SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / not received my item

I have a couple of items I did not receive. Most of the items are clothes and I have been told they are delivered but never actually came. I am now waiting over 6 months for the items and I am hoping to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. It is an illegal act of fraud because now the app has got my PayPal details and the money. We have got the email to confirm that the transaction has been completed and further proof that the company has got the correct address so it is their fault for reasons we've not received anything as one item has come. A pair of shorts which weren't the right colour, were too big and were a different design to the one viewed on the site. The numerous complaints and questions we've asked via wish were ignored or we got a reply saying it should be delivered soon. I've also tried contacting wish on Facebook but they have ignored my messages, my next step will be to bring this into a proper lawsuit or contacting the police if all my complaints will be ignored seeing as this has been carrying on for more than half a year. Thank you for dealing with my issue and I hope we can solve this before it expands further.

Nov 18, 2017

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