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Homestead, FL, United States
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Workout anytime just open up in homestead fl, I signed up a couple weeks ago. When I signed up I was told that there would be option to add another family members to my plan for additional fee. Today I tried to add my son (13 yrs old) and was told he has to be 16, but that I can bring him in with me for one month??? Really workout anytime I really think this is wrong. I canceled my membership with planet fitness to come over here and now I can not bring my son with me. Planet fitness you could bring your guess with you or get them their own membership as long as they were 13 or older and the rule of them having to come in with a parent was still applied. The only work around to this would be getting two premium memberships for both me and my husband because I am in the military I often have to travel and would not always be here. Corporate I really think your going to loose a lot of customers to planet fitness. For 19.99 I and one guest has access to everything with no limit on visits for my guest. I will be sure to spread the work to my coworkers to ensure they don't make the same mistake. Looking to leaving you all in one year if there are no policy changes. Gym is nice and having access is a plus but I would rather go back to planet fitness where I can take my son.
Sincerely smsgt cervantes

Jun 17, 2017

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