 10 times within 3 hours. I have four credit cards with this bank, on all four cards I owe approx $1, 300.00. Imade all my monthly payments on time, never late, usually a week early. In April these bills were over looked as I found myself in a medical emergency requiring hospitalization and surgery. Attempting any normal conversation with this man was useless. He stated over and over evactly what I owed on each card and wanted the money NOW!!!I went home from work and immediatelly paid these outstanding bills for a total of over $300.00 between the monthly payment, late fees and this months payments. I have attempted to speak with any rep. form this bank and I am put on hold and no one ever picks up the phone. I am going to pay these cards off, cut them up and mail them back and I will triple check and make sure this bank is not the lender should I dicide to obtain another credit card.

  • Em
      3rd of Oct, 2012
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    First of all if u opened an account an didnt receive a statement for 3 months dont u think something may be wrong and u should probably call the lender and inquire? Most of the time if there is a wrong address the customer gave an incorrect address when the account was opened and or moved and never provided the current address. (love how all the blame falls on the bank) Why wld we not want the correct address? Of course we want to send a statement so the bill will be paid. Its also great when the customers are upset with phone calls ... if someone owed u money u wld be calling them too. UNBELIEVBLE !! The bank is so harassing when they call but heres an idea ...answer the phone the first time and stop avoiding a company who was nice enough to lend you money and several calls wouldnt be necessary. PAY YOUR BILLS and there will be no reason to receive a call in the first place.

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