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WNS / fake salary slip and full n final settlement was sent using my personal details... even if I am not an employee of the company!

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I was in search of an International BPO jobs. I was asked to walk in for an interview by one of the consultancy to attend the interview. I cleared all the rounds of interview successfully and was offered a job in WNS. I was asked to join the company on 20th september 2010 for inducation and to submitt all the documents at the time of joining. I had all my suppporting documents except my original address proof. (for which the H. R used some offensive words... which was really hard to digest!) The same day their was a formal procedure happening by HDFC Bank.. to fill in the details for a salary account.
I was not even happy with the salary offered and due to some other concerns I lost interest to join the company and did not go to the company the following day! (i. e - from 21st september 2010) and I informed the same to the respective H. R (Ms. SUMA) who shortlisted me through the consultancy.
Now my concern here is,
1. As I am not the active empolyer of the said company... the first few days I was getting calls from the drivers for regular pick up's in the early morning and was also getting mails notifying my absence of work (attendence missing) to my inbox., that was when I informed the respective H. r who offered me job, saying I am not interested to join the company.
2. The following week I received a 'pay slip' for the month of September! (10 days salary - from 20.9.10 - 30.09.2010) for Rs. 4800/- I was shocked n did not want to make use of it... as I was not the active employer of the said company! and checked if it was credited... but it was blocked n I informed about the same through email. I questioned them... if I was not an active employer of the company... how can some one use my details n send a salary slip?
3. The very next few days... I received an e-mail.. notifying the resignation letter was sent on my behalf to the H. R department, showing that my last date of working was on 8.10.2010!!! (which is almost 18 days - how can they show it??) Anyhow... I did not make it an issue as the resignation letter was sent on my behalf, n would not have any problems in future. (though it was not right showing I worked till 8.10.2010 n the salary of 4800/- was credited in my account! using my personal details - which I was'nt able to use... niether I did not want to use!)

4. Again I received a call from one of the H. R (Amgana) from the said company. asking my absence to work for the month of october! I very clearly informed her that I am not the active employee of the company and came just 1 day! also informed her about the above said issues (sep sal n resignation letter) she was shocked, n asked me to send all those pay slip, resignation letter to her email id... n advised that she would take immediate action!!! I had sent all the emails to her id! request to take immediate action n not to maintain my records or detaisl in future! n beleived the issue will be sorted out!

5. Seems She never bothered about the issue n never replied! But I was afraid because of my personal details like PAN number n other details being used! n again it would have bad remark on my resume/conduct/career! what will my future employee gets to know about it... if there is no fault from my end???
6. The matter is getting worse now... As they have sent a 'pay slip for the month of october cum full and Final settlement for Rs. 38, 000!!! using my PAN number... account details n other personal information!!! (as I don't think it can be with drawn - even I dont remember PIN number... as I am not using HDFC account, as I am not an active employer of the said party/company!)
* Now my question here is
a. How can someone send salary slips, full and final settlement slip, tax slip, bank statement... if I am not an active employer of the company, even though informed about the same verbally n through e mail to the concern H. R (recrutement & back end)
b. If the automated resignation letter is being generated n sent to the H. R on my behalf... (on 8.10.2010) how can they create a full n final settlement - pay slip for the month of october again... and send a mail to me stating Rs.38000/- odd is being credited to my account... giving full details of mine including PAN number etc... if I have not enjoyed any benifits from the employer...
c. When contacted both the parties (H. R's) on 20.10.2010.. they were least bothered to hear my concern n was blindly asking me to mail me about the same again an again!!! also says was unable to read the mail when I sent it fisrt time... as she had huge number of mails in her inbox... (this shows her negligence) and was being roude... without understanding my concern!!!
d. Unable to contact again by phone, e mail... official landline no response...
Afraid about my persional information like PAN & other details used in pay slips... etc... as I did not enjoy any benefites of the same... how can they do this??
Kindly suggest a solution... as they are least bother to respond me n has a very indecent n neglient behaviour.
warm regards...

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