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Wondershare is a Chinese company and as we all know most Chinese companies are scammers and Wondershare here is not an exception. I've purchased their software and it did not work. Customer service was absolutely useless, all their advice did not help, and when I asked them to refund my money they said they were not able to do that. It was really hard to communicate with these guys because of their poor English. They took my money and I'm stuck with their app which I can't even use. I'm so disappointed. I saw so many good reviews about these guys but now I think that all these reviews are probably fake. I would not recommend Wondershare to anyone.

Sep 02, 2016
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  • Ka
      Feb 15, 2017

    I have had the same issue. When I threatened legal action last fall, they did refund my money. However, now they have somehow charged me for an auto renewal of the software I uninstalled the same day!!! They will lie about it. Said I had signed up for auto renewal and that I would have received an email 7-10 days prior. NOT. Lucky I caught it and contacted paypal about this. The charge was also not processed through my account yet, so I placed a stop payment and to never pay these people. Somehow, wondershare still has an account for me, which I cannot delete, and they have payment information...which isn't even up to date.
    Paypal is going to investigate. My only save. However, they do have an office in BC, and they have laws. I am going to pursue this. This company has committed fraud.

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  • Ip
      Sep 30, 2017
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  • Io
      Oct 07, 2017

    Unfortunately, I have experienced the same Wondershare fraud.
    They make you make a payment for Filmora, promising a "30 Days Money Back Guarantee", but they will never ever give you the money back.
    I requested a full refund on 21.09.2017 and a de-activation of my license, that is on the very day of purchase and they continue to refuse.
    This is a total scam. Beware of Wondershare!

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  • Ma
      Jan 07, 2019

    Like everyone else here I've had nothing but grief with this company, and now I'm out $60 bucks with software that does not export files.

    Don't be fooled by this intuitive video editing software. You will be duped into paying for a license and then it will stop working. This is one of those sketchy Chinese companies, like the ones on Wish, that will steal your money and when you need support simply not respond. Kiss your hard earned money good bye! You've been warned!

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  • St
      Apr 06, 2019

    None of their tech programs work, cannot register Registration No., cannot talk or email or chat any communications.
    Crooks, shysters, thieves.

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  • St
      Apr 06, 2019

    Cannot register Registration No.
    Cannot activate programs I purchased.
    They switch tech-programs during the purchasing process.
    Cannot communicate via email, chat or mobile phone with anyone.
    They do have any Key Executives recorded.
    Steve Lawson

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  • Ka
      Sep 18, 2019

    I am sad. As a consumer who pays for a product, I expect it to work. Wondershare/Filmora worked fine for about 4-5 weeks and then stopped allowing me to upload files to YouTube. Upon contacting this fraudulent company, they said I had to upgrade to the latest version which I did and when that didn't help their only option was for them to take control of my computer via a link they sent me in an e mail. They wanted me to download this program and and give them my password and let them know what time and date I would have this done...I wonder how stupid do they think I am? My husband will contact our credit card company tomorrow and put a block on any charges from this scam company. You can't trust anyone these days!

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